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06 Sep 1999 description

Heavy rains and flooding at the end of July, exacerbated by Typhoon Olga, flooded an estimated 50 000 hectares of farmland, mainly paddy. The worst affected provinces were Kyonggi-do and Kangwon-do. Official estimates indicate that 28 people were killed, whilst a large number of livestock, including nearly 2 million poultry and 200 000 cattle and hogs, were also lost.

11 Aug 1999 description
China + 2 others
East Asia floods

SITUATION: Heavy monsoon rains have devastated large sections of East Asia this summer, causing more than 800 deaths and destroying or damaging millions of homes. In the Philippines heavy monsoon rains poured down for a week causing severe floods and landslides. Heavy rains that fell during June and July created high water levels for several lakes and rivers in China that flooded in recent storms.
Current tolls as of August 8:

23 provinces hit by floods
Close to 100 million people affected, including a death toll of 725

06 Aug 1999 description

The annual monsoons - from Korea to Bangladesh - have driven millions of people from their homes.

Michael Baker, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

MUNSAN, SOUTH KOREA - Kim San Ok abandoned her home again this year with seven relatives, including daughters-in-law and grandchildren.

"In 1996 the water came over our rooftops and we lost everything. We practically became paupers," says Mrs.

06 Aug 1999 description

SEOUL (Reuters) - Typhoon Paul swung slowly but surely toward the South Korean peninsula Friday as soldiers and relief workers picked up the pieces left by Typhoon Olga which ravaged the country earlier this week.

The national meteorological agency said it would likely place the southern Cheju resort island and its surrounding oceans on a typhoon alert in the evening.

Southeastern Kyongsang province, the port city of Pusan would be placed on a heavy rain alert Saturday evening, it said.

The center of Typhoon Paul was located 264 miles east-northeast of Japan's Okinawa island …

06 Aug 1999 description

The combined death tolls from floods in east and South-East Asia, including China, have now passed 1,000, with other fatalities in South Korea, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines.

Rescue workers in the Philippines are still recovering bodies from a housing development outside Manila that was hit by a landslide.

China has raised the official death toll from its rainy season flooding to more than 700 people.

As aid agencies head for the worst affected areas, some regional bureaucracies have been criticised for not doing enough to help victims.

The revision of the death toll to …

05 Aug 1999 description

Tens of thousands of people have been left homeless, not just in China, but throughout the region. The heaviest monsoon rains in three decades have caused extensive flooding in South East Asia. Typhoon Olga, which struck the Korean peninsula earlier this week, caused serious damage in the region. In South Korea, 62 people are reported to have lost their lives, and more than 15,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. The Republic of Korea National Red Cross has been assisting flood victims in the affected areas since the beginning of August.

05 Aug 1999 description

By Paul Eckert

BEIJING, Aug 4 (Reuters) - China nearly doubled the official death toll from summer flooding to 725 on Thursday, as South Korea braced for another typhoon and hopes all but vanished for dozens trapped beneath a collapsed housing estate in Manila.

Floods across Asia have killed almost 1,000 people since last week, with Vietnam now raising the alarm in the rice-growing Mekong Delta and several thousand Cambodians fleeing their homes.

In China, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said 725 people had died in flooding as of Thursday and 5.5 million had been evacuated from …

04 Aug 1999 description

Seoul (dpa) - The number of dead or missing people in South Korea's week of storms rose to at least 63 Wednesday as a clean-up started and typhoon Olga moved on towards China.

Most of the victims were killed in flooding or in landslides triggered by several days of incessant rain.

Civil defence authorities in Seoul said initial estimates put the number of people rendered homeless by the storms at 24,000, while some 30,000 hectares of farmland were under water.

04 Aug 1999 description

SEOUL, Aug 4 (Reuters) - Tropical storm Olga was heading for China on Wednesday after leaving a trail of destruction on the Korean peninsula where at least 63 people were dead or missing after four days of torrential rain.

The National Disaster Countermeasures Agency said 35 people were dead and 28 missing since Friday. Olga swept through the peninsula early on Tuesday.

Olga was downgraded to a tropical storm from typhoon strength late on Tuesday.

04 Aug 1999 description

Ref. OCHA/GVA - 98/0099
Republic of Korea - Floods
OCHA Situation Report No. 1

03 Aug 1999 description

By Yeom Yoon-jung

SEOUL, Aug 3 (Reuters) - A typhoon swept across South Korea on Tuesday, capping days of rain, landslides and floods that have killed scores of people in Korea and the Philippines.

Typhoon Olga was heading for impoverished North Korea, where a series of floods and drought in recent years have destroyed crops, damaged farmland and left many people starving.

The (south) Korea Meteorological Administration Office issued a nationwide typhoon alert early on Tuesday and the government closed five airports and all ports.

Despite prior warnings, there were no tidal …

03 Aug 1999 description

By Yeom Yoon-jeong

SEOUL, Aug 3 (Reuters) - The worst rains in decades sliced across Asia on Tuesday, killing almost 70 people, displacing tens of thousands and devastating crops and infrastructure.

As Typhoon Olga raged towards the Korean peninsula, South Korea closed its ports and issued a nationwide alert, while the North braced for gale-force winds and torrential rain, due to hit on Tuesday evening.

Flooding paralysed the Philippine capital Manila, where financial markets were closed, as Thai officials kept close watch on the rising Mekong River and a flood-stricken province …

03 Aug 1999 description

SEOUL, Aug 3 (Reuters) - Typhoon Olga headed on Tuesday for the heart of the Korean peninsula, where torrential rain, flooding and landslides have already left 50 people dead or missing.

A disaster agency official said the toll was likely to rise.

Weather officials said the storm was heading directly for impoverished North Korea, where a series of floods and drought in recent years have destroyed crops, damaged farmland and left many people starving.

The Korea Meteorological Administration Office issued a nationwide typhoon alert early on Tuesday and the government closed five …

02 Aug 1999 description

Heavy rains and flooding in South Korea have claimed the lives of at least nine people and forced more than 8,500 people to flee their submerged homes.

Rescue workers in dinghies and helicopters are plucking stranded residents from the roofs of thier houses in the disaster area between the capital Seoul and the North Korean Border.

At least four people are missing and there is extensive damage to roads, railways and hectares of rice paddies.

North Korean radio also reported heavy damage from rain storms, but did not release details.

02 Aug 1999 description

By Koo Hee-jin

SEOUL, Aug 2 (Reuters) - Heavy rains triggered mudslides and flash floods in South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines killing more than 60 people and forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands living in low-lying areas, officials said on Monday.

The rain has also pounded North Korea, whose economy has been shattered by floods and droughts over the past four years.

02 Aug 1999 description

Monsoon rains have left hundreds dead and millions homeless as floods and landslides wreak havoc across Asia.

China and India have been worst hit, but Vietnam, the Korean peninsula and Bangladesh have also been badly affected.

More than three-hundred people have already been killed in China in flooding along the Yangtze river.

In India, the death toll has risen above the three-hundred mark, including 135 in the eastern state of Bihar alone.

At least 30 South Koreans are feared dead in the monsoon rains, among them 13 people buried in mudslides.

In Vietnam, the death toll in …

01 Aug 1999 description

At least 13-people are feared dead after torrential rains battered the northern region of South Korea.

Six South Korean army soldiers are missing in the sudden rain storms which have measured up to 48-centimetres in a wide area between Seoul and the border with North Korea.

More than three-and-a-half thousand people have been forced to flee flooded homes ..