Central America: Tropical Storm Agatha - May 2010

Disaster description

Tropical Storm Agatha brought strong winds and torrential rain in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. At least 216,000 people were affected by Agatha and around 101,000 people stayed in shelters, the majority of them in Guatemala. 185 people died, most of them in Guatemala. The 3 countries declared a National State of Emergency due to the severity of the damage. COPECO, the emergency agency from Honduras, estimated that 70,914 people were affected, 20 died, around 23,755 people were evacuated and 13,211 were in shelters. In El Salvador 9 people died according to Protección Civil. IOM stated that 10,338 people were in 198 shelters. In Guatemala food reserves were insufficient to satisfy the immediate needs arisen from this emergency. 500,000 USD were approved to benefit 86,000 people during 18 days. (WFP, 15 June 2010)

After suffering from one of the most severe rainy seasons in decades, Tropical Storm Agatha brought additional strong and persistent rains to Guatemala in late 2010. The rains damaged homes, infrastructure and crops, and created concerns regarding water, sanitation, health and food security. (IFRC, 20 April 2012)

CONRED estimated that 27,112 people experienced material losses, and 162,857 people were evacuated, of whom 27,828 people were in temporary shelters. A total of 22,139 houses were reported damaged. (ACTED, 20 July 2010)

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