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30 Apr 2018 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

On 8 October 2017, Tropical Depression 23W was categorized as level orange, with high winds up to 40.27 mph. The next day, it tore a destructive path across the northern provinces of Vietnam before making landfall on 10 October. While it was not a particularly strong storm, and did not reach to typhoon level, it brought heavy rains, land erosion, and floods to parts of central and northern Vietnam.

09 Apr 2018 description

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam appreciates the humanitarian activities conducted by Vietnam Red Cross Society. The Vietnam Red Cross has been successful in humanitarian diplomacy and advocacy, which make the National Society be able to support millions of poor and disabled people to have a warm and happy new year.

22 Feb 2018 description

In 2017, millions of people across Asia were once again affected by devastating natural disasters including floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Over the course of the last year, 54 million people were affected by flooding alone, leaving many without homes, possessions and livelihoods. In addition, many parts of the region suffered from drought, resulting in severe food and water shortages.

Read more on OCHA ROAP Exposure: 2017 Year in Review

25 Jan 2018 description


Happy New Year, fellow ASEANers!

It is with excitement we bring you our 35th edition.
From The Column’s beginnings in 2015, our goal was to become the number one reference for disaster management in the ASEAN region.

Fast-forward to the new year of 2018 and this optimism lives on. We believe The Column shall not only become the number one reference in ASEAN, but also outside the region, as ASEAN works towards becoming a global leader, as well as a centre for excellence on disaster management.

24 Jan 2018 description
report CARE

Pour la seconde année, l’ONG CARE publie un rapport recensant les dix crises humanitaires les moins relayées par les médias. Sept des dix pays cités dans le premier rapport « Souffrir en silence », y figurent cette année encore. CARE dénonce l’inaction des hommes politiques qui négligent délibérément ces crises humanitaires.

"Ce n’est pas parce que ces crises ne font pas la une des médias que nous devons les oublier"

23 Jan 2018 description

« Souffrir en silence », un rapport publié par l’organisation humanitaire CARE, rappelle les crises humanitaires qui ont rarement fait la une dans les médias - y compris les déplacements forcés qui affectent des millions de personnes.

GENÈVE - Dix crises humanitaires dans le monde – y compris les déplacements forcés de millions d’hommes, de femmes et d’enfants - ont été passées sous silence l’année dernière, selon un rapport publié par l’organisation humanitaire internationale CARE.

22 Jan 2018 description

El informe de CARE "Sufriendo en silencio" destaca las crisis humanitarias en todo el mundo que rara vez fueron noticia / Las situaciones en Corea del Norte, Eritrea y Burundi fueron las menos cubiertas por los medios.

22 Jan 2018 description
report CARE

There is a place on earth where every day, on average, over 5,000 people have to flee their homes. There is a country in which nearly half of all young children are malnourished. Do you know these places? If the answer is “no”, you are not alone.

Yet telling the world about people who are facing their darkest hours is more important than ever.

22 Jan 2018 description
report CARE

Geneva, January 22, 2018 - Today the international aid organization CARE launched a new report highlighting 2017's ten most under-reported humanitarian crises. The report, "Suffering in Silence", found that the humanitarian situation in North Korea received the least media attention globally. While much media focus has been on nuclear brinkmanship, the humanitarian situation has been overlooked. Other crises that rarely made the headlines were Eritrea, Burundi, Sudan, Central African Republic, DRC, Mali, Lake Chad Basin (Niger, Cameroon, Chad), Vietnam and Peru.

19 Jan 2018 description

Feature: Philippines

As many as 790,000 people were displaced between 16 and 28 December in Regions V, VI, VII, VIII, XIII and MIMAROPA due to Tropical Storm Urduja/Kai-Tak which made landfall in the Philippines on 12 December and exited on 19 December. A total of 418,000 people stayed in evacuation centres, while 372,000 people stayed with families and friends. As of 28 December, all evacuees had returned home (DROMIC, 4 Jan 2018).

03 Jan 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund

Regional Office 2018 Requirements: US$6,312,000

02 Jan 2018 description


  • Public warnings have been released since 30 Dec 2017 for communities living near mountain slopes and low lying areas for possible flash floods or landslides (secondary hazards).

27 Dec 2017 description


  • TS Tembin affected 143,188 families or 673,429 persons in 1,140 barangays. (DSWD, TS Vinta SitRep #13, NDRRMC Sitrep #9).

  • Lanao Del Norte was identified as the hardest hit barangay (refer to map) and is a Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Area (GIDA)

25 Dec 2017 description
  1. AHA Centre Disaster Monitoring & Response System alert level downgraded to “WATCH” as TS Tembin slows down, currently located at 8.1 N, 108.9 E with maximum wind speeds of 93 kph (gusts of 120 kph).

  2. TS Tembin slows down, changed its course, potentially does not make landfall in Viet Nam.
    Projected wind speeds and rainfall may still increase flood risks in southern part of Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia (figure above).

  3. Philippines, impact & response (NDRRMC, DSWD)

24 Dec 2017 description

• AHA Centre Disaster Monitoring & Response System maintain the highest alert “WARNING” for Typhoon Tembin (Vinta), approximate current location at 8.3 N, 113.2 with maximum wind speeds 148 kph gusts of 185 kph).

• Philippines, Typhoon Tembin affected 268,792 persons (59,580 families) in 518 barangays of 21 provinces in 9 Regions MIMAROPA, VII, X, IX, X, XI,

• Considering various reports and sources, death toll due to Typhoon Tembin may reach around 180-200 people.

23 Dec 2017 description

Philippines, TS Tembin (33, Vinta) will accelerate towards Palawan, with wind speed up to 120 kph (wind gust 148 kph) and bring 76.2-152.4 mm of rainfall within the next 36 hours).

• TS Tembin affected:

• Death toll stands at 133

• 26,580 families / 108,969 persons

• 389 barangays in 5 regions

• 17,023 families / 68,833 persons are currently residing in 227 evacuation centres in 5 regions

• Search, Rescue and retrieval efforts are currently underway in the affected areas of TS Vinta.

22 Dec 2017 description

Summary of events

1) AHA Centre Disaster Monitoring & Response System (DMRS) maintains significant alert “WATCH” for Tropical Storm Tembin (33, current location: 8.6 N & 129.5) & “ADVISORY” for Tropical Depression Kai-tak (32, current location: 5.4 N & 107.8 E).

2) TS Tembin (33) may develop into Typhoon Category 1 on 24-Dec-17 00:01 UTC+7, wind speed 120 kph & wind gusts 148 kph, bringing up to 152.4-228.6 mm of rainfall & high waves in South China Sea.