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14 Feb 2013 description
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To further bolster health care in Haiti, AmeriCares supplies volunteer medical teams with medicines to provide essential services, including primary care and surgeries.

Since the dark days after the 2010 earthquake, our Medical Outreach program has outfitted 582 medical teams with medicine to treat more than 900,000 people in Haiti — a value of $37 million*. Immediately after the earthquake, many doctors volunteered for trauma care, often operating in tents. Now, with some medical facilities repaired or rebuilt, they can offer a wider range of care.

10 Jan 2013 description
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An innovative AmeriCares program in Haiti is funding the restoration of an emergency room destroyed by the 2010 earthquake and providing impoverished patients increased access to top quality specialty care.

In the nightmarish days after the earthquake, injured patients swarmed Hopital Canape Vert, a premiere private hospital in Haiti. Despite the fact that their own emergency room had been wiped out, doctors there treated all incoming patients free of charge.

07 Jan 2013 description
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Guillaume was just 21 years old when he contracted tuberculosis. As his illness progressed, it became difficult for him to continue working to support his mother and four siblings. Breathless and coughing constantly, Guillaume sought care at GHESKIO Center, an AmeriCares supported health center in Port-Au-Prince.

01 Jun 2012 description
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Stamford, Conn. – June 1, 2012 – AmeriCares is launching two new disaster preparedness initiatives today, the official start of the 2012 hurricane season in the Atlantic, to help prepare families in hurricane-prone communities throughout the United States and Latin America. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is forecasting nine to 15 named storms over the next six months, including four to eight hurricanes.

12 Jan 2012 description
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Report Released Today Highlights Major Accomplishments January 12, 2012

AmeriCares delivers $54 million in aid for Haiti earthquake survivors

Stamford, Conn., Jan. 12, 2012 – Two years after the devastating Haiti earthquake, AmeriCares has delivered $54 million in aid for survivors, including medicines and supplies to fight the recent cholera epidemic. To date, AmeriCares has completed 950 aid shipments to more than 100 hospitals and health clinics throughout Haiti.

21 Apr 2011 description
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Sacred Heart Hospital (Hopital Sacre Coeur) Located in the town of Milot, Sacred Heart Hospital has been a beacon of hope for 25 years in northern Haiti by providing accessible health care for the poor. Since the earthquake and the diminished availability of medical care throughout Haiti, this 73-bed hospital has taken on a greater role in meeting specialized medical needs.

31 Jan 2011 description
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The delighted face of Francia, a ten-year old cholera patient, reveals a new and hopeful chapter in the frightening tale of Haiti's cholera epidemic.

The tireless efforts of AmeriCares and its partners to provide frontline treatments are saving lives in the three-month battle against this deadly but treatable disease. Many of the most vulnerable earthquake survivors in Haiti such as Francia now have immediate access to effective care at cholera treatment centers.

05 Jan 2011 description
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AmeriCares was on the ground within 48 hours of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010. Since then, we have been working around the clock to deliver and distribute medical aid throughout the country.

15 Nov 2010 description
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Deadly cholera is on the move in Haiti, killing more than 900 and threatening the many thousands of vulnerable earthquake survivors crowded in makeshift camps in and around the devastated capital of Port-au-Prince.

AmeriCares Haiti team is working around the clock, immediately responding to a significant upsurge in requests from hospitals and clinics in affected areas for new stocks of rehydration solutions, antibiotics and other essential cholera relief supplies.

06 Nov 2010 description
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As Hurricane Tomas bore down on Haiti, AmeriCares mounted emergency response efforts. AmeriCares disaster relief team in Haiti delivers lifesaving medical aid to partners serving the hardest hit communities.

Hurricane Tomas has since been downgraded, but the storm killed at least four people in Haiti and others are still missing. Pounding rains flooded squalid earthquake refugee camps outside Port-au-Prince.

31 Oct 2010 description
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As a deadly cholera outbreak spreads among some of Haiti's most vulnerable communities, AmeriCares has landed an emergency airlift of critical aid filled with medicines and medical supplies.

21 Sep 2010 description
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AmeriCares, Population Council and a consortium of aid organizations working together to help break cycle of poverty and violence for adolescent girls

Contact: Peggy Atherlay, AmeriCares



Contact: Diane Rubino, Population Council



NEW YORK, NY -- The Haiti Adolescent Girls Network, a coalition of humanitarian organizations cofounded by AmeriCares and the Population Council, today received high level …

23 Apr 2010 description
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Nearly 3,000 children needlessly die from malaria every day. That is why AmeriCares plays a key role in the prevention and treatment of this deadly disease. We honor World Malaria Day each April 25 in the hope that we can help stop this tragedy.

AmeriCares has been involved with many malaria programs worldwide - from post-tsunami Indonesia to Myanmar and now, most recently, Haiti.

13 Apr 2010 description
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Medical professionals now have desperately needed technology at their fingertips thanks to the delivery of a portable digital X-ray machine to Adventist Hospital in Carrefour, Haiti. Doctors throughout Haiti have been working with no X-rays at all, or with decades-old machines that are running out of film in recent weeks as they rush to treat survivors of with broken bones.

"Doctors in Haiti have been setting broken bones without X-rays," said AmeriCares SVP of Global Programs Elizabeth Furst Frank, who recently returned from Haiti.

24 Mar 2010 description
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AmeriCares Honors World Tuberculosis Day

March 24, 2010

Tuberculosis kills over 2 million people every year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and Haiti has not been spared. Before January's devastating earthquake, tuberculosis had been among the leading causes of death among adults in Haiti. In the aftermath of the disaster, the situation is expected to get much worse.

In response, AmeriCares recently delivered essential supplies to a tuberculosis clinic run by a dedicated local nurse named Pierre-Louise Monfort.

16 Mar 2010 description
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Two months after the devastating earthquake rocked Haiti, families still mourn 230,000 victims of the disaster. Tent cities have swelled to 1.3 million homeless men, women and children - others have fled quake-damaged cities altogether. Over 300,000 people were injured during disaster; many lost limbs, others sustained serious injuries from which they will never recover.

18 Feb 2010 description
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Stamford, CT - As the health care situation in Haiti transitions from emergency medicine to addressing acute and chronic medical conditions, AmeriCares, the global health and disaster relief organization, is increasing its commitment to the people of Haiti by pledging to deliver $50 million in aid to help rebuild the country's health care system.

28 Jan 2010 description
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AmeriCares second emergency airlift for earthquake survivors landed in Haiti today. To date, over $11 million worth of AmeriCares medical aid has been delivered to help Haitian earthquake survivors.

The flight safely landed in Cap Haitien, carrying $500,000 worth of critically needed medical assistance.

23 Jan 2010 description
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AmeriCares is sending more lifesaving aid to help survivors of Haiti's devastating earthquake. The latest airlift of medical relief is scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince, Haiti within the next few days. The latest airlift will arrive in Cap-Haïtien, approximately 80 miles north of Port-au-Prince, where earthquake survivors are being transported for medical treatment.

18 Jan 2010 description
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AmeriCares first emergency airlift carrying over $6 million worth of critically needed medical aid for Haiti earthquake survivors has arrived in Port-au-Prince. Help Support AmeriCares >>

The airlift, which touched down at 8:30 p.m. Sunday night, includes antibiotics that fight infections and pain medicines for survivors with broken bones, as well as other critically needed relief supplies. AmeriCares initially planned to deliver $5 million worth of aid, but due to the immense outpouring of donations, another $1 million of aid was added prior to takeoff.