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07 Nov 2016 description


This report focuses on an evaluation of Income Generating Activities (IGA) that accompanied rental subsidy programs in Haiti between 2013 and 2016. The original objectives were:

  1. Evaluate the impact of supplemental support on the economic situation of house-holds.

  2. Evaluate different livelihoods approaches from a quality/cost/effectiveness point of view in order to improve program performance based on lessons learned and ac-countability.

03 May 2016 description
report ACTED

Une consultation multi-pays en vue du Sommet humanitaire mondial à Istanbul

54,5% de la population mondiale vit dans des zones urbaines caractérisées par une densité de population élevée et un environnement socio-économique, politique et institutionnel complexe. Apporter des réponses coordonnées et plus efficaces lors de crises en milieu urbain est une priorité pour réduire la vulnérabilité des populations.

09 Jan 2015 description
report ACTED

Il y a 5 ans, le 12 janvier 2010, Haïti était frappé par un tremblement de terre sans précédent qui a fait des centaines de milliers de victimes et laissé quelque 3 millions de sinistrés. L’attention mondiale s’est concentrée pendant des jours sur la petite île des Caraïbes vers laquelle ont convergé aide humanitaire, dons et medias.

17 Oct 2013 description
report ACTED

In Leogane, which was the epicentre of the earthquake of the 12th of January 2010, 80% of the infrastructure has been destroyed forcing 55,000 people to find refuge in the refugee camps. Over 200 displaced households have been able to find decent housing and get out of the camps thanks to a project set up by ACTED. Three months after their relocation, ACTED teams visited the families to monitor the evolution of their living conditions.

17 Oct 2013 description
report ACTED

A Léogâne, épicentre du séisme du 12 janvier 2010, les infrastructures ont été détruites à 80%, obligeant environ 55 000 personnes à trouver refuge dans des camps de déplacés. Plus de 200 ménages déplacés ont pu retrouver un logement décent et sortir de ces camps de fortune, grâce à un projet mis en œuvre par ACTED. Trois mois après cette relocalisation, les équipes d’ACTED ont rendu visite à ces familles pour constater l’évolution de leurs conditions de vie.

27 Jun 2012 description
report ACTED

PORT-AU-PRINCE [ACTED News] – As the rainy season has begun for a few weeks now, June 1st was the official starting date of the cyclone season in Haiti. Some 420,000 people are still living in more than 600 camps in areas affected by the 2010 earthquake. In order to strengthen the shelters of particularly vulnerable families during the cyclone season, ACTED will distribute 19,200 tarp sheets to 9,600 families in Port-au-Prince, Pétion-Ville and Tabarre, therefore covering 25% of camp-dwelling households.

24 Feb 2012 description
report ACTED

FOCUS - Sahel: The food crisis looms

A future in dotted lines Log book of a mobile team at the gates of the Sahara Deprived of food and income “Many are those who would not cope without solidarity”

16 Jan 2012 description
report ACTED

Une année de transition et d’engagement continu

12 Jan 2012 description
report ACTED

2011 has been a year of transition for Haiti. Humanitarian aid and the commitment of NGOs in Haiti continued all along the last 12 months, but the 12 January 2010 earthquake has left deep marks on the country. On top of these scars, new strains occurred with the cholera epidemic as soon as October 2010, and the phase of political transition, which ended with the election and swearing in of a new President of the Republic.

29 Dec 2011 description
report ACTED

Close to two years after the deadly 12 January 2010 earthquake that hardly hit the city of Léogâne, hundreds of families still live in tents and insalubrious spaces. ACTED has provided housing assistance to 340 vulnerable families affected by the earthquake in order to reestablish safe living conditions for them

26 Dec 2011 description
report ACTED

The current floods in Cambodia, which have affected more than 50,000 families and destroyed 20,000 hectares of crops, or even tropical storm 12-E in Nicaragua, which has caused floods, landslides, considerable destruction of housing, social and economic infrastructure and massive population displacements, are two recent examples of little known humanitarian emergencies. Such crises have not mobilized much, but ACTED still intends to deliver a response.

19 Dec 2011 description
report ACTED

PORT-AU-PRINCE [ACTED News] - Close to two years after the deadly 12 January 2010 earthquake that hardly hit the city of Leogane, hundreds of families still live in makeshift shelters in unhealthy conditions. ACTED is rehabilitating 340 houses in the city in order to encourage the return process for displaced families while ensuring the safety and decency of their living conditions.

09 Dec 2011 description
report ACTED

ACTED News, information that cares

Every month for the last eight years, ACTED has been offering an overview of its activities in each of its fields of intervention through the ACTED Newsletter. Over each issue, this magazine has been beefing up to offer information on operations, our sectors of intervention on the ground, or, more recently, on our campaigns and advocacy initiatives in Europe with our various partners.

20 Oct 2011 description
report ACTED

Solutions to food insecurity do exist

A major food crisis has been hitting the Horn of Africa since the spring of 2011. Thirteen million people face a food emergency triggered by drought and agricultural price shock that emphasize the vulnerability of communities.

Four years from the deadline set to reach the Millennium Development Goals, the first of them – to halve the number of people suffering from hunger in 15 years – is far from its objective. Close to a billion children, women and men, almost as much as in 1990, are still starving.

28 Sep 2011 description
report ACTED

Eighteen months after the 12 January 2010 earthquake, 634,000 people still live in displacement camps or sites, which are budding all around Port-au-Prince. Among them, in the Dortoir Universitaire camps, families live in critical conditions, and under the constant threat of eviction. ACTED was able to provide the 404 most vulnerable families with a transitional shelter in neighboring Croix des Bouquets.

06 Sep 2011 description
report ACTED

Contents / Sommaire

FOCUS: Central African Republic / FOCUS République Centrafricaine

ACTED’s intervention in CAR in four principles / L’intervention d’ACTED en 4 piliers

Cooperation is essential for efficient relief (DRC) / La coopération est essentielle pour la réussite des projets humanitaires (RDC)

The Libyan crisis causes mass migrant returns (Niger & Chad) / La crise libyenne provoque un retour massif des migrants (Niger & Tchad)

05 Aug 2011 description

Haiti - An overwhelming majority of people living in more than 1,000 displacement camps in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake want to leave but do not have the financial resources to do so, according to the first major intentions survey among earthquake displaced people released today by IOM, ACTED and Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) Haiti.

04 Aug 2011 description
report ACTED

PORT-AU-PRINCE [ACTED News] -- For the last two weeks, ACTED teams in the Haitian capital have been working on a large construction project on the “Rony Collin” land, where 404 temporary shelters and sanitation facilities are being built, with support from the American Red Cross. Built on a concrete slab, the wooden shelters with a metal sheet roof were designed to be resistant enough to hurricanes and heavy rains that regularly hit the country.