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07 Nov 2016 description


This report focuses on an evaluation of Income Generating Activities (IGA) that accompanied rental subsidy programs in Haiti between 2013 and 2016. The original objectives were:

  1. Evaluate the impact of supplemental support on the economic situation of house-holds.

  2. Evaluate different livelihoods approaches from a quality/cost/effectiveness point of view in order to improve program performance based on lessons learned and ac-countability.

15 Dec 2014 description


Concern is now into the third phase of its successful “Return to Neighbourhoods” programme in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. The programme, funded by the EU’s humanitarian aid office (ECHO), aims to relocate 2400 families who lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake away from temporary camps to suitable rental accommodation by mid-2015. It will also help families develop livelihoods activities so they can continue support themselves and their families and continue to afford the rent in their new homes.

14 Aug 2014 description
report Concern Worldwide

Joan Bobrov

Grand ravine is one of the poorest and most vulnerable neighborhoods in all of Port au Prince, Haiti.

The 20,000 people living here are at extreme risk of flooding and landslides. Many came here after losing their homes in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Transforming lives in Haiti

Now, together with our partners and the community themselves, we're working to transform the lives of the people living in this area.

19 Jun 2014 description
report Concern Worldwide

By Kieran McConville, Concern Worldwide US

The background music to this Tuesday morning is the constant drumming of heavy rain on stretched canvas and the freeform melody of droplets landing in pools. I count nine different receptacles placed strategically around the mud floor to catch the leaking water which invades Gurlene's home every time there's a downpour. And in Haiti, it rains a lot.

13 Sep 2013 description
report Concern Worldwide

Families affected by the Haiti earthquake are returning home to their neighbourhoods, thanks to an initiative by Concern Worldwide.

Life in camps

When Haiti’s most devastating earthquake struck in 2010, 1.5 million people lost their homes. Since then, many people have been living in temporary camps. Life in the camps is hard, with armed gangs operating and only limited access to water, sanitation and other basic necessities. People can’t return to the neighbourhoods where they once lived, because they don’t have the money for rent.

Our response

05 Jun 2013 description
report Concern Worldwide
  1. Introduction

Haiti is recovering gradually following the earthquake that devastated a large part of the country on January 12, 2010. The Government together with NGOs and other institutions are still working to relocate people from the different remaining camps to more secure shelters. Finding durable solutions to this problem takes time, nonetheless, from an initial 1,500,000 homeless people; the number of persons still in camps in October 2012 has reduced to 390,000.

07 Mar 2013 description
report Concern Worldwide

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. It is a day in which women, men, girls and boys come together to celebrate, show solidarity for and recognise the dreams, aspirations and empowerment of women. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to commemorate the bravery of women in confronting injustice.

11 Jan 2013 description
report Concern Worldwide

Recovery has been slow, there are some grounds for optimism but “no magic wand”

Concern Worldwide was today critical of those with unreasonable expectations regarding the pace and depth of the recovery in Haiti but struck an optimistic note ahead of the third anniversary of the devastating earthquake which struck the country on the 12th January 2010.

11 Jan 2013 description
report Concern Worldwide

As we mark the passing of a third year since a 7.0-magnitude earthquake shredded Haiti’s capital city of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas, it is fitting to take a look back, and a look forward. On January 12, 2010, Haiti was a country already handicapped by crippling poverty and poor infrastructure, and the human and economic toll of the earthquake was immense. It is stunning to remember that an estimated 230,000 people were killed and another 1.5 million were left homeless.

03 Jan 2012 description

Using DEC funds our member agencies have provided assistance to over 1.8million earthquake survivors in Haiti.

26 Dec 2011 description
report Concern Worldwide

Two years after the earthquake, Haiti is on the long road to recovery. Your donations are making a difference, but there is still a considerable way to go. Our report (below) outlines the progress so far and the difficulties being faced.

Your support

In the past two years, your donations mean that:

  • Nearly 43,000 people are earning money through cash–for-work projects

  • 11,000 children in rural Saut d’Eau have access to quality education

  • 9,400 families received agricultural training, seeds, and tools

03 Jan 2011 description
report Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide US and American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (NYSE: AEO) have announced a partnership to raise funds to rebuild and support schools in Haiti.

29 Oct 2010 description
report Concern Worldwide

Since Haitian President Rene Preval confirmed an outbreak of cholera in the rural Artibonite region of Haiti on October 22, the Ministry of Health has confirmed more than 305 deaths and an estimated 3,000 infections. Artibonite was not directly affected by the devastating January 12th earthquake, and it is believed that river water polluted by latrines that overflowed during recent heavy rains was the source of the outbreak.

08 Mar 2010 description
report Concern Worldwide

March 8 is International Women's Day

NEW YORK (March 8, 2010)-As part of its clean-up effort-and to stimulate economic recovery-Concern Worldwide, the international humanitarian agency, has kicked off a series of cash-for-work projects and one-off cash transfers in Haiti. And women in particular are major beneficiaries of the initiatives.

"In Haiti, as in most of the world, women are the unbreakable core of their families and communities.

16 Jan 2010 description
report Concern Worldwide


The Director of Concern Worldwide's Emergency Unit, Dominic Crowley, flew into Haiti today with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Read quotes from Secretary Clinton and Dominic Crowley in January 16 New York Times.

"A big aftershock hit Port-au-Prince this morning just before noon.

15 Jan 2010 description
report Concern Worldwide

"Most people, also those who still have houses spent the last night outside for fear of further earthquakes. The danger is not over yet and more quakes are likely until Friday. People are camping on the streets and in the squares the throughout the city with nothing to sit or sleep on; water is sold in plastic bags but will be getting scarce in a few days. The population of Martissant requests health assistance but also water, food supplies and shelter are urgently needed.

13 Jan 2010 description
report Concern Worldwide

Thousands feared dead

NEW YORK (January 13, 2010)-Concern Worldwide, the international relief and development agency which has been working in Haiti since 1994, today launched an emergency appeal for an estimated $7.5M to deal with the consequences of the biggest earthquake to hit the country in more than two centuries.

The appeal is seeking emergency funding for desperately needed food, water, shelter and medicine.

The earthquake struck shortly before 5PM EST Tue, Jan. 12, 2010.

13 Jan 2010 description
report Concern Worldwide

"Food, water, shelter and medicine are the immediate priorites for those who have survived this catastrophe. It has been difficult in the darkness of last night and before dawn today to establish the full extent of this appalling tragedy.