Ethiopia: Floods - May 2012

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More than 702 households were affected by flash flooding on 2 May 2012 in Gode zone (Somali region). The flooding caused significant damage, with numerous livestock deaths and damage to planted crops and stored food reported in the affected areas. Elsewhere in Somali Region, flooding was also reported in parts of Korahe zone in late April. (OCHA, 21 May 2012)

In August, nearly two weeks of heavy rains caused serious flooding and damaged livelihoods in Gewane woreda of Afar region. Approximately 5,000 people were affected by the flooding, having suffered loss of shelter and household items, crops and some livestock. In Amhara Region, prolonged heavy rainfall caused the overflow of rivers and lakes, and resulted in flash floods that affected 131,026 people, of whom 20,118 were displaced as of the end of August. (OCHA, 31 Aug 2012)

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