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13 Jan 2015 description


Tom Price
Catholic Relief Services
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St. Francois de Sales Hospital reopens as teaching facility

BALTIMORE, MD, January 12, 2015 – Five years after being devastated in Haiti’s horrific earthquake, St. Francois de Sales Hospital will celebrate its reopening this week at its original site in the heart of downtown Port-au-Prince.

12 Jan 2015 description

From Immediate Relief to Long-term Recovery

Five years ago, an earthquake destroyed much of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The morning after the quake, CRS staff members were aiding survivors.

Our long experience in the country, and hand-in-hand partnership with the Catholic Church in Haiti, enabled CRS to make great strides in the past 5 years:

11 Jan 2014 description

01/11/2014 19:50 GMT

by Clarens RENOIS

PORT-AU-PRINCE, January 11, 2014 (AFP) - Four years after Haiti was hit by a violent earthquake, the dragging pace of reconstruction is nowhere more apparent than the capital, where its landmark presidential palace and cathedral remain in ruins.

Devastation caused by the January 12, 2010 disaster, which killed more than 250,000 people, is still felt keenly in Port-au-Prince, the capital of the Americas' poorest country.

16 Jan 2013 description

After addressing the most immediate needs in Port-au-Prince after the January 2010 earthquake, Catholic Relief Services initiated projects to develop rural economic opportunities for small-scale farming families and reduce the pressure to migrate to the already stressed capital in search of a better living.

13 Jan 2013 description

Three years ago today a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. Since then, CRS has worked hard to bring healing and health to those whose lives were shattered that day. A great example is CRS’ Ti Biznis program, which provides grants of $500 and basic business training to hundreds of entrepreneurs in Port-au-Prince, including Clautide Joir, whom you will meet in this video. You can also read much more about CRS’ earthquake response in Haiti over the past three years.

08 Jan 2013 description

Posted on January 8, 2013 by Jim Stipe

The 2010 earthquake devastated so much of life in Haiti and launched an enormous outpouring of generosity from Catholics in the United States. Haitians have faced many challenges since that day, but much progress has been made, led by the Catholic Church.

Listen to the story

19 Dec 2012 description

Three Years After: A Haitian Church for the Future By Darren Hercyk, Country Representative for CRS in Haiti

It is now three years since the massive January 12 earthquake shook Haiti and ended so many lives. But that day also launched a wave of compassion and generosity for Haiti from Americans. Three years on, Catholics in the US should know what is being done in Haiti in their name.

20 Nov 2012 description

A new Catholic hospital is rising up in Haiti. The 2010 earthquake devastated St Francois de Sales hospital in Port-au-Prince, destroying 80 percent of its buildings and killing 140 patients and staff. But doctors and nurses carried on, performing lifesaving operations in what was left of the hospital just hours after the quake struck. Now, CRS is rebuilding the hospital.

16 Apr 2012 description

This handbook documents Catholic Relief Service’s experience in planning and implementing its urban transitional shelter response in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The following pages highlight challenges, successes and key aspects that could be useful in future responses to urban disasters. This publication is a result of site visits, studies of internal and external documentation and interviews with beneficiaries and community members during the 2010–2012 post-earthquake period.

12 Jan 2012 description

It has been 2 years since a devastating earthquake shook the Haiti capital of Port-au-Prince and claimed a reported 230,000 lives. Although the cameras have long gone, the work of Catholic Relief Services and our Haitian Church partners has continued.

This earthquake response is the most complex disaster CRS has ever faced. Challenges range from how to clear huge amounts of rubble, to confusion about who has title to land, to a government reeling from its toppled ministries, to the reality that Haiti was a country in crisis well before disaster struck.

10 Jan 2012 description

WASHINGTON (CNS) — It took almost two years, but Haitian earthquake survivor Sonya Mallebranche has a place she can call home again.

It’s only three rooms, making it less than perfect, Mallebranche admits, especially for four adults and three toddler grandchildren. But Mallebranche, 51, finds it far better than living in a tattered tent in the fetid, dusty camp known as Petite Place Cazeau alongside hundreds of others displaced by the powerful Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake that leveled much of the region around Port-au-Prince.

27 Dec 2011 description

It is now two years since the enormous earthquake shook Port au Prince and the surrounding areas. The scenes of death and destruction dominated TV news for weeks, and though the cameras have gone, the recovery continues.

We recently had the opportunity to see firsthand real progress in this recovery during a brief visit to Port-au-Prince. We were impressed by what has been accomplished, but equally struck by the amount still to do.

19 May 2011 description

Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' (USCCB) Committee on Migration, and Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson, chairman of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), today hailed the extension and re-designation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Haiti.

On May 17, the Obama Administration announced that it would extend TPS for another 18 months beginning July 23, 2011. The Administration also re-designated eligibility for TPS to those who arrived by January 12, 2011, a year after the January 12, 2010, earthquake.

21 Mar 2011 description

The purpose of this document is to share findings and recommendations from the RTE conducted in June 2010, as well as Catholic Relief Services (CRS) - Haiti program's discussion in August 2010 on how to move those recommendations forward. Annexes include additional extractions from the RTE report, including a timeline of the first months of the response, findings from CRS' Tsunami response based out of Aceh, and staff perspectives that were gathered during the consultant's findings workshop held in June.

10 Jan 2011 description

By John Rivera

A few months ago, a group of neighbors representing some 40 families in the Port-au-Prince community of Delmas 62 banded together and knocked on the door of Catholic Relief Services' office in Delmas 81 to ask for help. Displaced from their homes after the earthquake, they were living in a nearby camp and wanted to move back.

"I knew CRS would be able to help us," says Raphael Altide, who emerged as a leader among her neighbors. They took a collection for bus fare to pay for the expedition to the CRS office.

10 Dec 2010 description

By Luke King, CRS Country Representative in Haiti

It is now almost one year since the earth shook in Haiti, ending so many lives and forever changing many more. So much shifted on January 12, but if you travel the streets of Port-au-Prince it can seem that little has changed since.

12 Jul 2010 description

By Patrick Carney

Robin Contino arrived in the Dominican Republic less than one week after a devastating earthquake struck neighboring Haiti. Two days later, she began to drive toward the wreckage. As she reached the top of a hill just outside of Port-au-Prince, she saw Haiti's capital city lying in ruin.

"You would see collapsed buildings, whether they were big or small, everywhere," Contino says.

06 Apr 2010 description

By Sara A. Fajardo

Signs of progress are evident in Port-au-Prince: Beauty supply stores and small food kiosks flourish in the tarp-covered camps, the mountains of rubble are eroding under the constant tap of pickax-wielding crews, and the Haitian government has made headway in crafting a long-term strategy to get people out of camps and into homes.

05 Mar 2010 description

By Michael Hill

Even as Catholic Relief Services continues to deliver relief supplies to the Haitian people, our staff is working on long-term recovery plans for this country, which was devastated by the January 12 earthquake that killed over 200,000.

"We are working with the Haitian people now and will be for years to come," says CRS President Ken Hackett.

12 Feb 2010 description

On this one-month anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Catholic Relief Services joins with the Haitian people in three days of prayer commencing today as our brothers and sisters across this country honor the memory of their relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Among those grieving are members of our CRS Haiti staff, as well as our partners in Port-au-Prince and beyond. We join them in their grief and offer heartfelt condolences.

The CRS staff in Haiti has been working tirelessly since the earthquake struck to provide vital relief to the suffering survivors.