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13 Jan 2015 description
report DanChurchAid

Five years ago, Haiti was hit by a violent earthquake. The relief and reconstructions work that followed showed clearly that the weaker a society is, and the worse the authorities performance, the greater the disaster becomes.

25 Jan 2011 description

By Malene Haakansson, DanChurchAid

In the rural Haiti, poverty is high and the rate of development too low.

Outspoken Haitian senator Jean Maxime Roumer knows how to get Haiti out of the chaos it's in. The experienced politician - once a member of President René Préval's party, Lespwa (Hope), but now an independent politician in opposition to the government, says the focus of the many NGOs that have come to Haiti need to turn to the countryside.

"We need to focus on decentralisation but it is challenging when people live where they work.

13 Jan 2011 description
report DanChurchAid

A year with many crises and disasters challenges the relief work in Haiti.

It should have been a day of celebration. The health clinic in the outskirts of the Port-au-Prince slum Cité de Solei should re-open in new buildings after the earthquake.

But the celebration ended before it began. Six bodies were found outside the fence.

25 Jun 2010 description
report DanChurchAid

25.06.2010: Real reconstruction has yet to begin, while the people suffer in ramshackle housing in overcrowded camps. Instead of facilitating imports of equipment, leaders have lapsed into a pattern of corruption and delay.

Five months after Haiti's devastating earthquake, the emergency response has finally secured a toehold: No one is lacking essential life-preserving services.

14 Jan 2010 description
report DanChurchAid

14.01.2010: DanChurchAid is Raising Funds for the Victims of the Earthquake

DanChurchAid and its local partners in ACT international (ACT) have already begun the relief work in Haiti.

So far we have granted one million crowns and have initiated fund raising activity

The earthquake in Haiti, which measured 7.0 on the Richter scale, has caused massive damages everywhere on the island.

The building that houses DanChurchAid's local partners has collapsed, but three employees have been rescued from the building and the relief work has begun immediately.

"The catastrophe …