Peru: Earthquake - Aug 2016

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On 14 August, a 5.4 earthquake shook department of Arequipa, killing four people. Some 1,564 families are affected, 1,074 houses are inhabitable and 383 houses have collapsed. National and regional authorities are assisting affected people. The Government declared a 60-day state of emergency for seven districts in the province Arequipean province of Caylloma. (OCHA, 15 Aug 2016)

As of 18 August, the quake has left 9 people dead, 40 injured, and caused damages in about 100 houses. UNDP and other UN agencies in Peru visited the most affected districts on 18 August with the objective to assess the damages and to report them to the regional government of Arequipa. (UNDP, 18 Aug 2016)

According to the report by the Peruvian National Civil Defense (INDECI), dated October 10, a total of 10,092 people have been affected in Caylloma province, including 3,844 children. (UNICEF, 15 Oct 2016)

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