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13 Jan 2015 description
report Mercy Corps

In the lush, green mountains of Haiti, agriculture is the lifeblood of families — many of whom have passed down their land and farming techniques through generations. But something is threatening their rural way of life.

Trees have all but disappeared in Haiti — less than two percent of the land is currently forested. This rapid deforestation has consequences that spread far and wide. Over-planting and a lack of diversity in crops has caused the land to cave in on itself.

12 Jan 2015 description
report Mercy Corps

Five years after the island nation’s devastating earthquake, owning a business is still a struggle in Haiti’s informal economy.

Jobs at large businesses, along with steady salaries, are almost impossible to find, so most people man stalls along the streets of Port-au-Prince or own small businesses offering services or goods to neighbors and people passing by.

The tiny businesses that are most common in Haiti provide a minimal survival wage, but they are so small that an entire business can be easily derailed by one unexpected expense or setback.

01 Jul 2013 description
report Mercy Corps

Starting a small business is risky wherever you live. And in Port-au-Prince, Haiti — still rebuilding after the devastating 2010 earthquake — financial stability is even more elusive. But in a place where a small enterprise is often the only way to survive, tenacious entrepreneurs like Bilha believe in a better future.

27 Feb 2013 description
report Mercy Corps

Jennifer Schmidt
Senior Development Officer

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. —Helen Keller

Given the magnitude and complexity of the poverty challenges that our global community faces, Helen Keller’s words couldn’t ring more true.

23 Jan 2013 description
report Mercy Corps

Neal Keny-Guyer Chief Executive Officer

I’ve just arrived in Davos, Switzerland to participate in the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. I’ve gone to Davos for four years now, and each time I’m impressed by the tremendous energy that’s created by thousands of leaders — from the private sector, civil society and government — coming together to wrestle with the world’s most pressing issues.

13 Jan 2013 description
report Mercy Corps

John Hanson
Country Director, Haiti

Three years after Haiti's worst-ever natural disaster, evidence of recovery is not hard to find. Most of the tent camps have closed, the lion’s share of rubble has been cleared, and the severe cholera epidemic has declined. Haitians are eager to focus on the future.

With that comes the acknowledgement that there is still a lot of work to be done.

07 Sep 2012 description
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Liz Hummer
Online Content Manager

Cité Soleil is full of a lot of things, but hope is not one of them.

There’s the fetid smell of smoldering trash. The deafening noise of jets landing at the airport nearby. The piles of cement rubble, some even older than the historic 2010 earthquake. And the tents — scores of blue-and-gray tarps clustered among the ruins.

07 Sep 2012 description
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Lisa Cicala
Video Producer/Editor

The devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti was just the first tragedy to strike Emmanuella's young life: She escaped the rubble of her home, only to lose even more amidst the violence in her neighborhood.

Find out how she has found comfort — and confidence — playing in Mercy Corps' Soccer for Life program.

08 Jun 2012 description
report Mercy Corps

Kyle Dietrich
Youth Program Manager, Haiti

We may not be the Sesame Street Workshop, but here in Haiti the Mercy Corps team has been busy producing the country’s first locally-made educational television program for kids. Timoun Alez (“Comfort for Kids”) is the only show of it’s kind in Haiti — filmed in Creole, with youth hosting each episode — and began airing in May on the government-owned national TV network.

11 Jan 2012 description
report Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps helps rebuild Haitian economy two years after devastating quake

  • Efforts focus on creating economic opportunities and building stronger communities for long-term recovery

PORTLAND, Ore. – Two years after a massive earthquake decimated the capital city of Port-au-Prince, Mercy Corps continues helping Haitians to recover and rebuild. The global humanitarian agency is creating economic opportunities to help lift people out of poverty, and establishing programs focusing on agriculture, environment and youth.

