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29 Feb 2012 description
report Merlin

Executive summary

Context Merlin has been working in Haiti since the magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck the island on the 12th January 2010. Over 250,000 people were killed and over 1 million people were displaced. The earthquake exacerbated an already inadequate health situation in Haiti, with the collapse of hospitals, nursing schools, Ministry of Health offices, and dozens of health centres in Haiti’s most densely populated West Department.

03 Jan 2012 description

Using DEC funds our member agencies have provided assistance to over 1.8million earthquake survivors in Haiti.

31 Dec 2010 description
report Merlin

Executive summary

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 was the biggest urban disaster in modern history. An estimated 230,000 people were killed and more than 1.5 million left homeless as the capital Port-au-Prince collapsed.

As we mark the one year anniversary, the scale of the devastation witnessed in Haiti must be an urgent wake up call for the world.

Merlin is calling for support to national health workers to ensure fragile countries can respond to the growing threat of disasters.

12 Jul 2010 description
report Merlin

Within hours of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January, Merlin launched an emergency response to save lives fast.

21 Jan 2010 description
report Merlin

Merlin's Haiti medical team has been working tirelessly to meet the overwhelming needs of Haitians.

Our team of 17 specialists, including an orthopaedic surgeon, plastic surgeon, anaesthetist, two A&E consultants and nurses, yesterday treated dozens of patients in need of urgent medical expertise, with more already lined up for today.

Merlin aid worker Alex Cottin says:

"Looking back over the past few days and realising just how much we've been able to do - from partnering with local organisations to finding a suitable, secured area to operate in the midst of one …

20 Jan 2010 description
report MERCY Malaysia, Merlin

MERCY Malaysia is accepting donations to provide emergency medical relief for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake which occurred recently on January 12.

The monies will be channeled directly to Haiti to be utilised by MERCY Malaysia's partner, Medical Emergency Relief International (Merlin), who are now on the ground at Port-au-Prince, said MERCY Malaysia President Dr Ahmad Faizal Perdaus.

A UK-based INGO, Merlin specialises in health, saving lives in times of crisis and helping to rebuild shattered health services.

"Providing support in this way is much more efficient.

18 Jan 2010 description
report Merlin

Merlin's specialist Emergency Response Team arrived in Haiti on Saturday, and have immediately set to work identifying the most pressing medical needs and coordinating with those on the ground to make sure our response is as effective as possible.

Our logistics team has already procured 4,800kg of surgical equipment for a tented surgical hospital, containing everything from the drugs to the team's rations to the micro-surgery instruments, and this will also arrive on the ground shortly.

Merlin aid worker Alex Cottin says:

"Our response is now in full swing. We are …

15 Jan 2010 description
report Merlin

Merlin's specialist Emergency Response Team have been working without break behind the scenes to overcome the delays agencies are facing on the ground.

As our teams prepare to cross the border into Haiti, we have assessed the most urgent needs and are coordinating with those already on the ground to ensure our response is as quick and effective as possible.

Paula Sansom, Merlin's Emergency Response Coordinator, says:

"Every emergency presents its own unique complexities but more so in crisis countries like Haiti.

13 Jan 2010 description
report Merlin

In the aftermath of a massive earthquake that hit Haiti last night, Merlin has launched an emergency appeal to bring urgent humanitarian aid and assistance to those affected.

Merlin's Response Team Co-ordinator, Paula Sansom said: "This disaster has struck the poorest country in the western hemisphere, and the people of Haiti urgently need our help."

Our response team is currently mobilising and is leaving on the first available flight to Haiti.