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16 May 2002 description
report UN Children's Fund

NAIROBI, 16 May 2002 - The United Nations Children's Fund has warned that the unfolding food crisis in southern Africa threatens to become a major humanitarian catastrophe if an immediate and adequate response is not mounted.

14 May 2002 description
report Save the Children

Save the Children UK has begun giving food to hundreds of thousands of people in need in famine-stricken Malawi. This is the second phase of the largest such food distribution programme by any aid agency during the current crisis.

26 Jun 2001 description

ZIMBABWE: Peasants flee villages ahead of elections

21 Jun 2001 description

Gland, Switzerland - New research commissioned by WWF, the conservation organization, has warned that dams built with the promise of reducing flooding can often exacerbate the problem with catastrophic consequences, as some recent floods have shown.

14 Jun 2001 description

Strengthening of the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the United Nations

23 Nov 2000 description

Special Focus on Flood Disaster Preparedness efforts in Mozambique
Period covered: November, 2000; The end of the operation has now been revised from March 31, 2001 to December 31, 2000.

23 Nov 2000 description

Planned Project Summary Information

Project number: 30886

Branch: Africa and Middle East

Country: Zimbabwe

CIDA's ODA Priorities: 40% - 0106 - Water and Sanitation; 60% - 0107 - Shelter

Project Approval Date: Sept.

24 Oct 2000 description

Terrible floods this past Spring killed 650 people and affected more than two million individuals in Southern Africa, including Madagascar. Communities were devastated by the loss of homes, livestock and crops, school buildings, health clinics and roads.

18 Oct 2000 description

(Change of Appeal title)
Focus on Mozambique

period covered: July - September, 2000

30 Aug 2000 description


Maize available in Zimbabwe for the 2000/01 marketing year (April - March) is expected to reach about 2.54 million tons. This supply is made up of an estimated gross harvest in 2000 of about 2.1 million tons, 357,000 tons of monitored opening stocks held by the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) and the three big millers and 50,000 tons of unmonitored stocks held by farmers and small traders.

Zimbabwe anticipates a domestic wheat shortfall of about 155,000 tons due to production uncertainty and foreign currency shortages to import wheat.

29 Aug 2000 description

JOHANNESBURG, 29 August (IRIN) - The food security unit of the 14-member Southern African Development Community (SADC) reported in its latest update that while this year's floods had negatively affected the cereal production of many of the region's countries, other crops had benefited from the above average rainfall, resulting in increased agricultural output.

30 Jun 2000 description

From CRS Quarterly Newsletter Summer 2000 Volume 6, Number 1
"The water came in the afternoon," said Lilian Kumbula, one of more than 1200 people displaced by flooding in the village of Chiso in Manicaland. "We closed up our houses so that water wouldn't wash away our things. When we came back, our food was gone, our animals were gone, our homes were gone. Everything is gone."

16 Jun 2000 description

Ref: OCHA/GVA-2000/0117
Zimbabwe - Floods
OCHA Situation Report No. 6

31 May 2000 description


Despite a longer than usual 1999/2000 rainy season and extremely wet conditions in more than two-thirds of the country, the most productive agricultural zones in the northeastern part of Zimbabwe largely escaped the worst effects of cyclones Eline and Gloria.

30 May 2000 description

The Department for International Development (DFID) is responsible for the UK Government's response to disasters and emergencies overseas.

Since the middle of January prolonged and exceptionally heavy rains have caused flooding throughout Southern Africa. These were especially serious in southern Mozambique. By 10 February some 200,000 people were estimated to be affected.