05 Jan 2011 description
report Mercy Corps

Contact: Lisa Hoashi, +509.3454.3577, lhoashi@mercycorps.org

Joy Portella, 206.437.7885, jportella@sea.mercycorps.org

- One-year report details how aid agency has improved the lives of 830,000 Haitians and laid the foundation for long-term recovery

- Efforts focus on containing cholera, creating economic opportunities, investing in mobile technology with powerful potential to improve lives

Portland, OR - As Haitians prepare to mark the passing of one year since the deadly …

27 Oct 2010 description
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Contact:         Lisa Hoashi, +509.3491.6275, lhoashi@mercycorps.org

Joy Portella, 206.437.7885, jportella@sea.mercycorps.org

PORTLAND, Ore. - Mercy Corps is rushing to help guard against the spread of a cholera epidemic concentrated in Haiti's rural Artibonite and Center departments. The disease has already killed at least 284 and sickened more than 3,769.

21 Sep 2010 description
report Mercy Corps

Haiti's First Mobile Money Solution to Maximize NGO Resources and

Expand Access to Financial Services

September 21, 2010 - Bellevue, WA: Wireless phones in hand, the people of Haiti are on the cusp of entering the realm of mobile money, expanding banking services beyond traditional bank branches. Today, Haitian wireless operator Voilà, a subsidiary of Seattle-based Trilogy International Partners, and Unibank, Haiti's premier financial institution, are teaming with international relief and development agency, Mercy Corps, to announce the launch of a humanitarian assistance …

13 Aug 2010 description
report Mercy Corps
  • Vouchers program will benefit 100,000 Haitians impacted by January earthquake.

    - Funding provided under Emergency Food Security Program allows unprecedented local purchase of food with vouchers.

    Portland, OR - Mercy Corps has been awarded one of the first grants from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the new Emergency Food Security Program in Haiti. The $12.5 million grant to Mercy Corps will provide food vouchers to 100,000 vulnerable people in the Central Plateau and Lower Artibonite regions who were affected by the earthquake in …

12 Jul 2010 description
report Mercy Corps

- Aid Agency will partner with Haitian soccer star Boby Duval and Haitian Ministry of Youth, Sport and Civic Action to highlight the "unifying, energizing force of soccer."

Portland, OR - As the month-long World Cup culminated this past weekend, Mercy Corps launched Moving Forward, a youth program that uses soccer and other sports to help young people recover physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally from the January earthquake.

12 Jul 2010 description
report Mercy Corps

-        Aid agency focuses on economic revitalization, investing in youth, meeting water and sanitation needs, and assisting the underserved Central Plateau.

-        Moving Forward soccer program marks newest phase of Mercy Corps' work to help Haitian youth recover from earthquake trauma.

Portland, OR - Six months after the deadly January 12th earthquake, Mercy Corps is providing Haitians with tools for long-term recovery while helping families fill ongoing basic needs.

12 Feb 2010 description
report Mercy Corps

One month after the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake that rocked Haiti, Mercy Corps' team of emergency response experts is working to meet the immediate needs of survivors. At the same time, our team is laying the groundwork for longer-term recovery, drawing upon Mercy Corps' three decades of experience helping disaster-struck communities transition from receiving aid to carrying out their own recovery.

Haitian authorities estimate that more than 217,000 people died in the earthquake and that three-quarters of the capital city, Port-au-Prince, will have to be rebuilt.

22 Jan 2010 description
report Mercy Corps

Portland OR - Thousands of people worldwide are now participating in Mercy Corps' Personal Fundraising Pages (PFPs) initiative to assist the global relief and development agency's efforts to meet needs in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. PFPs allow donors to bring their family and friends into personalized, online giving campaigns.

PFPs have been a very successful source of fundraising for Mercy Corps' earthquake response.

22 Jan 2010 description
report Mercy Corps

Portland, OR - Mercy Corps yesterday delivered three days' worth of high-energy biscuits to 900 patients, their families, and staff at General Hospital, Port-au-Prince's largest hospital. This food delivery and distribution is part of the aid agency's expanding efforts to help fill the most pressing needs of Haitian earthquake survivors.

"People were relieved and happy to see us," confirmed Mercy Corps Emergency Responder Cassandra Nelson. "Hospital officials told us they've been very short on food.