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06 Feb 2017 description



Strengthen affected people’s resilience through timely life-saving assistance, improved access to basic services and immediate livelihood restoration.


Ensure a rapid and effective response to cholera outbreaks and other waterborne diseases


26 Jan 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

Total affected population: 10 million 
Total affected children (under 18): 4.3 million 
Total people to be reached in 2016: 778,000 (35 per cent adults) 
Total children to be reached in 2016: 506,220 

2016 programme targets

Child protection
- 800 unaccompanied and separated children benefitted from family tracing and reintegration follow up 

05 Oct 2015 description

The humanitarian situation in Haiti has improved since the devastating earthquake of 2010, thanks to the resilience of the people of Haiti and the generosity of the international community. As we come to the five year mark, however, there are signs that we may be facing deterioration in conditions due to the confluence of several trends.

29 Jan 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

UNICEF is requesting US$22 million to meet the humanitarian needs of children and women in Haiti in 2015.

01 Dec 2014 description

| Overview |

Working environment The intensification of several humanitarian crises in Africa and in the Middle East is keeping global resettlement needs high. Thanks to the generosity of countries such as the United States and Canada, which have large resettlement programmes, many vulnerable refugees are able to find a solution to their plight.

13 Mar 2014 description

The Humanitarian Compendium provides a comprehensive overview of IOM humanitarian projects for 2014 in coordination with other humanitarian partners and agencies.

30 Jul 2013 description

Durant ces trois dernières années, des progrès considérables ont été accomplis en réponse au tremblement de terre dévastateur de 2010, aux inondations et au choléra.

09 Jul 2013 description


Significant progress has been made to respond to the devastating 2010 earthquake, floods and cholera.

22 Jan 2013 description

IOM Appeals for US$ 303 Million for 2013 Humanitarian Projects

In order to implement various humanitarian emergency projects, some of which were initiated in 2012, IOM is appealing to donors for US$ 303 million for humanitarian projects in 2013.

IOM is the global lead agency for Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) cluster in natural disasters. It is also the lead agency for the Shelter cluster in a half dozen countries, as well as a key actor in other clusters.

20 Dec 2012 description

Humanitarian action in Haiti over the last three years has helped improve the lives of over 1.5 million Haitians. Almost three years after the devastating earthquake in 2010 that cost the lives of 217,300 people and left 2.1 million homeless, humanitarian action has accomplished significant tangible results. From 2010 to 2012, humanitarian actors ensured adequate services to the 1.5 million displaced after the earthquake and helped return or relocate 77% of these people out of camps.

26 Jul 2012 description

Pendant les six premiers mois de 2012, les acteurs humanitaires ont continué à répondre aux besoins humanitaires non couverts, en travaillant avec leurs contreparties nationales dans les différents secteurs et à appuyer des actions ciblées de préparation et de réponse aux urgences. L’action des partenaires internationaux s’insère dans un système national de planification et de réponse aux urgences qui se développe graduellement.

20 Jul 2012 description

APPEAL #: 6762 (For Phase II of work)

Appeal Amount for Phase II - $2,171,229
Funding to Date (carry-over from Phase I + additional funds received) - $1,757,728
Balance of Funding Required - $413,501

JULY 20, 2012

22 Nov 2011 description
  1. Résumé Exécutif

Depuis le tremblement de terre de janvier 2010, le contexte en Haïti a évolué. Bien que des défis significatifs resten—déplacés vivant dans les camps, la continuation de l’épidémie de choléra et la croissante insécurité alimentaire—des progrès significatifs ont été accomplis dans les différents secteurs de la réponse humanitaire ainsi que face à l’épidémie de choléra.

02 Aug 2011 description
report ACT Alliance

Appeal Target: US$ 27,175,768

Balance requested: US$ 3,551,901

20 Jul 2011 description


Humanitarian country teams in each crisis with a consolidated appeal (or comparable concerted action plan) have completed their mid-year reviews, compiling information on outputs to date compared to the targets stated in their plans for 2011, analyzing key humanitarian indicators and trends, re-calibrating their strategies and re-validating the detailed operational plans and funding requests. This document summarizes trends, innovations, and (in the second part) each country’s mid-year review.

14 Jul 2011 description

A travers le CAP 2011, les agences humanitaires prévoyaient que $913 083 705 dollars américains1 seraient nécessaires pour financer la réponse humanitaire en Haïti.

Jusqu’à présent, le CAP 2011 a été financé à hauteur de 22 %, soit 200 millions de dollars.