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10 Aug 2016 description


There is agreement in the scientific community that the global food system will experience unprecedented pressure in the coming decades – demographic changes, urban growth, environmental degradation, increasing disaster risk, food price volatility, and climate change will all affect food security patterns.

30 Jun 2014 description

Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme Conducted series of climate change adaptation research studies and the current issue derived local level hazard maps on flood , storm surge & salinity. Based on the study a research publication has been done already. Considering the importance of data and information in the hazard for decision making by the policy stakeholder , the shorter person policy brief has be been developed and published .

31 Mar 2010 description

    Natural disasters can have devastating long-term impacts because they can impede the accumulation of physical and human capital stock (Skoufias 2003; Yamauchi, Yohannes, and Quisumbing 2008a, 2008b). It is now widely accepted that climate change will not only increase the frequency of two types of natural disasters that affect agriculture and rural households- droughts and floods- but also alter rainfall patterns, thereby changing farming practices, household behavior, and welfare.

08 Feb 2005 description

Researched, written and published by the Humanitarian Policy Group at ODI

Paul Harvey

31 Mar 2003 description

Summary of research1

During 1998, Bangladesh experienced floods that were unprecedented in their scope, duration and the damage they caused. Although seasonal flooding is quite normal in Bangladesh, the unusual combination of excessive run-off from Himalayan snowmelts, heavy rainfall and particularly high tides in the Bay of Bengal conspired to cause abnormally severe flooding. Between late August and the end of September 1998, approximately 100,000 square kilometres (68% of the country) was flooded, with flood conditions lasting an average of 65 days.

Over thirty million …

21 Jan 2003 description

Earlier today, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Bangladesh signed an agreement to launch a USD 14.444 million initiative, aimed at substantially reducing the impact of natural and man-made disasters on the people of Bangladesh over the next five years.

02 Apr 2002 description
report DanChurchAid

Each year about 210 mill. people are affected by Nature's ruthless raging. Most of them are poor and live in developing countries. Millions of lives and money can be saved if the natural disasters are anticipated.

31 Dec 2000 description

This article is based on research conducted by Dr. Moazzem Hossain who was working as a Programme Manager in Health and Nutrition of Save the Children Fund UK at the time of the study. Elizabeth Stevens, Policy Officer at Save the Children UK, wrote the following article based on the research.

Bangladesh experienced the worst flood of the century between July - October 1998. Some 30 million persons were affected by the crisis.

30 Jan 2000 description

Roger Young and Associates





1. Introduction
2. Methodology and Process of the Evaluation
3. Identification and Analysis of the Assessment Issues
4. Identification and Analysis of the Response Issues
5.Identification and Analysis of Organizational, Management and Special Issues
6. Recommendations


08 Dec 1999 description
report Oxfam


01 Nov 1999 description

Between July and October last year Bangladesh suffered severe flooding regarded as the worst in living memory: two-thirds of Bangladesh was affected resulting in widespread disruption and damage to homesteads and crops. The Oxfam Bangladesh Office (OBO) responded to the crisis by supporting flood relief and rehabilitation activities in charland (river eroded areas) through eight core partners (non-government). Oxfam also supported long-standing partners to deliver health services, food supplements and livelihood support in other severely affected urban and rural areas.

05 Sep 1999 description

In addition to support under its regular and special facilities, the IMF provides emergency assistance through loans to help members meet economic problems arising from sudden and unforeseeable natural disasters. The IMF has also expanded the scope of emergency assistance to include countries emerging from conflict in carefully defined situations.

14 Jul 1999 description
report United Nations

United Nations Resident Coordinators Stress Need for Preventive Measures, Coordination, Long-Term Funding for Durable Reconstruction

07 Jul 1999 description

By Ruth Nabakwe, PANA Correspondent
GENEVA, Switzerland (PANA, 07/07/99) - Application of improved housing construction technologies could serve to minimise vulnerability of buildings, infrastructure and services in human settlements, the chief of Habitat, Lars Ludvigsen, said Wednesday.

06 Jul 1999 description

Press Release SG/SM/7060 - 19990706

02 Jul 1999 description

This report includes: A) FR Yugoslavia - Kosovo crisis B) Bangladesh C) Afghanistan D) Somalia E) East Africa: Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda F) Sierra Leone G) Sahel: Mauritania, the Gambia and Chad.

01 Jul 1999 description

The author, Julian Francis is Disaster Preparedness Delegate for the IFRCS in Dhaka. He gives a first hand account of the effect of the devastating floods in Bangladesh last year and the response of flood victims, local communities and indigenous and international humanitarian agencies.

During the last two weeks of August 1998 it hardly rained in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.