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08 Oct 2010 description

Camabatela - Sixteen families displaced by the rains, in Kuilo Kuima, in Camabatela locality, Ambaca district, received on Thursday, zinc sheets for the construction of their residences destroyed by rain last November, Angop has learnt.

The families, from northern Kwanza-Norte province, received 246 zinc sheets, from the municipal administrator, José Francisco Barros Rank Frank, in representation of the local governor.

The population also benefitted from mosquito nets, whose quantity was not mentioned.

A three-classroom school will be built in the locality, untill December this …

05 Aug 2010 description

Luanda - At least 500,000 people, victims of natural calamities, were assisted from October 2009 to May 2010, in several areas of the country, under the Angolan programme of the Welfare Ministry (Minars).

This announcement was made up by the minister João Baptista Kussumua, during a session of questions and answers among government members and parliamentarians of the sixth commission of the National Assembly, this Thursday, here, in the Congresses Palace.

The government intervention, according to the official, has been avoiding human deaths and destruction of families in many …

05 Aug 2010 description

Luanda - A total of 2,500 economic houses are being built in southern Cunene province, to accommodate the victims of the rains that hit the region over the last three years, Angop learned Thursday in Luanda.

The information was released by the minister of Environment, Fátima Jardim.

The official was answering members of the 5th and 6th Commissions of the National Assembly (Angolan Parliament), under the specialised debates of the reviewed State Budget draft.

According to Fátima Jardim, another measure intended to improve the accommodation of the Cunene population is the …

12 May 2010 description

Luanda - Rains that hit the country during the 2009/2010 season killed 56 people, injured 93 and displaced other 67,972 among them 13,531 families, in 110 districts, Angop has learnt.

This was announced on Wednesday, in Luanda, by the Home deputy minister for Civilian Protection and Fire Department, Eugénio Laborinho, when making a statistics on the damages and the assistance to population affected by the rains.

According to the source, 9.359 residences were totally destroyed, other 2,168 partially, as well as 154 schools, 40 churches, 11 bridges, seven health centres, nine police …

07 Mar 2010 description

Ondjiva - The National Civil Protection Commission over the weekend delivered 30 tonnes of basic commodities to assist the victims of the floods hitting the southern Cunene province.

The good were formally handed over by the deputy minister of Interior for Civil Protection and Fire Services, Eugénio Laborinho, in the presence of the province's governor, António Didalelwa.

The lot of goods included clothings and foodstuffs.

Eugénio Laborinho assured that the assistance will continue pouring in.

He announced a government's speedy relocation of the victims of the floods …

11 Feb 2010 description

Luena - At least three people were killed, 11 injuried and 7,000 families left homeless, following heavy rains hitting the eastern Moxico province since November 2009, an official source has announced.

The spokesman for the provincial commission of civil protection, Elias Dumbo Livulo, explained that the three were

The rains also destroyed 17 schools, two health centres, 10 churches, whereas 351 plantation fields were flooded.

The source said local authorities are studying ways of assisting the needy people.

28 Jan 2010 description

Ondjiva - The vice minister of Home Affairs, Eduardo Martins, Wednesday in Ondjiva, southern Cunene province, secured the taking of measures to help the flood victims, caused by the increase of the water level in some zones of the capital city.

The deputy minister who was speaking at the end of a meeting that gathered members of the Consultative Council of Interior Ministry in Cunene said to be urgent to make arrangements in advance for better protection of the local population.

Eduardo Martins stressed that the Interior Ministry, through the National Commission of Civil Protection, …

12 Jan 2010 description

Menongue - At least 1,904 people of Menongue district, Kuando-Kubango province were left homeless following the heavy rains hitting the region since December 2009, Angop has learnt.

Menongue's administrator, Jo=E3o Tchamba, said that since December 27 to January this year, the administration has recorded over 200 residences destroyed, adding that the commission of protection of civilians has already working to support the victims.

The administrator said so during a visit of the governor Eusébio de Brito Teixeira, to some roads of Menongue city.

30 Dec 2009 description

Luena, - Seventy houses collapsed in the outskirts of the city of Luena, capital of eastern Moxico province, due to heavy rains pouring down since last Saturday, informed the spokesperson of the fire-fighters department, Paulo Muhongo.

From the houses destroyed, highlight falls to a church in Sahuambo ward, which was considered as the most affected infrastructure.

According to the source, in consequence of this natural disaster two children from the same family perished and four others were left injured.

The source stressed that there was only one fire in Saidy-Mingas ward, which …

11 Dec 2009 description

Cabinda - Heavy rains thursday destroyed 155 homes in Buco Zau, far northern Cabinda province, leaving 930 families homeless, Angop learned today.

Rains increased the flow of river Luali crossing the village, locaed 80 miles north of Cabinda, flooding the neighbouhoods, Primeiro de Maio, Quatro de Fevereiro, Terra Nova, Bata Manga and Chimbayanga.

Cabinda province deputy governor, António Gime, visited the region to assess the damages and distributed clothes and blankets to the victims, including children sheltered in the classrooms of the Education Institute.

Antonio Gime pledged …

03 Dec 2009 description

As the hunger season sets in, food security conditions remain generally stable over most of the region. This is in line with the improved regional food availability over the 2009/10 consumption period on account of better food crop production in most SADC countries. Adequate on?farm and market food availability has contributed to relatively stable food prices. Price stability has facilitated adequate access by market?dependent households.

25 Nov 2009 description

Kuito - Heavy rains hitting central Bié province since October this year, have hindered the demining process being carried out in the region, Angop learnt.

This has led to the suspension of works for safety reasons and conservation of equipments, said the head of operations of the organisation in charge, Jo=E3o Baptista.

If the situation still prevails, according to the source, the organisation will be forced to stop the activities in various localities, mainly in Kuemba district.

The source said that The Hallo Trust has cleared an area of 106,815 square metres, and reduced the …

03 Nov 2009 description

Mbanza Kongo - About 1,180 houses were destroyed in Mbanza Congo City, northern Zaire Province, as consequence of the rains that befell the region last week, ANGOP has learnt.

According to a note from Mbanza Kongo's municipal administration, the wards "11 de Novembro" ande "Martins Kiditu" were the most affected by the showers.

The note also states that besides the destruction of houses, the rains also caused injuries to 33 people.

31 Oct 2009 description

Luanda - One hundred families were left homeless due to heavy rains on Thursday in Mbanza Kongo, northern Zaire province, Angop learnt.

Angop learned that Álvaro Buta, 11 de Novembro, Martins Kiditu and 4 de Fevereiro wards, Mbanza Kongo surrounding, were the most affected by the rains that hit the region with strong winds and lightening.

In few hours, the rains destroyed partially some social infrastructures, such as schools and churches, and caused an electric supply cut.