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11 Aug 1999 description

Program Overview

Canada has a long-standing tradition of providing assistance to the victims of both human-caused and natural disasters. For Canadians, humanitarian assistance is less an act of charity than it is an expression of our collective values, culture and vision of how a community of nations can cooperate during periods of crisis. Canada's humanitarian assistance is seen as an important and visible manifestation of our country's investment in global peace and human security.

29 Jan 1999 description

OCHA/GVA 99/0010
Ukraine Floods
OCHA Situation Report No. 9
29 January 1999

General Situation

According to the information received from Ukraine directly and through IFRC, the development of the situation in the Transcarpathian region, hit by floods in November 1998, can be described as follows :

22 Jan 1999 description

Yoko Ono, the widow of the late Beatle John Lennon, handed 70,000 Swiss francs over to the Hungarian Red Cross late last month, in order to support its operation aiming to help flood victims in Hungary and the Ukraine. Ono, who was in Budapest to open a new art exhibition, was overcome with feelings when she learned about the disastrous floods in the region earlier this winter. "The world is like a human body. If any part of it is hurt, the whole is damaged," she said.

15 Dec 1998 description

Ukraine Floods
OCHA Situation Report No. 8

11 Dec 1998 description

Conditions in the Zakarpattya province in western Ukraine, which was hit by floods and landslides last month, remain bad. In addition to the natural disaster, the economic situation in the region is appalling with very little hope of any improvement in the near future. According to official statistics, up to 95 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, and there are some 50,000 families who need social assistance from the government.

11 Dec 1998 description

34 Denominations & Communions Working Together to Meet Human Needs

09 Dec 1998 description

Leonid Kuchma signed a draft law on a $200 million World Bank loan to upgrade Kyiv's heating system, AP reported on 9 December. The deal must be ratified by the parliament and is still subject to the IMF's approving the government's reform program. The money would be used to modernize the city's power plants. Kuchma also issued a decree setting up a special economic zone in Transcarpathia, the western part of the country that was hit badly by floods last month. The decree grants tax breaks and provides incentives for investment in the region. PB

08 Dec 1998 description

Ukraine Floods
OCHA Situation Report No. 7

01 Dec 1998 description

Ref: OCHAGVA-98/0356
Ukraine Floods
OCHA Situation Report No. 6
01 December 1998


1. There was no rain on 29 and 30 November 1998 in the affected region. The snow level is 1-3 cm in the valleys and up to 13 cm in the mountain areas. The water levels in the rivers are decreasing. The air temperature is between minus three and plus five. According to the forecast, the weather will not change significantly during the next two days.

2. The number of fatal casualties is 17, and one person is still missing.

25 Nov 1998 description

Ref: OCHAGVA-98/0351
Ukraine Floods
OCHA Situation Report No. 5
25 November 1998


1. The weather forecast calls for light snow precipitation in the mountain region with temperature below freezing point. The biggest sources of concern remain related to the cold weather and the possibility of landslides in some areas.

19 Nov 1998 description

Following heavy rainfall during the last two months, large areas of Slovenia, the north-western part of Romania and the north-eastern region of Hungary are devastated by extensive flooding. The floods affected the central, western and eastern areas of Slovenia, cutting roads, electricity and telephone-ines, and polluting drinking water. Landslides added to the disaster, leaving thousands in their homes without basic necessities. In north-eastern Hungary, the highest level of flood alert was declared.

18 Nov 1998 description

Appeal EUUK81-Appeal Target: US$ 852,850
Geneva, 18 November 1998

Dear Colleagues,

Due to exceptionally heavy rains during September and October a large number of densely populated areas in the Transcarpathian Province of western Ukraine are now facing a critical flood situation. A total of 24,300 persons have been evacuated from their homes, 46 settlements are without electricity, 487 bridges severely damaged or destroyed and 382 kms of road under water.

18 Nov 1998 description

Contact: Beth Schaefer, News & Information Officer
Phone: (301) 680-6355 Fax: (301) 680-6370

17 Nov 1998 description

Ukraine Floods
OCHA Situation Report No.4

13 Nov 1998 description

Over 400,000 people were affected by floods caused by severe rain in Western Ukraine last weekend. Nine districts of the Transcarpathian province were badly hit, and some 25,000 people were evacuated from their homes. Bridges were destroyed, dams were broken and motorways and railways have been eroded by flooding. A large number of the population is still at risk, since sewage and water supply systems were heavily damaged. The authorities have already issued warnings to people not to drink the contaminated water, as risks of epidemics are high.

12 Nov 1998 description

Ref. OCHAGVA-98/0346
Ukraine Floods
OCHA Situation Report No.3
12 November 1998


09 Nov 1998 description

Ref: Ocha/Gva-98/0344
Ukraine Floods
OCHA Situation Report No.2
09 November 1998


1. Heavy rains in Western Ukraine, started on November 6, 1998, are causing significant increase of water level in the basin of Tisa River and have already flooded more than 100 towns and villages in Tyachev, Rahi, Vinogradi, Mukachevo, Khust Perechin, Svalyava, Irshave, Uzhgoro districts in Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine, as well as considerable areas of Mukachevo and Khust cities.

08 Nov 1998 description

Ref: OCHAGVA - 98/0343
Ukraine Floods
OCHA situation report no. 1

06 Nov 1998 description

Northern Hungary: Due to the heavy rain earlier this week Hungary's second largest river and its tributaries have been hit by the most serious floods this century.
The Hungarian Government has declared a state of emergency in the watershed areas of the Tisza river where heavy rains have caused fast rising water levels (from 90 cm to 6 meters).