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29 Jan 2013 description

Afin de mettre en œuvre divers projets humanitaires d’urgence, dont certains ont été lancés en 2012, l’OIM adresse aux donateurs un appel de 303 millions de dollars E. U. pour des projets humanitaires en 2013.

L’OIM est l'agence chef de file pour le Groupe sectoriel sur la gestion des camps et la coordination des camps (CCCM) dans les catastrophes naturelles. Elle est également l’agence chef de file pour le groupe sectoriel des abris dans une demi-douzaine de pays, et est aussi un acteur majeur dans d’autres groupes sectoriels.

08 Mar 2012 description

Every day, approximately 1,000 women die in childbirth or from a pregnancy-related complication. Maternal death can occur at any time in pregnancy, but delivery is by far the most dangerous time for both the mother and the baby. The vast majority of these deaths can be prevented if access to emergency obstetric care is ensured.

27 Dec 2011 description

Australian Red Cross aid workers will be helping out across the globe in disaster, conflict and development zones this festive season.


Peter Giugni will be setting up the ICRC's first regional office in Afghanistan's volatile Khost province. A world away from the turkey and tinsel of an Antipodean Christmas, Australian Red Cross aid workers will be helping out across the globe in disaster, conflict and development zones this festive season.

04 Nov 2011 description
report Council of Europe

A. Conclusions of the committee

  1. The Committee on Migration, Refugees and Population welcomes the report by the rapporteur of the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee, Ms Françoise Hostalier, for having highlighted the particular problems faced by children in the aftermath of natural disasters and crisis situations. Whilst emphasising its full support for the draft resolution, the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Population proposes the following amendments, in order to further highlight certain points.
20 Oct 2011 description
report ACTED

Solutions to food insecurity do exist

A major food crisis has been hitting the Horn of Africa since the spring of 2011. Thirteen million people face a food emergency triggered by drought and agricultural price shock that emphasize the vulnerability of communities.

Four years from the deadline set to reach the Millennium Development Goals, the first of them – to halve the number of people suffering from hunger in 15 years – is far from its objective. Close to a billion children, women and men, almost as much as in 1990, are still starving.

19 Oct 2011 description

Special Report by Graciana del Castillo


The longest war and one of the largest relief efforts in U.S. history—in Afghanistan and Haiti, respectively—are testing the cost-effectiveness of U.S. foreign assistance in conflict-ravaged or disaster-torn countries. U.S.-led economic reconstruction in both countries is clearly off track and becoming increasingly costly and unpopular—both at home and in the respective countries.

23 Sep 2011 description

September 2011 | Special Report by Graciana del Castillo


The United States’ longest war, in Afghanistan, and one of the largest relief efforts in U.S. history, in Haiti, are testing U.S. leadership in the world, as well as its determination to deal with fiscal imbalances, the debt burden, and economic malaise at home.

30 May 2011 description


In 2003 the Criminal Law and Judicial Advisory Service was created within DPKO to promote rule of law by addressing both judicial and penal systems in UN peace operations. This Update is about the work of this Service and of Justice Components working in peace operations around the world.

For more information contact:
Robert Pulver Chief, CLJAS pulverr@un.org 917-367-3420 www.un.org/en/peacekeeping

26 May 2011 description
report UN News Service

27 mai 2011 – L'ensemble du personnel de l'ONU et son Secrétaire général, Ban Ki-moon, ont rendu hommage vendredi aux Casques bleus décédés sous la bannière bleue au service de la promotion de la paix dans le monde à l'occasion de la Journée internationale qui leur est dédiée. Le même jour, des Casques bleus de la Force intérimaire des Nations Unies au Liban (FINUL) ont été victimes d'une attaque dans le sud du Liban qui a fait plusieurs blessés parmi eux.

23 May 2011 description

The WFP Aviation Service had a busy and challenging year in 2010 responding to emergencies in Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Niger, in addition to providing year-round air services for the humanitarian community in 13 countries affected by war and poverty. WFP Aviation is the world’s leading air service when it comes to saving lives. It is unlike any other airline: 80 percent of the 240 destinations served by WFP Aviation are in places which commercial airlines consider no-fly zones.

19 May 2011 description
report ACTED


Humanitarian emergency in Cote d’Ivoire

On the road to autonomy (Chad)

Sound assessment for quality response and prevention (Afghanistan)

The green fields of Swat (Pakistan)

Supporting flood victims in Sindh (Pakistan)

The fountain of success (Tajikistan)

Road sustainability through training (CAR)

A light at the end of the tunnel for families (Haiti)

Staying alert to stay alive (Indonesia)

Convergences 2015 - 3,000 participants for increased impact in poverty reduction

17 May 2011 description

The Department of Peacekeeping Operations has deployed over 120,000 blue helmets to 15 Peacekeeping Missions all over the world. Each and every one of those blue helmets has a unique story to tell about working with children in conflict situations.

Protecting those who are most vulnerable in conflict is one of the crucial duties the Security Council has entrusted to United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.

17 May 2011 description


The following is the text of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message for the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, observed on 29 May:

16 May 2011 description

Nwanze to present ‘Diaspora Investment in Agriculture’ at Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Global Diaspora Forum

Rome and Washington, May 16: The United States Department of State and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will unveil this week in Washington, DC a new joint initiative to assist the flow of investment from international migrants to reduce rural poverty and boost food security in their home countries.

11 May 2011 description

A year of complex challenges for UN peace operations 2010 was in many ways a watershed one for UN peace operations.

26 Apr 2011 description
report European Union

The Libyan crisis being a perfect example of an intervention that is simultaneously military and humanitarian, Parliament organised a hearing on if and how military and political objectives can coexist with humanitarian action when helping civilians in armed conflicts. Politicians, military officers and NGO representatives pointed to lessons from Afghanistan, DR Congo, Haiti and Libya which could help improve the situation and uphold the independence and neutrality of humanitarian actors.

15 Apr 2011 description

Despite very difficult circumstances, including the loss of many personnel, United Nations peacekeeping had passed critical tests in tackling “make-or-break” situations in Côte d’Ivoire, Haiti and Sudan, Secretariat officials said at Headquarters today.

14 Apr 2011 description

Au cours des deux dernières semaines, 44 membres du personnel des Nations Unies ont trouvé la mort dans l’exercice de leurs fonctions sur le terrain. Vingt-six de ces employés de l’ONU décédés travaillaient pour le Département des opérations de maintien de la paix (DOMP), a déploré ce matin, le Secrétaire général adjoint aux opérations de maintien de la paix, M. Alain Le Roy au cours d’une conférence de presse tenue au Siège de l’Organisation. À cette occasion, M. Le Roy avait à ses cotés le Sous-Secrétaire général à l’appui aux missions, M. Anthony Banbury.

03 Apr 2011 description

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Néstor Osorio, Permanent Representative of Colombia, which holds the rotating Presidency of the Security Council, said today that the 15-nation body would tackle a "loaded" agenda this month, while also keeping a wary eye on the ripple effects of the popular protests sweeping North African and the Middle East.