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31 Aug 2010 description

This report covers the period 01/01/2010 to 30/06/2010.

In brief

Programme outcome: The programmes will contribute to the achievement of the strategic aims of the Strategy 2020, whilst guided by the Johannesburg Commitments the local priorities. As outlined in the 2010-2011 plans, the Disaster Management (DM) programme seeks to provide all possible and relevant support to the 24 National Societies (NS) of the West and Central Africa Sub-Zone.

30 Apr 2010 description

This report covers the period 17/January/2009 to 31/December/2009.

In brief

Programme purpose: The 2009-2010 West and Central Africa Zone's (WCAZ) Plan aims at providing support to National Societies to properly address the needs of vulnerable people. The 2009 plan of action focuses on the implementation of the safety and resilient community framework. Integrated approach targeting community at risk has been developed with NS and PNS that covers DRR, Health and OD issues at branch level with strong community participation. Some of the projects will continue in 2010.

30 Apr 2010 description

This report covers the period 01/January/2009 to 31/December/2009.

In brief

Programme purpose: The Sahel+ National Societies priorities are guided by the Federation's Global Agenda goals and the Framework for Action. In addition, specific National Society plans also take their roots from Strategy 2010, ARCHI 2010 and the Algiers Plan of Action.

24 Feb 2010 description
report World Bank
  • A desert country with a high poverty rate, fragile ecosystems, and difficult social conditions, Mauritania has a structural vulnerability that will be exacerbated by climate change

    - For years, Mauritania has been combating the effects of climate change and was the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa to prepare a national adaptation plan

    - The World Bank Group is assisting Mauritania through the Climate Change Strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa, which is aimed at strengthening climate-resilient development

    NOUAKCHOTT, February 24, 2010-"Even without climate change, …

22 Dec 2009 description
report Caritas

Cáritas. 22 de diciembre de 2009.- El Equipo Directivo de Cáritas ha aprobado en las últimas semanas del año un paquete de ayudas para programas de emergencia y proyectos de cooperación en diversos países de Africa, Asia, América Latina y Europa del Este por un monto global cercano a 1.700.000 euros.

Apoyo a las emergencias en Darfur, Afganistán y Mauritania

Dentro del apartado de emergencias se han liberado sendas partidas de 200.000, 100.000 y 256.000 euros para hacer frente a las demandas de ayuda formuladas por las Cáritas locales en Darfur (Sudán), Afganistán y Mauritania.

16 Dec 2009 description

Appeal Target: US$ 241,464

Geneva, 16 December 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Heavy rains have caused loss of human life, destruction of social and economic infrastructures, homes, and displacement of people in temporary camps in Trarza and Brakna, two regions in south-west Mauritania. Through the previous ACT Appeal, MRT091, Lutheran World Federation - Department of World Service (LWF-DWS) has provided support to people living in camps near Rosso, the capital of Trarza Region.

17 Nov 2009 description

Although OFID's core activities focus on providing concessional financing in support of sustainable projects across the developing world, the institution recognizes that emergency assistance is still instrumental in helping mitigate the suffering of those affected by natural disasters. Therefore, when the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) launched an appeal to the donor community in September to mobilize funds to help victims of ongoing flooding in West and Central Africa, OFID swiftly responded by approving a grant of US$1 million.

06 Nov 2009 description

Du 4 au 6 novembre 2009 s'est tenue à Accra au Ghana, la réunion de concertation technique sur les bilans céréaliers et alimentaires ex-post 2008/2009 et prévisionnels 2009/2010 des pays membres de la CEDEAO, de l'UEMOA et du CILSS. A la fin des travaux, la réunion publie le présent avis :

- L'hivernage 2009 en général a connu un démarrage très hétérogène. Au Sahel Central et Oriental, les pluies ont été tardives avec des épisodes secs ayant entrainé des retards importants dans la mise en place et le développement des cultures.

06 Nov 2009 description

The technical consultative meeting on the ex-post 2008/2009 cereal and food balance sheets and provisional 2009/2010 in the CILSS, ECOWAS and UEMOA countries members took place from the 4th to 6th November 2009 in Accra, Ghana. The present press release is published:

- Rainfall in 2009 was highly heterogeneous. In the Central and Eastern Sahel, the rains were late with sporadic dry spells causing delays in crops establishment and development. In the Western Sahel the rains started relatively early without major interruptions.

31 Oct 2009 description


- Près de 5 milliard de francs CFA alloués par le CERF au Burkina Faso, Guinée, Mauritanie et Niger

- Mission d'évaluation des besoins post désastres au Sénégal et au Burkina Faso

- 130 projets pour le CAP 2010

- Guinée : Commission d'enquête internationale instaurée par les Nations-Unies


Les pluies diluviennes qui se sont abattues de juin à octobre 2009 ont provoqué des inondations dévastatrices à travers l'Afrique de l'Ouest. Plus de 200 personnes ont péri dans les intempéries tandis que 770 000 autres ont été affectées.

20 Oct 2009 description

Executive summary

The Sahel region covers nine countries Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal.

19 Oct 2009 description

Period covered by this Ops Update: 6 August - 7 October 2009.

Appeal target (current): CHF 918,517 (USD 896,114 or EUR 605,283)

Appeal coverage: 91%;

Appeal history:

- This Emergency Appeal was initially launched on 6 August 2009 for CHF 918,517 for 9 months to assist 25,000 beneficiaries.

- Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 200,000 was allocated from the Federation's DREF to support this Appeal and related action.

12 Oct 2009 description

Executive summary

The Federation's West and Central Africa Sub-zone (WCAZ) priorities are guided by the following strategic initiatives intended to support the development and work of National Societies: the Global Agenda Goals and the Framework for Action, Strategy 2010, the African Red Cross and Red Crescent Health Initiative (ARCHI) 2010 and decisions coming out from Pan African Conferences such as the Algiers Plan of Action and the Johannesburg Commitment.

Working within these initiatives, the West and Central Africa sub-zone immediate focus is to support National Societies …

02 Oct 2009 description

Geneva, 2 October 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Unprecedented heavy rains are causing serious flooding in Mauretania resulting in population displacement especially in Rosso, the major city in the south-west of the country. Other cities facing similar problems are Nouakchott and Kaédi.

The response to this emergency has been slow, with expectations that the rains would ease off and that the situation would soon return to normal.

28 Sep 2009 description

The UAE Embassy in Mauritania has presented to the Mayor of Al-Tararaza State of Mauritania 71 tonnes of food items and relief supplies for distribution to victims of the flood which recently hit the region.

28 Sep 2009 description


25 Sep 2009 description
report Voice of America

By Scott Stearns

Dakar, 25 September 2009 - Flooding in Mauritania may delay the start of the school year as people displaced by heavy rains are living in classrooms.