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02 Feb 2018 description
report Inter Press Service

By Mario Osava

RIO DE JANEIRO, Feb 2 2018 (IPS) - The war in Angola, the earthquake in Haiti, Venezuela’s political crisis and shortages and the political repression in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are the main driving factors behind the recent waves of immigration to Brazil.

The largest and most populous Latin American country is no longer the major recipient of immigrants that it was until the mid-twentieth century, which gave it its well-known ethnic and cultural diversity, with large European, Arab and Asian inflows.

13 Jan 2015 description

Vladimir Platonow, special reporter from Agência Brasil Edited by: Marcos Chaga / Nira Foster

04 May 2014 description

Camila Maciel and William Douglas report from Agência Brasil

Edited by: Denise Griesinger / Augusto Queiroz

05 Sep 2013 description

Brésil – L’OIM présente, aujourd’hui, les résultats préliminaires de son étude sur la migration des Haïtiens vers le Brésil, lors d’une rencontre de haut niveau entre les deux pays.

Lors de cette réunion de cinq jours, qui a débuté le 2 septembre à Port-au-Prince, la capitale haïtienne, des responsables brésiliens et haïtiens de haut niveau débattront du nombre croissant de migrants haïtiens se rendant au Brésil, suite au séisme dévastateur de janvier 2010.

03 Oct 2012 description

27 September 2012 – Decisions by a number of governments on the American continent to resume or intensify the deportation of forced Haitian migrants risks making them even more vulnerable than they currently are. After the earthquake on 12 January 2010, various Latin American announced the suspension of deportations of Haitians on humanitarian grounds. Some governments respected this moratorium; while others violated it.

07 May 2012 description

Bogotá, 7 May 2012 – More than 350 Haitians, stranded for three months in the rural Brazilian border province of Tabatinga, began arriving in Manaus, the capital of Amazonia.

Their arrival marked the end of their journey from Haiti to Brazil, having passed through Bolivia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru, among other South American countries. The arrival in Manaus also marked the end of a long and painful wait of more than three months in a secluded province in the heart of Amazonia.

17 Jan 2012 description


 BRASIL: El gobierno asignó US$40 millones en asistencia para los afectados por las inundaciones.

 COLOMBIA: Con más de 1.2 millones de afectados, tres departamentos del pacifico están en alerta por lluvias.

 HAITÍ: 520,000 personas aún viven en campamentos. Se requiere de US$232 para asistencia.

17 Jan 2012 description


 BRAZIL: The Government allocated US$40 million to assist people affected by the floods.

 COLOMBIA: Over 1.2 million people affected, three departments in the Pacific remain under alert for rains.

 HAITÍ: More than 520,000 still living in camps. $232 million is needed for humanitarian assistance.

11 Jan 2012 description

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is providing humanitarian aid to Haitian asylum seekers in Tabatinga, a town in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. MSF teams have been monitoring the situation of Haitians in this small town, located at the border between Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, since November. In December, MSF started distributing more than 1,300 personal hygiene kits and other relief items.

09 Jan 2012 description
report The New York Times

BRASILÉIA, Brazil — Of the odyssey that delivered him to this town in the Brazilian Amazon, Wesley Saint-Fleur could muster only a look of exhaustion and bewilderment.

01 Sep 2011 description

Bogotá, 30 August 2011 – The impact of the January-2010 earthquake, cholera epidemics, subhuman living conditions in camps for displaced persons and disillusionment with the failure to stabilise the country are some of the many reasons why Haitians are fleeing in substantial numbers.

Yet as nearby states tighten their borders, hundreds of Haitians have found themselves stranded in Tabatinga, a small Brazilian city of 50,000 inhabitants bordering Colombia and Peru.

07 Jun 2011 description

This report covers the period 01 January 2010 to 31 December 2010.

In brief

Programme purpose: The Americas zone office is guided by its work with the 35 Red Cross Societies of the Americas in line with Strategy 2020 and the Inter American Plan 2007–2011.

10 Mar 2011 description

Mar 10, 2011

Financial disaster preparedness is a growing concern in Latin America and the Caribbean. Last year the region saw devastating earthquakes in Chile and Haiti and an active hurricane season that impacted Central America and Mexico.

10 Mar 2011 description

La previsión financiera ante eventuales desastres es una preocupación creciente en América Latina y el Caribe. El año pasado la región fue testigo de devastadores terremotos en Chile y Haití y una activa temporada de huracanes que afectó a Centroamérica y México.

07 Feb 2011 description



Nilcimar Fleiman digs with her bare hands for pieces of clothing and family photos at the spot her house stood before it was swallowed up by an avalanche of earth and water.

Fleiman's house simply doesn't exist anymore, nor do dozens of other homes in Floresta, a poor neighborhood of Nova Friburgo city. Her words define the challenge for thousands of families in the Rio de Janeiro mountainous region: "I don't know what will happen from now one.

17 Jan 2011 description


? BRASIL: más de 14,000 personas directamente afectadas por la lluvias. Hay 635 muertos.

? PERÚ: Unas 2,000 personas afectadas por lluvias, granizadas e inundaciones en lo que va del 2011.

? GUATEMALA: Alerta por actividad en el volcán de fuego. Tres departamentos están en vigilancia

17 Jan 2011 description


h BRAZIL: More than 14,000 people have been affected by heavy rains. The death toll stands at 635.

h PERU: So far this year, some 2,000 people have been affected by rains, hailstorms and floods.

h GUATEMALA: Yellow alert in three departments due to Volcano de Fuego

19 Apr 2010 description


- BRAZIL: Heavy rains during the past weeks in Rio de Janeiro state killed at least 251 people.

- HAITI: To date 96 percent of the target population have received some emergency shelter items

- HONDURAS: The World Food Programme has launched two new projects in cooperation with the Government.

12 Apr 2010 description


- BRAZIL: Heavy rains during the past week in Rio de Janeiro state killed at least 229 people.

- HAITI: To date 90 per cent - around 1.2 million people - have received some form of shelter assistance.

- GUATEMALA: The World Food Programme has appealed for a contribution of US$14 million.