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03 Mar 2010 description

Five ground-operating teams of the Coordinating Body for Prevention of Natural Disasters will take measures to thwart possible floods and deal with consequences of bad weather, Defense Minister Zoran Konjanovski said Wednesday in Ohrid.

- I am the leader on one team, while the other four are under the helm of Agriculture Minister Ljupco Dimoski, Transport and Communications Minister Mile Janakieski, Crisis Management Center's director Pande Lazarevski, and director of Protection and Rescue Directorate Saban Saliu.

31 Aug 2006 description



On 27 May, an earthquake measuring 5.9 on Richter scale struck Yogyakarta Province. The epicentre was approximately 37.2 km south of Yogyakarta at a depth of 33 kilometres. The most affected districts were Bantul and Kulonprogo south of Yogyakarta. The death toll stands at 5,778. The number of injuries stands at 37,912. 205,888 homes have been completely destroyed.

17 Aug 2006 description

(New York: 17 August 2006): The Government of The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has requested international support to assist people affected by recent floods and mudflows in that country.

In early August 2006, heavy rains caused floods and mudflows in the two poorest suburbs of Skopje, the capital. The floods damaged two suburbs, Cento and Singelic, which were built after the earthquake of 1963.