Iran: Earthquake - Feb 2021

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On February 17, according to the Iranian Seismological Centre a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit the country. The epicentre was 11 km from Sisakht city, 19 km from Madovan city and 20 km from Komeh city in Isfahan province. Based on the magnitude and the distance to the populated areas around, a number of 19 cities with a population of 257,661 individuals and 1,144 villages have been affected by the disaster. So far, six (6) aftershocks reported (the biggest is 3.6). According to the report from the Ministry of housing, 380 houses have been seriously damaged in Sisakht city and 47 in Samirom city. The total population in Sisakht is over 10,000 individuals, in Madovan district is 18,078 and in Komeh city 2,184. The total urban population is over 182,000 with 45,517 housing units, while the total rural populations is 197,140 with 48,627 housing units. (IFRC, 26 Feb 2021)

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