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15 May 2017 description

Earthquakes are one of the most acute disaster risks in Kyrgyzstan. For many years, European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations has been funding disaster preparedness initiatives across the country to mitigate this risk, especially in the education system, as school children are extremely vulnerable to earthquakes. At a school in the village of Amanbaevo, in the country’s northern Talas province, 1 200 girls and boys are taking part in an emergency exercise to prepare them for the worst.

21 Dec 2016 description
report ACTED

One year after earthquake, ACTED assesses results of disaster mitigation action

Kylych Dadabaev, a farmer in the Chaichi village of Osh oblast in the south of Kyrgyzstan, used to lead a simple well-ordered life: an early morning work in the field growing crops or breeding cattle followed by cosy family evenings. Kylych’s life consisted of a calm and peaceful routine. However, the night of November 17, 2015, nearly ruined it all by taking one of the most important elements of his life: his house.

26 May 2016 description

We often hear the phrase “coordination saves lives” in humanitarian work. But what does coordination actually mean during a crisis? For OCHA, it means bringing various humanitarian partners together under one umbrella to organize relief and recovery operations. Effective coordination saves efforts, resources, time and, more importantly, lives.

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05 Apr 2016 description

Residents of the districts of Osh region, whose houses were damaged by earthquake on November 17, 2015 received humanitarian aid. The aid is delivered by the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

For residents of Uzgen district: 2200 kg of flour, 440 kg of pasta, 440 kg of vermicelli, 440 kg of rice, 440 kg of sugar, 88 kg of tea, 440 canned beef, 440 canned food fish.

For residents of Kara-Kulja district: 7500 kg of flour, 150 kg of pasta, 150 kg of vermicelli, 150 kg of rice, 150 kg of sugar, 30 kg of tea, 150 canned food fish.

11 Feb 2016 description

On February 10, 2016 the humanitarian aid arrived to Kyrgyzstan from the Republic of Belarus for the affected population as a result of the earthquake that occurred in November 2015.

The decision on the provision of humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan was made by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

10 tons of humanitarian aid consists of 3 thousand pieces of blankets and 20 sets of tents.

The humanitarian aid will facilitate the timely provision of the population with basic necessities in the event of emergencies.

Press service of the MES KR.

05 Feb 2016 description

Summary of WFP assistance: WFP’s goal in the Kyrgyz Republic is to support the Government to improve food security and nutrition and build resilience of vulnerable populations against the impact of recurrent natural disasters and economic shocks.

Optimisation of the Primary School Meals Programme

26 Jan 2016 description
report EurasiaNet

by Anna Lelik

Months after an earthquake shook the Kara-Suu district of southern Kyrgyzstan, families whose homes were severely damaged are enduring the winter in repurposed cargo containers.

21 Jan 2016 description
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  • Earthquakes hit Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan ahead of winter.

  • Heavy weaponry is used for the first time since the 1994 ceasefire in Nagorno- Karabakh.

  • Over 10,000 people affected and 19 people killed in natural disasters in Georgia.

  • Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are close to agree on border demarcation.

  • Frost caused severe damage to agricultural lands and fruit trees in Tajikistan leaving some 225,000 people without main source of income.

07 Jan 2016 description

Today, 25 December Minister of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic, Major-General Kubatbek Boronov took part in an official ceremony of receiving humanitarian aid from Azerbaijan, which was held at the State center for rescuers’ training of MES KR.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Azerbaijani Embassy in Kyrgyzstan.

Recall the President of Azerbaijan made a decision to provide humanitarian assistance to the population affected by the earthquake in Kyrgyzstan.

15 Dec 2015 description

ADRA distributed food aid to some of the estimated 15,000 people affected by the disaster. Food packages containing two weeks worth of food were delivered to 165 families, benefiting almost 1000 people.

Over 4000 homes were damaged, 800 of these severely, and 200 were completely destroyed. Damage was also sustained by schools, mosques, community centers, and health clinics.

