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27 Aug 2009 description
report UN General Assembly

Sixty-fourth session
Item 72 (a) of the provisional agenda
Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and
disaster relief assistance of the United Nations, including
special economic assistance: strengthening of the coordination

24 Aug 2009 description
report UN General Assembly

General Assembly
Sixty-fourth session
Item 72 (a) of the provisional agenda
Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and
disaster relief assistance of the United Nations, including
special economic assistance: strengthening of the coordination

21 Aug 2009 description

Period covered by this Final Report: 18 November 2008 to 30 May 2009.

Appeal target (current): CHF 1,209,435 (USD 11,209,889 or EUR 804,145).

Appeal coverage: 100%;

Appeal history:

- This Emergency Appeal was initially launched on a preliminary basis on 11 July 2008 for CHF 750,000 for two months to assist 47,500 beneficiaries.

- Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 483,047 was allocated from the Federation's DREF to support the National Societies and contingency stocks.

- Operations Update no. 1 was issued on 14 August, 2008.

06 Aug 2009 description

This preliminary emergency appeal seeks CHF 918,517 (USD 852,531 or EUR 604,645) in cash, kind, or services to support National Societies of West and Central Africa to assist 25,000 beneficiaries.

31 Jul 2009 description

- There were reports of localized rainfall in the Sudanian zone in May and June. These early rains helped get planting and weeding activities underway and helped promote new vegetative growth in localized areas of southern Chad. They also helped get different types of land preparation work started in areas with rainfall activity.

14 Apr 2009 description

This Emergency Appeal has been extended to the end of May 2009, to enable the response activities engaged for some countries in West Africa to be finalized.

31 Mar 2009 description

- Ongoing harvests of cold off-season grain and truck crops and the temporary suspension of grain procurements by the National Food Security Agency (ONASA) to rebuild the national food security reserve this past February are strengthening food availability and food access across the country. Good market supplies have caused prices on all major grain markets to inch downwards.

31 Mar 2009 description

- L'arrivée actuelle des récoltes céréalières et maraîchères de la contre saison froide et la pause des achats des céréales pour la reconstitution du stock national de sécurité par l'Office National de Sécurité Alimentaire (ONASA) en Février 2009 renforcent respectivement la disponibilité et l'accessibilité alimentaire au pays. L'approvisionnement satisfaisant des marchés a conduit à une baisse légère des prix des céréales sur les principaux marchés céréaliers.

28 Feb 2009 description

Executive Summary

- Food supplies are normal and most parts of the country are either food insecure or moderately food insecure. - In the face of high food prices and the high cost of cooking fuel, farmers affected by flooding problems in Mayo Kebbi and Moyen Chari and poor urban households are being classified as moderately to highly food insecure.

- Despite the humanitarian aid going to officially registered refugees and IDPs in the country's eastern zone, with the new civil security threats in this area, it is also being classified as moderately to highly food insecure.

31 Jan 2009 description

Résumé Exécutif

- L'offre des denrées alimentaires est moyenne et la majorité du pays se trouve en sécurité alimentaire bonne ou modéré.

- Par contre, les producteurs victimes d'inondation de Mayo Kebbi et le Moyen Chari et les pauvres en milieu urbain font face à une insécurité alimentaire modérée à haute à cause des prix élevés des denrées alimentaires et de l'énergie pour la cuisson.

- Quoique les réfugiés et déplacés déjà enregistrés à l'Est du pays soient pris en charge par les agences humanitaires, des nouveaux cas d'insécurité civile ont résulté en …

27 Nov 2008 description

Faits majeurs

- Visite du Secrétaire général Adjoint des Nations Unies aux Affaires humanitaires et Coordonnateur des Secours d'Urgence au Tchad;

- Opérations humanitaires temporairement suspendues à Dogdoré pour des raisons sécuritaires.

25 Nov 2008 description

CHAD: Civil insecurity has increased in the east following the end of the rainy season, impeding humanitarian assistance. Localized flooding, dryness, and pest attacks may increase food insecurity in other areas. Cereal prices remain high due to flooding in produc tion areas, the retention of food stocks, poor road access, and high trader demand, preventing improvements in livestock/cereal terms of trade.

03 Nov 2008 description

Executive summary

Based in Yaoundé, Cameroon, the Federation's Central Africa Regional Representation (CARREP) covers the following eight countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Republic of Congo (RoC), Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Sao Tome and Principe. However, the DRC and Chad have country representations and thus separate plans.

29 Oct 2008 description

Executive summary

The Federation's West and Central Africa Zone (WCAZ) priorities are guided by the following strategic initiatives intended to support the development and work of National Societies: the Global Agenda Goals and the Framework for Action, Strategy 2010, the African Red Cross and Red Crescent Health Initiative (ARCHI) 2010 and the Algiers Plan of Action.

Working within these initiatives, the Zone's immediate focus is to support National Societies in providing assistance to address the needs of vulnerable people.

28 Oct 2008 description

For a Policy Framework on Pastoralism in Africa

African Union and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Pastoralists across Africa have called for a continent-wide policy framework that will begin to secure and protect the lives, livelihood and rights of pastoralists across Africa.