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04 Feb 1998 description



SOMALIA: SEED FOR FLOOD VICTIMS: The torrential rains that have been pummelling Somalia since last October have not only left people homeless, they have also severely affected agriculture, destroying the crop that had begun to grow and was due for harvesting in December/January.



28 Jan 1998 description

After an unseasonable 2-month-long deluge, Somalia's deyr (secondary season) rains began tapering off in December. Nevertheless, responding to the aftermath of the catastrophic floods remains the focus of aid agencies, NGO's, and affected communities who face severe food shortages and serious health problems due to the collapse of water and sanitation systems.

22 Jan 1998 description

ICRC News 98/03

"We gathered everything we could: pieces of sheet metal, boards, uprooted bushes and cardboard floating on the water."
Sitting in front of a makeshift hut, the mother of a large group of ragged children relates her struggle for survival during the
recent flooding. The worst time was November, when the inhabitants of Marere were forced to seek refuge on dikes built
along the Juba river, near where it flows into the Indian Ocean. Protected from the torrent, several thousand people built the

12 Jan 1998 description
report Oxfam

The heavy rains in Ethiopia have caused the worst flooding in Somalia since 1961, when the Jubba and Shabelle rivers merged; this seems to have happened again this year. Already over 1 800 people have died as a result of the floods, and many villages are cut off. On either side of Belet Weyn a large proportion of villages have been abandoned because they are under water; the water has risen in places by up to 15m. 230 000 people have been displaced, and over 1 000 000 are at risk. All agricultural land is flooded and The January harvest is reduced from 95 000 to 35 000 metric tonnes.

11 Dec 1997 description

Weekly News
An appeal for more than 12 million Swiss francs was launched last week to support one of the largest and most challenging

11 Dec 1997 description

ICRC News 97/49
The ICRC has so far distributed aid to some 100,000 flood victims throughout southern Somalia, more than 40,000 of them in
the Jilib/Marere area. On the Marere dyke, where 4,000 people have been trapped by floodwaters for over a month, a

09 Dec 1997 description

Somalia No 2

04 Dec 1997 description


ETHIOPIA/SOMALIA: NO END IN SIGHT TO THE HUMAN TRAGEDY: Rain has continued to fall unabated over eastern Ethiopia and southern Somalia in the past week. What was supposed to be the light rainy season known as "deyr" is turning out to be the heaviest rainfall since 1961.



03 Dec 1997 description

See map of affected region

It has now been confirmed that 1,300 people have lost their lives in Somalia and a further 224,000 have been displaced. At
least 9,000 houses have been destroyed and thousands of livestock have been lost. In Ethiopia, 300 deaths have been

02 Dec 1997 description

Co-ordinating Office

Action by Churches Together(ACT) is a worldwide network of Churches and their related agencies meeting human need through co-ordinated emergency response and common identity. The ACT network is organizationally based in the Lutheran World Federation(LWF) and the World Council of Churches(WCC) and is a co-ordinating rather than operational office.

Desperate situation
21 Nov 1997 description
report Trócaire

Trócaire's Somalia Operational Programme:

21 Nov 1997 description

Somalia no.1
ACT International issues an appeal for 1,2 million USD to Somalia

"Desperate people are eating leaves of the trees"

Geneva, friday 21 november 1997

- The situation is absolutely desperate for 41,000 families in Garbaharrey in Somalia, they need food and medicine urgently and seeds and tools for agriculture in the near future if they shall have a chance to survive, says Ingeborg Vea, a journalist from Norweigan Church Aid, NCA, an ACT member. Ingeborg Vea has just arrived in Garbaharrey and managed to

19 Nov 1997 description


Heavy rainfalls continue throughout the region and rising water levels continue to menace those in low-lying areas of land. Up to
50,000 hectares of farm land have been flooded in Somalia leaving thousands of people trapped on small patches of dry
ground. As highlighted in last week's update (13 November), an operation to rescue the thousands of people in a
life-threatening situation would require substantial logistical intervention well above the means of humanitarian agencies.
13 Nov 1997 description
Ethiopia + 2 others
Africa floods

Weekly News
Somalia, Sudan's Red Sea Hills, south east Ethiopia, and the coastline of Kenya have been hit by serious flooding. The