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11 Jun 2018 description


The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa (ROMENA) supports disaster response and preparedness activities in 20 countries by working closely with Humanitarian Coordinator’s (HC)/Resident Coordinator’s (RC) offices, OCHA Country Offices and Humanitarian Advisory Teams (HATs).

30 Jun 2006 description

The number of people affected by disasters continued to rise in 2005.The year began with the response to the South East Asia tsunami and finished with the response to the South Asia earthquake. Each year, one in five WHO Member States experiences a crisis that endangers the health of its people. Estimates indicate that more than 150 million people were directly affected by natural disasters.

13 Jan 2006 description
report IRIN

[This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

TEHRAN, 13 Jan 2006 (IRIN) - During 2005, Iran was on a rollercoaster ride of earthquakes, disasters, major political reshuffles and high-profile human rights cases.

19 Dec 2005 description
report Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy have confirmed with the Red Crescent the need for further urgent relief aid in the Zarand area in Iran where a massive earthquake took place on Feb. 22, 2005 leaving over 10,000 families homeless and hundreds dead.

09 Aug 2005 description
report IRIN

[This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

20 Mar 2005 description

IBC was one of the first responding international relief agencies to Zarand earthquake/Iran. Trocaire and UMCOR have contributed to IBC relief campaign in Zarand..

The earthquake hit scores of villages in Zarand region caused the death of 627 people and injured more than 2000. More than 20 villages affected and two of them Daghuye and Gethukiye are totally destroyed.

IBC relief packages were containing food for a family of five persons per month,heaters,ovens and blankets.

15 Mar 2005 description
report Medair

Avril Cannon, administrator

When Akbar arrived to collect his emergency supplies from Medair, it was like a breath of fresh air after having to police and watch over what was been distributed to people, who understandably were trying to get as much as they could. This old man arrived with a smile on his face and with much love for the young men that stood around. It was quite obvious that the young men felt the same for him.

05 Mar 2005 description


The 6.4 earthquake in southeastern of Zarand city in Kerman province on 22 February 2005, 05:55 a.m. local time (09:25 GMT) has claimed 612 deaths and injured 1411 people who are receiving inpatient services in hospitals of Kerman, Zarand, and nearby cities. The quake has affected 55000 people in 103 villages of Zarand. The residential houses in the affected villages have been damaged from 40% to 100%, reportedly. The destructive disaster affected over 23790 families.

04 Mar 2005 description

(A) Highlights

(B) Middle East,Central Asia and Eastern Europe: (1) Afghanistan (2) Iran (3) Iraq

(C) East & Central Africa: (1) Burundi (2) Congo (3) Congo, DR (4) Djibouti (5) Ethiopia (6) Rwanda (7) Sudan (8) Tanzania (9) Uganda

(D) West Africa: (1) Chad (2) Cote d'Ivoire (3) Liberia (4) Sierra Leone

(E) Southern Africa: (1) Regional (2) Angola (3) Lesotho (4) Malawi (5) Swaziland (6) Zambia (7) Zimbabwe

(F) Asia: (1) Regional (2) Bangladesh (3) Indonesia (4) Korea (DPR) (5) Maldives (6) Myanmar (7) Sri Lanka

(G) Latin America and Caribbean: (1) Bolivia …

04 Mar 2005 description
report Medair

Medair is implementing an emergency relief programme in North Kerman Province, in the south east of Iran, following the earthquake on Tuesday 22nd February. Medair released $40,000 from the emergency fund to purchase blankets clothes and food packages.

Medair responded quickly and had an assessment team in the affected area within 7 hours after the main quake.

03 Mar 2005 description

The SDC is donating CHF 190 000 in favour of victims of the earthquake which shook central Iran on 22 February. The operation is in collaboration with the Swiss Red Cross.

In response to a request by the Iranian authorities, SDC's has delivered CHF 90 000 worth of emergency aid supplies for the survivors of the earthquake of 22 February in Zarand. The material -1500 hot plates and kitchen sets - has been delivered via the Swiss Embassy in Teheran.

CHF 100 000 has also been donated to the Iranian Red Crescent to help finance relief for the survivors of the earthquake.

02 Mar 2005 description
report Operation Mercy

Around 900 people have died, hundreds more were injured and thousands of homes were destroyed when an earthquake measuring 6.4 struck Zarand in the province of Kerman, Iran last Tuesday (22 February). Operation Mercy workers are still supporting the rebuilding work in Bam where a devastating earthquake killed thousands at the end of 2003. One worker visited Zarand soon after the recent quake.

She writes: "Two year old Fatime sits with her brother Ali, aged seven, and her mother Masume amongst the rubble.

01 Mar 2005 description

Mardi 22 février, un séisme de magnitude 6,3 sur l'échelle de Richter a frappé la province de Kerman, au centre-est de l'Iran. Une quarantaine de villages autour de Zarand ont été touchés, dont certains presque totalement détruits. Près de 500 personnes seraient décédées et 30.000 personnes sont affectées. Notre équipe basée à Zahedan, au sud-est du pays, s'est immédiatement rendue sur place pour effectuer les premières évaluations. 48 heures après la catastrophe, nous démarrions notre activité médicale à Hotkan, un des villages les plus affectés.

28 Feb 2005 description

The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in over 181 countries.

In Brief

This Information Bulletin (No. 6) is being issued to provide an update on the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) response to the earthquake in Zarand, southeast Iran. Since 25 February, the IRCS has continued to provide timely relief assistance to affected people.

28 Feb 2005 description
report IRIN

[This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

28 Feb 2005 description

This medical and material assistance will target approximately 3,000 of the most vulnerable people who live in isolated or affected villages. The victims currently live in tents in a very precarious environment.

Tehran, 28 February 2005 - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has sent medical support and materials to the populations worst hit by the earthquake that affected more than 30,000 people in the mountainous region of Zarand, in Iran, last Tuesday, Feb 22.

26 Feb 2005 description

An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on the Richter scale struck southeastern Zarand city, Kerman province, on 22 February 05:55 a.m. local time (09:25 GMT). Many aftershocks were recorded in the region. Around 450 people have died and at least 960 have been injured. The tremor was actually felt in the whole cities in the provinces. The number of affected villages is finally reported to be between 49. About 20 have been completely destroyed and 29 were damaged between 40% to 90%.