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20 Apr 2018 description
report Hong Kong Red Cross


On April 20th 2013, a huge 7-magnitude earthquake hit Lushan County of Ya’an Prefecture in Sichuan Province. The quake affected 111 counties across 18 prefectures, among which the most extensively damaged counties were Lushan, Tianquan, Baoxing, Shimian and Yingjing, causing more than 250,000 houses destroyed or collapsed, 196 people died, 21 missing and over 2 million people affected.

08 Nov 2017 description
report Macau Red Cross

(November 5, A report by Hu Yao, a Xinhua News Agency reporter, Macau). On November 5, the reporter learned from the Macau Red Cross (MRC), that their '4.20' post-disaster reconstruction project in Lushan County of Ya'an City of Sichuan Province has been completed and all put in full operation. The enormous project covered education, health care, transportation, etc., and benefited over 200,000 local residents.

09 Aug 2017 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck a mountainous region in southwest China Tuesday night, leaving at least 13 dead and 175 others injured as rescue operations are in full swing Wednesday.

The quake zone, in Jiuzhaigou County of Sichuan Province, sits at a region that has been hit by at least three major tectonic earthquakes and other geological disasters over the past decade.

In May 2008, an 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck Wenchuan, about 200 km south of Jiuzhaigou, killing more than 80,000 people.

05 May 2014 description

Period covered: January to December 2013


5 May 2014 In the past year, the East Asia Regional Delegation (EARD) has continued to support the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) on both long-term development programmes as well as emergency response.

05 May 2014 description

Period covered: January to December 2013


East Asia Regional Delegation

27 Apr 2014 description
report Hong Kong Red Cross

(Hong Kong‧19 April 2014) One year after the powerful earthquake struck Ya’an Prefecture of Sichuan Province, the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has completed all emergency relief activities, and is dedicating its support to the reconstruction of 3,301 village houses in three counties in Ya’an Prefecture, of which, 10% have been completed.

25 Apr 2014 description
report Save the Children

On February 23rd, 2014, Save the Children donated neonatal resource packs to 730 villages and township health centres in Yucheng District, Mingshan District, Lushan County and Baoxing County affected by an earthquake in Ya'an City, Sichuan Province. This is another move made by Save the Children together with partners in promoting maternal & child health in disaster areas, following the post-disaster support for maternal & child health and basic health care by Save the Children and Sichuan Provincial MCH Hospital in January 2014.

19 Apr 2014 description
report Mercy Corps

Nearly one year has passed since a 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated communities in China’s Ya’an Prefecture, leaving thousands displaced and two million impacted across the region.

After a disaster like the April 20 quake, we partner with local organizations to maximize our reach and provide the support families really need — and our partnership with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) enabled us to quickly respond to the needs of families whose lives had just been turned upside down.

22 Mar 2014 description

Period covered by this update: 25 April 2013 – 31 October 2013.

Summary: CHF 400,000 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 25 April 2013 to support the National Society in delivering assistance to some 20,000 beneficiaries.

06 Mar 2014 description


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24 Feb 2014 description
report Jinde Charities

The Livelihood Development Project in Ya’an disaster area put forwarded by Jinde Charities over the meeting of “Beautiful Village, Go Together with Charities”had got through evaluation of the project committee and got financial assistance from China Foundation of Poverty Alleviation. The project would be carried out in Dahe Village, Taiping Town, helping local people develop breeding industry in the form of professional cooperative of farmers.

18 Feb 2014 description
report Mercy Corps

Filed by: Zhang Jia
Program Coordinator

Written in collaboration with Liu Wanlan, Program Logistics Officer.

The first Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) after a disaster is a welcomed ceremony. It is a time of renewal — a chance for communities to honor the sacrifice many families have suffered, and look toward building a better future.

In the midst of this ongoing two-week festival, we are celebrating a successful project helping kids in remote China recover after their communities were rattled by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake last April.

27 Jan 2014 description
report Amity Foundation

"The colored-steel granary is good… I am not worried about the food turning bad, I am also not afraid of mice ruining the harvest and it is much more clean than the former one.", said Yanghan Xiang, a 60-year-old villager from Xiaoluo Village of Laochang Township, on October 17th after receiving a colored steel storage system as a donation by Amity. “The Ya’an earthquake destroyed our house and the rebuilding has just begun. It is a big problem to store our grain. Because in Ya'an it is raining heavily. We were afraid of that the grain would be rotten.

14 Oct 2013 description
report Mercy Corps

Earlier this summer, “Gangnam Style” had the youngest residents of central China’s rural Feixingguang village dancing in the street. Just six weeks earlier, these children’s homes and school were destroyed by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Ya’an prefecture in the Sichuan province.

06 Sep 2013 description
report Save the Children

“Since the earthquake, she always sleeps closest to the door, so that she can escape quickly,” says the mother of 11-year-old Lu Xueqing. “She often grabs my hand, afraid that something is about to happen.”

This is a result of the distress Xueqing had to cope with in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Ya’an prefecture on 20 April. It was 7.0 magnitude and killed 190 people; many of those who survived, like Xueqing, are still badly affected.

“She didn’t smile for a long time”

28 Aug 2013 description
report Amity Foundation

On 27th of August, he Hong Kong Government accepted the advice of the Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee and approved grants of HK $4.087 million to Amity Foundation for their relief work to flood affected areas in Sichuan and Guangxi that took place in July. Xinhua News agency reported on July 17th that the flood caused 68 dead and 179 people missing. Overall, 13.400 houses have collapsed, 3.47 million people have been affected, and 300.000 flood victims have to be relocated. Furthermore, the heavy rainfall caused landslides and destroyed much of the crop.

05 Aug 2013 description
report Save the Children

By David Bloomer, Save the Children’s Child Protection Advisor, Asia

On my recent trip to the quake-affected areas of Sichuan Province, China, many children spoke about how Save the Children’s child-friendly spaces (CFS) have been instrumental in helping them deal with the distress and chaos in the aftermath of the earthquake. “When we attend the CFS we can see our friends and talk and take our mind off things and the teachers [facilitators] are very nice and help us a lot,” a 10-year-old girl said to me.

23 Jul 2013 description

Period covered by this update: 4 May- 23 July 2013.

Summary: CHF 400,000 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 25 April 2013 to support Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) in delivering assistance to 5,000 families (20,000 beneficiaries).

17 Jul 2013 description

Source:China Meteorological News Press

The State Council recently issued “Lushan earthquake restoration and reconstruction plan”. The plan focuses on conservation area, emphasizes prevention of geological disasters, and strengthens to construct integrated capacity for disaster prevention and mitigation.