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25 Sep 2015 description
report Voice of America

Blessing Zulu

WASHINGTON DC— UNICEF has assured victims of last year’s Tokwe-Mukosi floods that they will get the much-needed assistance as the rainy season fast approaches with most of them still living in poor conditions.

Most of the victims have been complaining that the bulk of funds being donated in their name have not been reaching them.

26 Aug 2014 description

Regional Overview

The South African Government has placed an immediate ban on the entry of non-South Africans from the Ebola-hit West African countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF), taking place from 27 to 29 August in Windhoek, Namibia, will develop the first regional seasonal forecast for the coming rainfall season.

Two cases of Ebola have been confirmed in northern DRC, which are said to be a different strain to the outbreak in West Africa.

15 Aug 2014 description
report The Zimbabwean

Defence for Children International Zimbabwe (DCIZ) has blamed ‘well-wishers’ for the rising cases of child abuse.

The chief executive, Elfas Mcloud Zadzagomo, said some 'co-called' well-wishers who visit desperate people in places such as Chingwizi Transit Camp and children on the streets, allegedly to help, end up abusing the intended beneficiaries.

“We have learnt with dismay that people supposedly assisting people at Chingwizi were among those accused in the rising number of cases of sexual abuse,” he said.

27 May 2014 description


  • An estimated 383,261 people were affected by floods or storms and at least 117 people lost their lives during the 2013/2014 rainfall season.

  • Tropical Cyclone Hellen, which impacted Mozambique, Comoros and Madagascar in late March, was one of the most powerful cyclones ever recorded in the Mozambique Channel.

  • In Zimbabwe, the more than 15,625 people evacuated remain in dire living conditions.

23 May 2014 description

Executive Summary

The political environment throughout the country has remained relatively peaceful with a significant reduction in incidents of politically motivated human violations recorded during the month. There were 181 incidents witnessed in April down from the 224 cases recorded in March 2014.

06 May 2014 description

Syria: Fierce fighting between opposition groups has led to further displacement in Deir-ez-Zor while a truce between the Government and the opposition is expected to see the Old City of Homs handed over to the Government after its recent campaign to retake it.

29 Apr 2014 description

Syria: The security situation had deteriorated with escalating violence in the West of the country resulting in population displacement and hampering the delivery of humanitarian assistance. Large numbers of newly displaced are heading to the calmer regions of Idleb governorate, which hosts over 500,000 IDPs. In the East, Iraqi helicopters hit an opposition convoy in the first strike claimed by Iraq inside Syria since the conflict began.

26 Mar 2014 description
report The Zimbabwean

In a move aimed at addressing the sexual and reproductive health challenges of women and girls affected by the Tokwe Mukosi flooding, a group of young women from Harare are mobilising for sanitary wear to donate to the flood victims.

Dubbed “Surviving Tokwe Mukosi: Surviving the month”, the initiative is co-ordinated by a group of young women who are beneficiaries of a SAfAIDS training program entitled Young Women First.

25 Mar 2014 description

Syria: Fighting continued, with rebel forces making noteworthy gains of strategic Government strongholds in Lattakia and near Aleppo. Syria's air force bombarded a suburb northwest of Damascus, killing seven and violating a truce that had been in place since October. The total number of Syrians registered or waiting to register as refugees outside Syria stands at 2,597,427. The total number of people displaced internally and externally now exceeds 40% of Syria’s pre-conflict population.

21 Mar 2014 description


  • According to the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) the total water inflow at the Tokwe Mukorsi dam is estimated at 86.97m3/s down from 105.28m3/s.

  • Meanwhile, dam levels across the country have increased during the course of this week. Chances of flooding in the flood prone areas remain high until the end of the rainy season.

  • To date 2,399 HH registration forms in Chingwizi Camp have been completed. Data entry and analysis is ongoing but the number of HH is not expected to increase much further.

19 Mar 2014 description


  • According to national authorities, movement of people from the dam basin has been completed.

  • Currently an estimated 2,800 households (HHs) are staying in Chingwizi camp.

  • An estimated 1,000 HHs did not receive any tents or tarpaulins and remain in need of urgent shelter assistance.

  • Water trucking continues with a capacity of 90,000 litres of water delivery per day.

18 Mar 2014 description

Syria: Tensions continue to run high across the country, with Government forces retaking control of a key rebel supply route in the southwest, and insurgents from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) moving eastward after months of infighting between rival opposition groups in the northwest. Over nine million people have been uprooted from their home since the start of the crisis three years ago, and the international community continues to push for humanitarian access in conflict-affected areas, notably in the northeast of the country.

12 Mar 2014 description

Hansika Bhagani, IFRC

Surrounded by her five children, the youngest of whom is just a toddler, Gamuchirai Nhamo recalls spending three days in labour for each of their births. Now, she is in her ninth month of pregnancy with her sixth child and terrified about giving birth in the middle of the Chingwizi transit camp in southern Zimbabwe.

“I have no money for the bus fare to the hospital to have my child. I have no clothes for the new child,” she reveals.

25 Feb 2014 description

Syria: Violence is ongoing across the country, with further government bombardments in the southeastern governorates of Damascus and Dara’a. To date, an estimated 2.5 million people have crossed into neighbouring countries, while 6.5 million are now internally displaced. In a separate development, the UN Security Council adopted a non-binding resolution to boost humanitarian access to Syria as increasing security incidents at the Turkish border threaten to compromise access to the north of the country.

21 Feb 2014 description

Harare – The Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), Ertharin Cousin, has met Zimbabwe’s leaders to discuss food insecurity in the country. It is estimated that at this point of the lean season – the pre-harvest period when many families have depleted their own-produced stocks – one in four people in rural areas is having problems meeting food needs.

20 Feb 2014 description
report ActionAid

The 11th of February 2014 started like any other normal working day at the office. Having been on leave for most parts of January 2014 I needed to do a lot of catching up at the office. In one of the corridors at the office, I bumped into Selina Pasirayi, the ActionAid Zimbabwe Sustainable Livelihoods and Disaster Risk Reduction Manager, who jokingly said: ‘It time for real action madam. You did not travel to Thailand, Asia to do the Emergency Fast Action Support Team (EFAST) training for nothing.

14 Feb 2014 description
report The Zimbabwean

by Brenna Matendere

A heavy storm hit the western part of the district over the weekend- destroying critical infrastructure.

Though there were no casualties, roads leading to referral health clinics in areas like Mnene, Msume, Chegato and Jacker have been rendered impassable due to destruction by the rains which left deep gullies and overflowing waters. Several bridges in these areas were also swept away with rivers left flooded.