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10 Aug 2016 description


There is agreement in the scientific community that the global food system will experience unprecedented pressure in the coming decades – demographic changes, urban growth, environmental degradation, increasing disaster risk, food price volatility, and climate change will all affect food security patterns.

04 Sep 2015 description
report ACTED

Every year approximately 250,000 people are affected by natural disasters in Afghanistan. In 2014, the North of the country saw one of the worst cases of seasonal flooding in years, affecting over 110,000 people. Many lost their homes entirely.

What is ACTED doing to help?

Our teams in Afghanistan have built 416 transitional shelters as well as latrines (toilets), for these internally displaced families in Badakhshan and Baghlan provinces in the North and North East of the country, with OFDA/USAID support.

03 Sep 2015 description

Twenty years on from the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement in November 1995, the consequences of conflict – including the long-term effects of displacement – are still being felt in the Western Balkans. FMR 50 examines the case of people who were displaced from and within Bosnia and Herzegovina as a result of the 1992-95 war, and reflects on the lessons that may be drawn from the successes and failures of the Agreement. FMR 50 includes 20 articles on ‘Dayton +20’, plus five ‘general’ articles.

08 Jun 2015 description


The Asia Pacific zone (APZ) of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) comprises the zone office in Kuala Lumpur, four regional offices in Suva (Pacific), Bangkok (Southeast Asia), Delhi (South Asia) and Beijing (East Asia) and 12 country offices, adopting a “best-positioned” strategy to support the national societies (NSs) in the zone according to their needs. Through this decentralized management structure, the Asia Pacific zone office directs the work of the regional and country offices.

06 Apr 2015 description


 TWG developing updated Technical Standards
 Rolling of common Standard Reporting Mechanisms
 Cluster dedicated website baing updated by Global Cluster
 Contingency plan being prepared to respond to major hazards

Cluster Strategy and Objectives

29 Mar 2015 description


Afghanistan swore in Ashraf Ghani as its second democratically elected president in 2014. The period of political uncertainty surrounding the election fuelled further violence in the country. The year saw an increase in conflict related deaths, injuries and displacement, an influx of 280,178 Pakistanis seeking refuge in Afghanistan, significant malnutrition needs, and massive flooding in the north with 7,643 homes destroyed.

17 Mar 2015 description
map iMMAP

On 2 May at around 11.00 am local time in Afghanistan, a landslide occurred in Badakhshan Province, Argo District, Abi- Barik village. The number of people killed by the massive landslide is still not certain as of late on 6 May. According to local officials more than 350 people have been killed and more are still missing. The local estimations say more than 2,000 people are presumed dead. The landslide destroyed around 300 houses in the village of Abi-Barik and affected approx. 1,000 families, 700 of which were displaced.

16 Feb 2015 description


  • Conflict, refugees, and floods fuel humanitarian needs

  • Afghanistan 2014 SRP 67% funded

  • CHF projects help 1.8 million people in 2014


405 million requested (US$)

12% funded

2014 - Humanitarian action in review

23 Jan 2015 description


  • The Afghanistan HCT—comprising UN, international organization, and nongovernmental organization (NGO) representatives—releases Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) and Strategic Response Plan (SRP) for 2015

  • USAID supports winter preparedness and response activities

  • USAID/FFP provides 26,100 metric tons (MT) of emergency food assistance


22 Jan 2015 description


  • Conflict-induced displacement in Kunar

  • Shelter response 83 % completed

  • Humanitarian access in Helmand

In this issue

Scores displaced in Kunar P.1
Humanitarians respond to winter P.2
Mission to Daykundi P.3
Humanitarian access P.5

15 Jan 2015 description
report Afghanaid

In May flash floods hit the Khuram was Sarbagh district of Samangan leaving communities with no time to prepare and wreaking devastation on already vulnerable households. Alongside 30 years of conflict, Afghanistan is prone to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and drought, which have been occurring with increasing regularity over recent years.