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23 Feb 2016 description
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Six years after a devastating earthquake left Haiti in ruins, Medair has concluded its work in the country.

The earthquake that struck in January 2010 killed or injured more than 500,000 people in a matter of minutes. So many homes and buildings were damaged or destroyed that more than one million people were left homeless. Within days, Medair sent an emergency response team to assess how we could help.

02 Aug 2012 description
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How would your life change if you had six extra hours a day?

At age 68, Sansélie descends a steep mountain path every morning to collect water from a spring below. Her legs aching with arthritis, she slowly walks up the path toward home, step by painstaking step, carrying the now-heavy water containers. Her journey takes three hours.

10 Jan 2012 description
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The Medair shelter programme has now provided safer housing to almost 20,000 people and been a source of hope to families across the Sud-Est district.

On 12 January 2010, Haiti experienced one of the worst natural disasters of all time. The earthquake devastated the nation, choking cities under rubble and leaving more than 200,000 dead and 1.5 million without adequate shelter.

06 Jan 2012 description
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Medair’s cash-for-work projects employ women to work on construction and carpentry teams, leading to major benefits for the community.

Before the earthquake, most Haitians lived on very little. Still, most had a roof over their heads and a place to call their own. Then, on 12 January 2010, many of these modest sanctuaries were reduced to rubble. Humanitarian organisations rushed to the scene and began to employ Haitians to work in the vast reconstruction work at hand…

07 Jun 2011 description
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A new Medair project brings urgent assistance to the most vulnerable residents in Haiti’s remote Côtes-de-Fer region.

When the earthquake destroyed her house and turned it to a pile of rubble, 39-year-old Linante, her 10 children, and her partner Idenier all crowded into a small one-room structure that used to serve as their kitchen. This was their new “home,” a tiny space where they lived and slept without even a roof except for some torn plastic sheeting. When it rained, they all got wet, and sometimes the children grew sick with fever.

18 May 2011 description
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Medair will construct 250 permanent homes in Côtes-de-Fer and repair an additional 750 homes to make them more resistant to hurricanes and earthquakes. The team will also improve access to water supplies and latrines and train people in healthy hygiene behaviours.

Although 16 months have passed since Haiti’s massive earthquake shook and scarred this island nation, people are still without safe shelter. In Côtes-de-Fer, communities suffered extensive damage but they have received minimal assistance, in part because of their isolation.

10 Jan 2011 description
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Medair has now constructed 1,937 transitional shelters and continues to build as many as 60 transitional shelters each week in Jacmel and the South-East district, while planning new projects in remote, underserved areas for 2011.

In 2010, Medair began an ambitious transitional shelter programme in Haiti after a team arrived and assessed the scope of the disaster in the days immediately following the quake.

26 Nov 2010 description
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Haiti - Medair's construction of transitional shelters is still going strong despite a hurricane, a cholera epidemic, and the build-up to a national election.

With more than 10 months passed since the earthquake, Medair has now built its 1,695th transitional shelter for Haitian families, benefiting approximately 10,170 people in Jacmel and Haiti's South-East District.

The shelters are durably constructed, with metal roofs, timber frames, and concrete foundations.

08 Nov 2010 description
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Haiti - In the wake of Hurricane Tomas, Medair conducts an initial damage assessment in Jacmel.

On Friday night, Hurricane Tomas passed near Haiti with the force of a Category One Hurricane, causing strong winds, heavy rains, and flooding.

When the winds died down sufficiently and it was safe to leave shelter, the Medair team ventured into the storm-battered city of Jacmel to assess the damage and provide relief to those affected by the hurricane.

Sorting Through Possessions Again

The Medair team visited families who had crowded into churches and schools to wait for the storm …

29 Jan 2010 description
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  1. January 2010,


    Haiti - Medair is helping to clear the rubble away from damaged households so that people will have safer shelter as they begin to rebuild their lives.

    Medair's new Haiti country programme has identified an area of particular unmet need in the city of Jacmel. While health, water, and sanitation needs are receiving significant attention from other NGOs, almost nothing has yet been done about the need for shelter or for the rehabilitation of destroyed houses.

    "Two weeks after the earthquake, people are still sleeping on the street because they …

22 Jan 2010 description
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Haiti - Our emergency response team is on-the-ground assessing the level of unmet needs to determine where Medair can make the greatest impact.

On 21 January, Medair's four-person team flew to the badly affected coastal city of Jacmel, the fourth largest city in Haiti.

Reports from Jacmel indicate that the city is quickly running out of food and safe drinking water. Doctors are performing surgeries without anaesthetic and untreated people are dying from their injuries.