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13 Jan 2015 description


  • LLUVIAS INTENSAS: Las fuertes lluvias han provocado inundaciones, derrumbes y daños a infraestructura y cosechas en la capital de Bolivia y en varias comunidades del país.

  • VISITA DEL SECRETARIO GENERAL DE LA ONU: Ban Ki-moon está viajando esta semana a Honduras y El Salvador donde mantendrá reuniones para tratar temas como la migración y la violencia, entre otros.

  • ANIVERSARIO TERREMOTO: El 12 de enero se conmemora el quinto aniversario del terremoto de magnitud 7.0 que devastó gran parte de Haití.

13 Jan 2015 description


  • INTENSE RAINS: Heavy rains have caused flooding and landslides that damaged infrastructure and crops in the capital of Bolivia and in several communities throughout the country.

  • UN SECRETARY-GENERAL VISIT: Ban Ki-moon is in Honduras and El Salvador this week where to discuss issues of migration and violence, among other topics.

  • ANNIVERSARY OF EARTHQUAKE: January 12 marks the fifth anniversary of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti.

19 Sep 2011 description


• GUATEMALA: Some 685 people affected by rains in Izabal.

• BOLIVIA: Forest fires have destroyed 900 thousand hectares in Santa Cruz.

• HAITI: 1,500 families moved to new semi-permanent housing

• HONDURAS: Some 350 thousand suffer from chronic malnutrition.

19 Sep 2011 description


  • GUATEMALA: Unas 685 personas afectadas por lluvias en Izabal.

  • BOLIVIA: Los incendios forestales han consumido 900 mil hectáreas en Santa Cruz.

  • HAITI: 1,500 familias se mudan a nuevas viviendas semi permanentes

  • HONDURAS: Unos 350 mil menores padecen de desnutrición crónica.

16 Aug 2010 description


- CENTRAL AMERICA: Heavy rains caused damages and destruction in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama.

- SOUTH AMERICA: Deaths and increased number of respiratory infections due to extreme cold weather.

- PERU: Bubonic plague is a matter of concern in the country.

05 Jul 2010 description


- MEXICO: Hurricane Alex caused 11 deaths in Monterrey.

- BOLIVIA: 42,000 households damaged and 25,000 hectares of damaged crops in El Chaco.

- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Six people dead and 1,000 houses affected by rains.

- HAITI: Rains affected Leogane and other departments in Haiti.

17 May 2010 description


h ECUADOR: Some 2,340 people have been affected by the rainy season.

h GUATEMALA: Local authorities provide parcels of beans to assist population in Baja Verapaz.

h LAC: Health authorities keep careful tracks of the dengue situation.

h HAITI; Quake survivors will benefit from UN Food for Work projects.

31 Mar 2010 description



The first trimester of 2010 has been dominated by two major earthquakes with devastating impacts in Haiti and Chile. On 12 January, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter scale severely hit Haiti and its capital, affecting around 3 million people - one in every three Haitians. Over 220,000 people were killed and an estimated 300,000 people injured.

25 Jan 2010 description


- HAITI: The Government estimates the death toll at 112,250 deaths and 194,000 injured.

- BOLIVIA: Heavy rains have affected more than 15,700 people.

- PERU: The departments of Cusco and Apurimac have been placed under a state of emergency due to rains.