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12 Jul 2002 description

This report includes:
(A) WFP- UNHCR Cooperation

(B) East and Southern Africa Region: (1) Regional overview for Southern Africa, (2) Lesotho, (3) Swaziland, (4) Zambia, (5) Zimbabwe, (6) Ethiopia, (7) Kenya, (8) Eritrea

(C) Asia Region: (1) DPR Korea, (2) Bangladesh

(D) West Africa Region: (1) Guinea (2) Liberia

(E) Central Africa Region: (1) Angola, (2) Central African Republic

(F) West and Central Asia Region: (1) Afghanistan

(G) Eastern Europe Region: (1) Azerbaijan

14 Jun 2001 description

Strengthening of the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the United Nations

18 Mar 2001 description

Liz O'Donnell T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Foreign Affairs (with Special Responsibility for Overseas Development Assistance and Human Rights), has announced an unprecedented package of humanitarian and rehabilitation assistance to benefit 21 of the world's poorest and crisis-stricken countries.

16 Mar 2001 description

This report includes: (A) West and Central Asia: (1) Afghanistan, (2) Pakistan (B) Great Lakes Region: (1) Burundi, (2) Uganda (C) West Africa: (1) Guinea, (2) Sierra Leone, (3) Liberia, (4) Guinea Bissau (D) Angola (E) Northern Caucasus: (1) Ingushetia, (2) Chechnya (F) Balkans: (1) Kosovo, (2) Serbia, (3) Montenegro, (4) FYROM, (5) Albania (G) Bangladesh (H) DPR Korea

12 Jan 2001 description

This report includes: (A) World Hunger Map (B) West Africa Coastal: (1) Guinea, (2) Sierra Leone, (3) Liberia (C) Horn of Africa: (1) Kenya, (2) Eritrea (D)Angola (E) Great Lakes: (1) DR Congo, (2) Tanzania, (3) Burundi (F) Afghanistan (G)Asia Floods: (1) Laos, (2) Bangladesh (H)Russian Federation / Northern Caucasus

30 Oct 2000 description

The World Food Programme wishes to thank donors for their continued generosity. This year donors have contributed over US $ 1.3 billion, and WFP has used these resources to mobilise over 3.1 million tons of food aid distributed to needy people.

29 Sep 2000 description

This report includes: (A) Asia Floods: Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh (B) West and Central Asia Drought: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia and Armenia (C) DPR Korea (D) Latin America: Nicaragua and Honduras (E) Horn of Africa Drought: Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea (F) Mozambique (G) Sierra Leone (H) Angola (I) Balkans: FR Yugoslavia: Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, FYRo Macedonia, Albania.

25 Aug 2000 description

This report includes: A) West and Central Asia: Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Iran; B) Southern Caucasus; Georgia and Armenia C) Northern Caucasus/ Russian Federation; D) South Asia: Bhutan, Bangladesh; E) Sierra Leone; F) Angola; G) Burundi; H) Balkans: FR Yugoslavia / Kosovo, FYR of Macedonia, Albania.