Malaysia: Floods - Aug 2010

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In August 2010, around 2,000 people were affected by flooding in Bendang Man, Kedah (Malaysian Red Crescent, 17 Aug 2010). By October, the northern states of Perlis, Terengganu and Kelantan were also hit by continuous rain, triggering what was said to be the worst flood in 30 years (MERCY Malaysia, 7 Jul 2011). As of 4 November 2010, four people have been killed and more than 33,000 victims were in shelters. (Government, 4 Nov 2010). In response, MERCY Malaysia activated its domestic flood response mechanisms in early November, coordinating with the National Security Council and the local authorities in the region (MERCY Malaysia, 2 Nov 2010). The operation lasted from 3 to 8 November, with 668 survivors treated at 7 evacuation centres and more than 2,500 hygiene kits distributed at 12 locations. (MERCY Malaysia, 7 Jul 2011)

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