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13 Jan 2015 description
report Direct Relief

Five years ago, people like you stepped up to help the millions of people affected by the most destructive earthquake in Haiti’s history, where Direct Relief and many others are still working to improve conditions for thousands of people left vulnerable.

13 Jan 2014 description
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Four years after the earthquake that took a quarter of a million lives and left millions more injured and homeless, Direct Relief continues to be among the largest providers of medical material aid to Haiti by supporting more than 115 health facilities serving 4 million people throughout the country.

Backed by the massive generosity of private and corporate supporters, Direct Relief has transformed its immediate disaster response into a commitment to making quality health care viable for the long term in Haiti – a country where Direct Relief has worked for almost 50 years.

11 Jan 2013 description
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Nearly three years after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, taking a quarter of a million lives and leaving millions more injured and homeless, Direct Relief continues to support the most vulnerable people in the country with essential medications and supplies that they otherwise would likely go without.

16 Jan 2012 description
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Continued support, two years after massive quake and 1,000 tons of medical support

Santa Barbara, CA, January 10, 2011—Two years after the tragic 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, Direct Relief International today announced that it will significantly expand the vaccine-storage capacity in Haiti as part of its ongoing humanitarian health assistance efforts in the country.

04 Jan 2012 description
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To help the people of Haiti recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake in 2010, Direct Relief made targeted grants to several small, grassroots organizations assisting their communities, including these two organizations, Solidarite Haitienne and Bureau de Doleances Social.

12 Oct 2011 description
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Melissa’s Hope is an orphanage located in the area of Lizon, where the director, Tony Manshino and Jean Pascal Bain, are taking care of 18 orphans of which 13 have special needs. Taking over the orphanage was a learning experience for both Tony and Pascal, but mostly for Tony, who is a music producer and entrepreneur. Pascal turned it into a family project; his wife teaches first grade and they also live on the premises.

30 Jun 2011 description
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Three Community Grant Recipients Improve Education in Haiti and Help Students Regain a Sense of Normalcy

June 30, 2011

Grassroots community organizations in Haiti that received funding to help their neighborhoods recover from the January 2010 earthquake are reporting positive results from the grants they received last year. Three such groups focused on education have had a particularly valuable and positive impact on children.

24 Sep 2010 description
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Thanks to a donation of more than $1.1 million (wholesale) of personal care products, 4,380 hygiene kits were distributed last week to the most vulnerable people living in camps in Haiti.

17 Aug 2010 description
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As part of its $500,000 commitment to fund small, grassroots Haitian nonprofits who are helping their communities recover from January's earthquake, Direct Relief International has recently awarded a fourth round of specifically targeted grants. The groups receiving the latest grants are:

Mouvement Paysan de l'Acul du Nord (Movement of Peasasnts to Acul du Nord)

Despite the lack of earthquake damage in the northern departments of Haiti, many families are directly or indirectly facing serious consequences from this catastrophe.

09 Jul 2010 description
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Since the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti's capital on January 12, 2010, Direct Relief International has provided over 400 tons of emergency medical assistance worth more than $45.4 million to 53 Haitian healthcare facilities, international medical teams, mobile medical clinics, tent-based hospitals, and medical units at camps for displaced people across the country.

This response has been the largest, most comprehensive, emergency response in our 62-year history.

25 May 2010 description
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Reflecting a strong commitment to long-term recovery in Haiti, Direct Relief International is granting $160,000 to Healing Hands for Haiti International (HHHI), whose facilities were damaged or destroyed during the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in January.

The grant will allow HHHI to operate a temporary facility for a year while it rebuilds its facilities.

21 May 2010 description
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Music for Relief has teamed up with Direct Relief International to provide grants of up to $25,000 to small Haiti-based nonprofit organizations working in education and reconstruction in Haiti. The funds will allow groups working in their communities long before the earthquake struck to continue to serve the people in greatest need.

Direct Relief has been supporting hospitals and clinics in Haiti with medicines and medical supplies since 1964 and has provided more than $42.5 million (wholesale) in medical aid since the January quake.

12 May 2010 description
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Over $34.8 Million in Medical Aid Already Provided by Direct Relief International

Santa Barbara, CA, April 12, 2010-Three months after the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, Direct Relief International has furnished over $34.8 million in direct medical aid to the country and remains intensely involved in efforts to address both current and long-term needs.

30 Apr 2010 description
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Direct Relief today announced the first five grants from its $500,000 Community Grant Fund, which the organization established to enable Haitian nongovernmental organizations and community groups to access financial resources. Five grants totaling $125,000 are being awarded today.

These grants are intended primarily to assist local groups working in Haiti before the earthquake which incurred exceptional costs responding to the quake or suffered financial losses from the quake.

12 Apr 2010 description
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In the three months following the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti's capital, Direct Relief International has delivered emergency medical assistance valued at more than $34.8 million (wholesale) to more than 30 healthcare providers. Having worked in Haiti since 1964, Direct Relief had strong relationships with the country's largest hospitals and clinics, allowing us to rapidly deploy resources to where they were needed most. This resulted in a massive response of over 226 tons of specifically requested medicines and supplies.

11 Mar 2010 description
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53 pallets of medical aid arrive at Port-au-Prince warehouse

Direct Relief's staff in Haiti has received a 53-pallet shipment of medical aid, valued at more than $2.9 million (wholesale), and is processing it into smaller deliveries for various partners as needed. Navigating complicated logistics, the team in Haiti is working to ensure that healthcare providers are getting the medical supplies and materials they need to care for people affected by the earthquake.

04 Mar 2010 description
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Direct Relief has sent more than $3.4 million (wholesale) in medical material aid to Haiti this week.

Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) is receiving more than $510,000 of medical aid it has specifically requested to help care for Haitians affected by the earthquake. Materials include wheelchairs, braces, antibiotics, and surgical supplies, among others.

18 Feb 2010 description
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Direct Relief delivered on Monday a total of 6,000 vials of insulin valued at $240,318 (wholesale) to two Haiti facilities treating diabetic patients: Partners in Health (PIH) and Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS).

Specifically requested by physicians from PIH and HAS, this donation is especially significant for the many diabetic people in need of insulin in Haiti. Insulin requires specialized shipping a tightly controlled temperature range from its point of origin in the United States to cold-storage facilities in Haiti hospitals, which makes it challenging to handle.

12 Feb 2010 description
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Direct Relief staff in Haiti has been pursuing all channels to help Haitians recover from last month's devastating earthquake, and is working to fill immediate and long-term needs. This week, the team has:

- Delivered by helicopter a shipment of medical aid to Hôpital Albert Schweitzer in Deschapelles, north of Port-au-Prince. The well-established hospital has a surgical and orthopedic practice, and has been treating many patients injured in the earthquake.

- Delivered three truckloads of much-needed intravenous solutions and supplies (donated by Baxter) to St.

05 Feb 2010 description
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Staff on the ground managing inventory, logistics to equip partners caring for Haitians in need

Direct Relief staff in Haiti received this week more than 16 tons of medical material aid, which will be managed and allocated to partners through Direct Relief's secure warehouse outside Port-au-Prince.

Valued at more than $16.3 million, the medical material includes a range of critically needed items, from surgical supplies and equipment to antibiotics and pain medications.