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27 Aug 2009 description
report UN General Assembly

Soixante-quatrième session
Point 72 a) de l'ordre du jour provisoire*
Renforcement de la coordination de l'aide
humanitaire et des secours en cas de catastrophe
fournis par les organismes des Nations Unies,
y compris l'assistance économique spéciale :
renforcement de la coordination de l'aide
humanitaire et des secours en cas de catastrophe

01 May 2009 description
report AlertNet

Written by: Frank Nyakairu

RIER, UNITY STATE, southern Sudan - Hardly 30 minutes after restaurant owner William Makwach described Rier as a peaceful, progressive trading centre, the village turned into something like a war zone.

Gangs of spear-throwing young men chased each other through the streets. Traders shuttered their shops and women and children scattered to safety.

"For how long shall we suffer?" asked a woman holding a toddler.

The woman was a recent returnee to Rier in the flashpoint border area between northern and southern Sudan.

01 Mar 2009 description

Up to 1.3 million people are expected to be food insecure during 2009. This group is comprised of returnees, the chronically food insecure, and households negatively affected by conflicts, dry spells, and flooding in 2008. Most of the food insecure populations are located in areas highlighted in Figure 1.

The potential movement of 1.5 million displaced Darfur residents into southern Sudan's Northern and Western Bahr El Gazal states, due to disruptions in humanitarian assistance, presents a severe threat to food security in the two states.

17 Nov 2008 description
report UN Children's Fund

Asia and the Pacific

Problem Statement/Context: The Asia Pacific region has an emergency profile characterized by a combination of natural disasters, civil/political unrest with pockets of conflict situations, and recent emerging new global threats such as high food and fuel prices crisis, the threat of pandemic influenza and other emerging diseases.

15 Nov 2008 description
report UNOPS


- 212,000 people were affected by floods in 2008

- Approximately 187,000 people were displaced by conflict in 2008

- LRA attacks in eastern DR Congo have displaced over 4,773 people within the past month


Mines: Following the discovery of anti-tank (AT) mines during reconstruction of the road from Limbe - Kajo Keji, a team from UNMAO travelled this week to verify the findings and make an assessment of what further action is necessary. The team identified 8 AT mines (7 of which were on the road).

01 Nov 2008 description


- At least 44,700 people were affected by recent flooding in Maban (see Section II)

- 4,500 of them have received 73MT of one month food rations

- 713MT more food aid earmarked for Maban is yet to be delivered


- According to UNMIS, on 27 October UNMAO received reports of anti-personnel mines- along the road in the Rajaf West area of Central Equatoria State.

30 Oct 2008 description

Executive summary

The Eastern Africa Zone covers 14 National Societies (NS) - Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. The Zone has four country representations in Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia and two Sub Zones covering the Indian Ocean Islands and East Africa countries.

The Eastern Africa Zone continues to experience major disasters which claim many lives, destroy property and erode the already weak livelihoods of the communities affected.

28 Oct 2008 description

For a Policy Framework on Pastoralism in Africa

African Union and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Pastoralists across Africa have called for a continent-wide policy framework that will begin to secure and protect the lives, livelihood and rights of pastoralists across Africa.

25 Oct 2008 description


- GoSS says 31 people killed by floods in Maban

- Polio campaign scheduled for end October and November

- Over 2,300 DR Congo refugees in Western Equatoria State


Floods in Maban County, Upper Nile State

Floods have affected Maban County on a serious scale during the past week. According to the government (GoSS), excessive river flow from the Ethiopian Highlands has worsened the flooding, which started in the area early last month.

24 Oct 2008 description
report Miraya FM

The Commissioner of Yirol West County Agok Manyeil has confirmed famine in the County due to floods which have affected the areas.

In a meeting with the Political and Security Advisors, and Police Commissioner of the Lakes State, Mr. Manyeil complained that the floods have destroyed roads, crops, and displace the people.

Meanwhile, the commissioner said that the security situation is now normal despite the frequent cattle theft.

14 Oct 2008 description
report Miraya FM

The Commissioner of Aweil East County Cirelo Diing Aher said at least twenty five people died of Cholera disease in Tiitchok Mareeng area.

Speaking to miraya fm from the state government headquarters in Aweil town on Monday, the aweil east county commissioner said that citizens of toich Area have been displaced by floods forcing them to over crowd some highlands in the area where acute watery diarrhea is now in progress.

Cases of Cholera disease were first discovered in the aweil north and west counties in July before it spread to aweil town.

Over two dozen deaths in Aweil East …

14 Oct 2008 description


- World cereal production in 2008 is forecast to increase 4.9 percent to a record 2 232 million tonnes, considerably up from earlier predictions after better than expected results from the major harvests gathered in the past two months.

- Based on the latest production forecast, a significant improvement in the global supply and demand balance for cereals in the 2008/09 season can be expected.

08 Oct 2008 description
report Miraya FM

Floods hit the Gogrial area in Warrab State destroying hundreds of homes and infrastructure utilities.

Heavy rains led to the displacement of hundreds of families making road impassable.

Akonn area chief Nial Shan Nial said the affected people are facing dire humanitarian conditions.

08 Oct 2008 description

Rome, 8 October 2008 - Facts, figures and the lastest updates from WFP's high profile emergencies


- A budget revision to extend PRRO 10510 through March 2009, with additional resources, has been approved. This will allow WFP to design a new project for 15 months starting in April 2009.

- The request for an early budget release for EMOP 10559.1 has been granted to allow WFP to receive donor contributions. Through this EMOP, WFP will provide assistance to 250,000 Sudanese refugees, 185,000 IDPs and over 150,000 host populations in eastern Chad.