08 Dec 2015 description
report AzerNews

The Azerbaijani Emergency Situations Ministry has sent a humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan in accordance with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s instructions.

The aid is sent in connection with a strong earthquake that hit Kyrgyzstan’s Osh Province.

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Faig Tagizade and Kyrgyz Ambassador to Baku Ayjigit Buranov.

Twenty trucks will be forward to Aktau in Kazakhstan from Baku International Sea Trade Port on the ferry, after what it will be headed to Kyrgystan.

06 Dec 2015 description

Operational information for a day as of 8 a.m 04.12.2015


In total in Osh region 6143 houses and 91 social facilities were studied among them 1073 houses and 40 social facilities suffered 1-degree damages, 30 social facilities and 1313 houses 2-degree damages, 23 social facilities and 580 houses 3-degree damages, 421 houses and 16 social facilities 4-degree damages, 11 houses 5-degree damages.

The Emergency Situations Ministry continues to receive the information about damages.

04 Dec 2015 description

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Osh oblast (province) of the Kyrgyz Republic on 17 November 2015 causing mostly damageto houses. In total six districts were affected: Alay, Aravan, Chong-Alay, Kara-Kulja, Kara-Suu, and Ozgon,. The epicenter was registered in Karasu district . Several aftershocks followed over the next few days, the biggest of which had a magnitude of 5.1M registered on 20 November 2015 at 10:45. Based on results of Ministry of Emergency Situations’ (MoES) damage assessment over 3 000 houses damaged and more than 16 000 people affected in 6 districts of Osh region.

04 Dec 2015 description

According to the Institute of seismology of the National Academy of sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic (IS NAS KR) a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Osh oblast (province) of the Kyrgyz Republic on 17 November 2015 at 23:29 local time creating damages of houses. Total 6 districts were affected Kara-Suu, Alay, Uzgen, Kara-Kulja, Aravan and Chong-Alay. The epicenter was registered in the Kara-Suu District. GPS coordinates 40.31°, 3.15°. During several days after disaster aftershocks followed. The biggest aftershock with magnitude 5.1 registered on 20 November 2015 at 10:45.

04 Dec 2015 description

Key messages

  • Central Asia and Southern Caucuses regions are particularly prone to natural hazards, including earthquakes, floods and landslides. Climate change is expected to intensify the vulnerabilities in the coming years. Low-intensity tensions and occasional violence, especially in the Southern Caucasus, add to humanitarian risks.

  • Improving the capacity of national institutions and local communities to prepare for and respond to disaster is a priority for of EU humanitarian action in the region.

04 Dec 2015 description

Bishkek, 02.12.2015


The European Union is providing €75,810 in humanitarian funding to the Red Crescent Society of Kyrgyzstan to assist families, who have been affected by the earthquake of 17 November in Osh province, Kyrgyzstan. This funding covers 60% of the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) appeal of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Society (IFRC).

25 Nov 2015 description

By Azamat Sabirov, Red Crescent Society of Kyrgyzstan

Gulbaira Askarova, a 44-year-old mother of four children, lost her husband five years ago. Now, she has lost her home to the magnitude 6.7 earthquake which struck the Osh province of Kyrgyzstan at 11.30pm on 17 November.

Askarova, from Kakyr village of Ozgon district, is one of 4,000 families affected. "When the earthquake struck, I grabbed my children and ran out of the shaking house," she says. "I remember thinking that I don’t want my children to become complete orphans."

23 Nov 2015 description

In total in Osh region 2941 houses and 105 social facilities were studied among them 856 houses and 36 social facilities suffered 1-degree damages, 29 social facilities and 974 houses 2-degree damages, 29 social facilities and 670 houses 3-degree damages, 430 houses and 11 social facilities 4-degree damages, 11 houses 5-degree damages.

The Civil Protection Commission continues its activities in the region.

Recall: An earthquake occurred in Kyrgyzstan on November 17 at 11.29 pm, according to the Seismology Institute under the National Academy of Science.