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28 Jul 2016 description

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation continuously provides humanitarian project for the survivors, including rice distribution, medical care, training courses, temporary houses, etc. The most important relief mission for Haiti is rebuilding four schools for the children in disaster area.

A New School, A New Beginning

28 Feb 2015 description

Spanning a total of 5 long, yet paradoxically brief, though painful and arduous years of traversing this fragile and often times broken road towards recovery, this tattered road, despite its cracks and holes, is still in tact with many a travelers still walking upon it. After being struck by the massive earthquake 5 years ago, Haiti and its supporters have continuously shown that despite setbacks and challenges, the will to stand is yet still strong. From individuals to communities, from non-profit humanitarian groups to foreign governments, support for Haiti continues.

02 Feb 2015 description

Since 2008, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation has committed its resources and manpower to helping the people of Haiti through projects and applications parallel with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations set in the year 2000. Although projects began in 2008, aid efforts were increased in 2010 in the wake of the Haitian earthquake of that year. Because of the devastation and damage caused by the earthquake in 2010, relief and aid efforts extended beyond short-term emergency aid to mid to long term projects, which in turn effectuated all 8 of the United Nations’ MDGs.

26 Aug 2014 description

Source: Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Date: Aug 26, 2014

In January 2010, an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.0 devastated Haiti and left billions of dollars in damages and thousands of lives destroyed in its wake.
The earthquake struck the most populated areas of the country, including Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince, not only taking more than an estimated number of 300,000 lives throughout the country, but displacing millions, leaving them without medical aid, shelter, and food.

08 Feb 2012 description

The three schools which Tzu Chi is building in Haiti are due for completion in January 2013 and will accommodate more than 1,800 students. The foundation announced this at a news conference in Taipei attended by four sisters of the Catholic order who will manage the schools and came to Taiwan to express their gratitude.

29 Jan 2012 description

As the excitement of the New Year slowly faded away, another celebration took its place in Haiti on January 21, 2012, as Tzu Chi broke ground on three new schools for the island nation. Exactly two years prior - on January 21, 2010 - Tzu Chi volunteers entered Haiti to provide relief to a country overrun with despair and devastated by the January 12 earthquake.

27 Jun 2011 description

June in Haiti is extremely hot and intolerable. The locals after the earthquake had been living in the tents for more than one year, are now delighted and looking forward to the waterproof and adequately ventilated simple temporary houses donated by Tzu Chi Foundation..

20 Mar 2010 description

Last week, Tzu Chi moved its medical service and aid distribution in the capital Port-au-Prince from its base at the Overseas Engineering & Construction Company to the national soccer stadium.

The soccer stadium has 350 tents inside and 1,500 in the surrounding area; a total of 8,000 people live there. Ben Constant, the manager of the stadium and the coordinator of the tent city in the stadium, said that the stadium is used by other charity organizations for distribution, but their focus was on the survivors from far places or residents living in the hillside areas and tended to …

04 Mar 2010 description

Tzu Chi relief team in Haiti is assessing long-term reconstruction plans for the quake survivors; the team continues to look for suitable pieces of land for reconstruction.

18 Feb 2010 description

Tzu Chi relief team has conducted several small- and large-scale relief goods distributions benefitting over 15,000 survivors in Haiti as of February 11. Tzu Chi medical team has started providing medical and dental services in Haiti, serving hundreds of patients in the area, and will continue to send in doctors to provide help on a weekly basis. A relief work program has officially launched on February 8, providing cash and meals to the participants, hoping to bring love and hope to the people in Haiti.

10 Feb 2010 description

Tzu Chi will begin a relief work programme for residents of Port-au-Prince, giving them food in exchange for clearing up their devastated community. It will launch the program in Tabarre, a district in the capital, paying those who take part the equivalent in food of US$5 a day. So far, more than 300 people have registered to take part in the work. The foundation used a similar program last October in Marikina, a suburb of Manila, Philippines, which had been severely flooded by Typhoon Ketsana.

20 Jan 2010 description

On January 19, Tzu Chi relief team, along with Senator Juan Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez and guards from the Dominican Republic, traveled from the Tzu Chi Emergency Communication Center in Santo Domingo to Jimani to meet with the Tzu Chi volunteers in Haiti. The one-way trip from Santo Domingo to Jimani took five hours, with a stop in Barahona.

Tzu Chi volunteer Steeve said it took 1 =BD hour to travel from his house near Port-au-Prince to Jimani. The traffic condition was good, and there were UN peacekeepers patrolling along the way.

17 Jan 2010 description

(San Dimas, CA, USA) It is the 5th day after the devastating earthquake struck Haiti. A Tzu Chi volunteer in Haiti, Steve, who previously helped with Tzu Chi's 2009 relief efforts in Port-au-Prince and Cité Soleil, has been in contact with the Tzu Chi Emergency Coordination Center in San Dimas on a daily basis. Steve is representing Tzu Chi at NGO meetings in Haiti, discussing how the NGOs can collaborate to provide relief.

Steve lives an hour away from the US embassy in Port-au-Prince. His two cousins were killed by the earthquake, and his uncle is missing.

15 Jan 2010 description

(San Dimas, CA) Tzu Chi Emergency Coordination Center was established immediately after the earthquake struck Haiti. The Coordination Center has identified three areas of focus for Tzu Chi's immediate relief work in Haiti: 1) Relief aid distribution; 2) Medical assistance; 3) Global fundraising efforts.

14 Jan 2010 description

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12 has caused catastrophic damages and casualties in the country, especially in the country's capital, Port-au-Prince. Tzu Chi USA headquarters immediately established an emergency coordination center to respond to the needs in Haiti.