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10 Jun 2015 description
report Shelter Cluster



  1. The transitional shelter approach adds to other successful response approaches, such as core housing and semi-permanent housing, to broaden the range of options for governments and humanitarian stakeholders to support populations affected by disasters and conflicts.

31 Oct 2013 description
  1. Executive Summary

This review was commissioned by the Shelter Unit of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies(IFRC) Secretariat to report on progress in its shelter early recovery programme two years into the operation and to identify challenges and successes that can be used to inform the next stages of the Haiti operation as well as inform IFRC shelter programmes globally.

06 Aug 2013 description

On 12 January 2010, an earthquake registering 7.3 on the Richter scale struck Haiti, with the capital Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area bearing the brunt of the impact.

The disaster claimed over 230,000 lives and led to the displacement of more than two million people.
The devastation wrought on the capital also had severe repercussions for the institutions of this highly centralized country, which were left in a much weakened state.

22 Feb 2013 description

The study presented in this report is based on one month of field research in Port-au-Prince, from 19 August to 21 September 2012. It aims to define what the communitybased approach is in urban contexts. To do this, the research aims to clarify the notion of community in Haiti, and look at operational issues related to the community-based approach. The study therefore focuses on the different solidarity relations and community-based ties which exist in Haiti and makes a number of recommendations to improve the way this approach is applied in the field.

01 Feb 2013 description
report CCCM Cluster


Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to share the second edition of the Global CCCM Cluster Newsletter.

This edition provides an update on cluster tools, partners and operations, and highlights issues of current concern to the cluster. In particular, it focuses on the importance of effective partnerships in CCCM operations, and considers how global initiatives such as the Transformative Agenda will impact cluster strategies.

12 Jan 2013 description
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MARIANO FERNáNDEZ Amunátegui Représentant spécial du Secrétaire général en Haïti

04 Jan 2013 description


  • Lancement du plan d’action humanitaire 2013 sur fond de transition.

  • La tendance à la baisse de l’épidémie de choléra maintenue en 2012.

  • Le gouvernement haïtien prend progressivement le leadership des mécanismes de coordination de la réponse aux urgences.

02 Jan 2013 description

Suite au tremblement de terre qui a frappé Haïti le 12 janvier 2010, Handicap International a mis sur pied le plus important déploiement de son histoire. Trois ans plus tard, l'association intervient toujours dans le pays, pour développer avec des acteurs haïtiens des solutions de long terme aux difficultés que connaît le pays.

Une réponse d'urgence massive

31 Dec 2012 description
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MARIANO FERNáNDEZ Amunátegui - Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Haiti

The current political situation in Haiti is characterized by a stabilization process that, although fragile, shows promise and must be nurtured. Enduring political stability is the key to strengthening the country’s governance institutions, promoting socio-economic development, and attracting foreign investment.

31 Dec 2012 description


  • US$144 million is required to address the humanitarian needs of over 1 million Haitians in 2013.

  • The downward trend in the cholera epidemic continued in 2012, but 118,000 people could face cholera in 2013.

  • Some 358,000 people remain in IDP camps where urgent humanitarian needs persist.

  • Progress continues in moving to Haitian-led humanitarian coordination.

31 Dec 2012 description


Surrounded by shattered buildings and a massive concrete wall pock-marked by shell holes and small bullet craters, I met Malaika Issack. What could drive anyone to seek shelter in a city like Mogadishu, scarred by twenty years of war?

27 Dec 2012 description
report Swiss Red Cross

Le 12 janvier 2013, trois ans se seront écoulés depuis le violent séisme qui a dévasté Haïti. Dans la zone rurale sinistrée des alentours de Léogane, cent maçons auront terminé leur formation. Signe que les habitants de l’Etat insulaire des Grandes Antilles sont prêts à aller de l’avant.

24 Dec 2012 description
report The New York Times

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A few days after the Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake, Reginald Boulos opened the gates of his destroyed car dealership to some 14,000 displaced people who settled on the expansive property. Seven months later, eager to rebuild his business, he paid the families $400 each to leave Camp Boulos and return to their devastated neighborhoods.

Read the full report on the New York Times.

21 Dec 2012 description

Haiti - Newly published reports on the number of displaced persons remaining in camps, the Shelter and Camp Coordination Management Cluster factsheet and other data, produced by IOM Haiti and its partners, provide detailed demographic information about the almost 360,000 Haitians still living in 496 sites throughout the country, as well as details on the needs to end the on-going displacement crisis.

21 Dec 2012 description

Haïti, trois ans plus tard… depuis le séisme dévastateur du 12 janvier 2010, d’énormes d’efforts ont été consentis pour aider le gouvernement à atteindre ses objectifs et améliorer les conditions de vie des Haïtiennes et Haïtiens.

21 Dec 2012 description

In Haiti, the World Food Programme provides meals daily to 685,000 children in the country’s schools. The meals help children learn better and encourages them to come to school everyday. In La Saline, like in many other places in Haiti, the school meals programme also provides the guarantee that children get at least a meal a day.

21 Dec 2012 description

Nutritional assistance provided to people still struggling to rebuild their lives three years after the earthquake helps mothers raise healthy children.

PORT-AU-PRINCE --Three years after the earthquake, there are fewer tents, fewer people at the site of the old military airport in Port-au-Prince. Many have found a roof to put over their heads, but thousands are still living between abandoned old planes and helicopters in what used to be one of Port-au-Prince’s biggest camps.

20 Dec 2012 description

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group, and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund have signed an agreement transferring its remaining grants and loans to the MIF, once the Fund ceases formal operations on December 31, 2012.