Mexico/Guatemala: Earthquake - Jul 2014

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A 6.9-magnitude quake struck the Pacific coast of Mexico's Chiapas state near the border with Guatemala on 7 Jul 2014, killing three people in Mexico and two in Guatemala. In Mexico, 9,000 houses and several roads were damaged in 15 municipalities. (ECHO, 10 Jul 2014)

In Guatemala, the earthquake affected more than 63,000 people, including almost 10,000 people who were left homeless.The most affected department was San Marcos, which accounted for more than 82 per cent of total dwellings damaged and 78 per cent of the total population affected and left homeless. The government declared a state of public disaster for 30 days in the most affected departments, which was extended three times, to to repair infrastructure, restore essential public services and mitigate any negative effects and ensure the lives, integrity and safety of the affected population and safeguard their assets. (IFRC, 7 Nov 2014)

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