Afghanistan: Floods - Apr 2010

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In late April and early May 2010, the Northern North-eastern, Central Highlights, and Western regions of Afghanistan were affected by floods (OCHA, 31 May 2010). Following into May and June, the ICRC and the Afghan Red Crescent provided emergency aid for over 40,000 people - many of them in dangerous or remote areas (ICRC, 22 Jul 2010).

By 30 July 2010, heavy rains, resulting in flash floods, moved into the Eastern Regions of the country affecting approximately 3,831 households, according to the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) (OCHA, 01 Aug 2010). By the end of August 2010, the ANDMA estimated that 200,000 people had been affected by the floods, with 191 casualties. The Government provided AFS 10,000 in compensation to 27 families who had a family member killed by the floods, and reported that the families of all 191 casualties would also receive the same amount (OCHA, 31 Aug 2010).

These floods had a particular impact on WASH facilities in the affected regions. At the conclusion of October 2010, the WASH cluster reported that 200,000 people were still in need of water and sanitation services (OCHA, 31 Oct 2010). In response, nearly $1.4 million of USAID/OFDA FY 2010 funding was specifically allocated to support WASH activities in Afghanistan. (USAID, 09 Dec 2010)

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