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11 Apr 2014 description

As part of the three year follow up activities of the massive 2010 Haiti Earthquake, on 1st March 2014, AMDA Haiti conducted the third dental mission at the Salvation Army Hospital in Fond-des-Negres, Haiti, in collaboration with the Salvation Army.

25 Jan 2010 description

After arriving in Dominican Republic, AMDA's President, Dr. Suganami, visited Jimani at the Dom.Rep-Haiti border to discuss further initiatives with UN and the local health ministry.

Considering that a considerable amount of assistance has begun reaching St.

21 Jan 2010 description

Current Situation in St. Nicolas Hospital, St.Marc, Haiti

St. Nicolas Hospital in St. Marc, Haiti, where AMDA team is currently working at, is running out of space and facing severe lack of surgeons and facilities. In the mean time, there was another request was made to AMDA to take care of a regional hospital in Gonaives. There is a Cuban community in the region, hence the surgeons (orthopedic surgeons) from Spanish speaking countries are said to be in demand.

20 Jan 2010 description

AMDA's relief team (comprised of one doctor, one nurse and one coordinator) has arrived in St. Marc, approximately 60 km north of Port-au-Prince, the devastated capital of Haiti. The team is in collaboration with a Canadian NGO, "CECI"(Center for International Studies and Cooperation) that has their activity base in St. Marc.

AMDA's medical personnel are on full schedule to treat the patients at the local Saint Nicolas Hospital. The hospital is inundated with excessive number of patient and surgical operations cannot simply catch up with them.

18 Jan 2010 description

As the entry to Haiti has been halted, AMDA's relief team has arrived in Santo Domingo, the capital of the neighboring Dominican Republic. AMDA is going to use Santo Domingo as a satellite base and will send a team of medical personnel to St. Marc in Haiti, the north of Port-au-Prince. St. Marc is not affected by the earthquake and as of now, the evacuees from Port-au-Prince are moving to evacuation camps and shelters in St. Marc. The team will leave Santo Domingo on Monday, Jan. 18th and is planning to conduct medical relief activities in St.

15 Jan 2010 description

In response to the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on Jan. 12th, AMDA is dispatching relief personnel to Porto-Au-Prince, the capital. The extent of the damage is appalling and the death toll may reach historc heights, a news source said. According to UNOCHA, the basic infrastructure is not yet recovered and roads are blocked off.

One doctor and two coordinators from AMDA Headquarters in Japan will leave for Haiti on Jan. 15th via Miami and expected to reach Porto-Au-Prince on Jan. 16th.