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20 Dec 2010 description
report Save the Children

In every humanitarian crisis, concerned outsiders respond to tragedy with actions that take children away from their families and communities - often with unintended but damaging consequences. Again and again, girls and boys are 'rescued' out of affected areas into orphanages or adopted into new families elsewhere in the belief that they will be better cared for away from their devastated homes.

Using lessons learnt in emergencies, from the genocide in Rwanda to the Asian Tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti, our report, Misguided Kindness, demonstrates what action is needed to …

15 Dec 2010 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-fifth General Assembly


66th & 67th Meetings (AM & PM)

Assembly Adopts Resolutions on Haiti, Humanitarian Personnel Safety, Assistance to Palestinian People, Minimizing Effects of Chernobyl Disaster

The surge in demand for humanitarian assistance in often high-risk environments - geared to support the growing numbers affected by the increase in frequency, scale and scope of emergencies - required effective, sustained and well-financed intervention by the international community, said delegates today during the General Assembly's annual …

30 Nov 2010 description


In 2011, tens of millions of people will need emergency aid to survive. Conflicts and natural disasters have cut them off from their homes, their livelihoods, and access to essentials like drinking water and health care. They already suffer or are imminently threatened by malnourishment, disease, or violence. Most are poor people who have few if any means to cope with these traumas.

22 Sep 2010 description
report World Bank


School feeding programs are targeted social safety nets that provide both educational and health benefits to the most vulnerable children, thereby increasing enrollment rates, reducing absenteeism, and improving food security at the household level.

31 Aug 2010 description

The Global Update provides food security information on trends in food access and utilization. Key food access indicators reported are food consumption, coping strategies and terms of trade. These indicators are proximate to food security status and so enable early identification of potential increases in food insecurity.

This update provides information on 34 countries for the period January to June 2010.

Three categories are used to classify the food security trend: Improved, No Change and Deteriorated.

06 Aug 2010 description
report UN Security Council

SC/10006Conseil de sécurité

6370e séance - matin

Il faut adapter les ressources, l'équipement et la formation pour mieux répondre aux réalités sur le terrain, estiment des délégations

Dans le souci de veiller à ce que les mandats des opérations de maintien de la paix (OMP) soient clairs, crédibles et réalisables et à ce que ces opérations soient dotées des ressources voulues, le Conseil de sécurité a entendu ce matin les interventions des commandants des Forces de la MINUSTAH, de la MONUSCO, de la MINUL, de la MINUS et de l'Organisme des Nations Unies chargé de la …

06 Aug 2010 description
report UN Security Council


Security Council
6370th Meeting (AM)

Peacekeeping Head, Introducing Discussion, Says Peacekeeping Surge Has Reached Plateau, Priority Now on Consolidation of Existing Missions, Accelerating Reform

The expansive "surge" of United Nations peacekeeping of past years had reached a plateau and the priority now was consolidation of existing missions and accelerating reforms, the Under-Secretary-General of Peacekeeping Operations said today, as he introduced briefings by five Force Commanders to the Security Council.

28 Jul 2010 description

National Security, Interagency Collaboration, and Lessons from SOUTHCOM and AFRICOM

Before the Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
U.S. House of Representatives

27 Jul 2010 description
report IRIN

DAKAR, 27 July 2010 (IRIN) - As the humanitarian "system" becomes more complex, with new actors and overlapping mandates, different definitions of humanitarian aid, and ever-more ambitious goals, humanitarian aid watchdog Development Initiatives outlines some of the needs, responses and funding trends over the past decade in its 2010 Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) report. [http://www.devinit.org/;

11 Jun 2010 description

With the scale and complexity of United Nations peacekeeping operations increasing dramatically over the past decade, new and innovative approaches to disarmament, demobilization and reintegration - driven more by practitioners in the field and their local partners than by diplomats in New York - were beginning to make a difference on the ground, a senior peacekeeping official said today.

"Headquarters is catching up to the realities on the ground," said Ayaka Suzuki, Chief of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Section in the Department of …

10 Jun 2010 description

With more than 13,000 police officers serving in peacekeeping operations - from Sudan's strife-torn Darfur region to earthquake-ravaged Haiti - the world body aimed to boost the number of women officers to 20 per cent by 2014 while strengthening training programmes to better prepare recruits to handle complex post-conflict and post-disaster situations, United Nations Police Adviser Ann-Marie Orler said at Headquarters today.

"The continuing growth and complexity of our police components underlines the central role of promoting the rule of law in post-conflict …

08 Jun 2010 description


During disasters, affected populations often face challenges that material assistance alone cannot adaquately address. For example, conflicts or natural disasters often separate families, disrupting normal care-giving for children, the elderly, and disabled persons. Displacement, loss of family members, or disruption of livelihoods may increase vulnerability to violence, exploitation, and abuse for men, women, and children. Conflict exposes some people to harmful threats from attacks or landmines.

29 Apr 2010 description


In 2003 the Criminal Law and Judicial Advisory Service was created within DPKO to promote rule of law work, addressing both judicial and penal systems, in UN peace missions.
This Update introduces the work of this Service and of Justice Components working in peace missions around the world.

For more information contact:
Robert Pulver
Chief, CLJAS

11 Mar 2010 description

United States Government Accountability Office

Report to Congressional Committees


Highlights of GAO-10-352, a report to congressional committees

What GAO Found

The U.S. government supports a wide variety of programs and activities for global food security, but lacks readily available comprehensive data on funding. In response to GAO's data collection instrument to 10 agencies, 7 agencies reported funding for global food security in fiscal year 2008 (see figure below) based on the working definition GAO developed for this purpose with agency input.

23 Feb 2010 description
report UN General Assembly


Special Committee on
Peacekeeping Operations
214th & 215th Meetings (AM & PM)

Delegates Express Views on Early Peacebuilding, Civilian Protection, 'Robust peacekeeping' as General Debate Concludes

United Nations peacekeepers were performing commendably despite the complexity of mandates and the lack of key capabilities, the representative of Bangladesh told the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations today as it concluded its general debate.