Bosnia and Herzegovina: Floods and Landslides - Jun 2020

Disaster description

On 22 June, heavy rainfalls have caused rivers and creeks in North-eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina to swell and flood houses and roads along their banks, forcing many to fear for their lives and properties. The most critical situation is in Tuzla Canton where traffic has been stopped on the main road connecting the city of Tuzla with Sarajevo to the south and Orašje to the north while the city’s connection to the north-western town of Doboj is also jeopardized. On the afternoon of 22 June, the Mayor of Tuzla - at the proposal of the City Civil Protection Headquarters - made a decision to declare a state of natural disaster in the city of Tuzla due to the danger of floods and landslides, covering eight out of nine municipalities in Tuzla Canton (IFRC, 6 Jul 2020)

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