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31 Aug 2018 description


Tansey CM, Pringle J, Davé A, Boulanger R, Hunt M. Earthquakes to Floods: A Scoping Review of Health-related Disaster Research in Low- and Middle-income Countries. PLOS Currents Disasters. 2018 Aug 30 . Edition 1. doi: 10.1371/currents.dis.57d98a902a326361d88d54521e68b016.


Catherine M. Tansey, John Pringle, Anushree Davé, Renaud Boulanger, Matthew Hunt


11 Jun 2018 description


The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa (ROMENA) supports disaster response and preparedness activities in 20 countries by working closely with Humanitarian Coordinator’s (HC)/Resident Coordinator’s (RC) offices, OCHA Country Offices and Humanitarian Advisory Teams (HATs).

17 Mar 2017 description

This systematic review, commissioned by the Humanitarian Evidence Programme and carried out by a team from the EPPI-Centre, University College London (UCL), draws together primary research on mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) programmes for people affected by humanitarian crises in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). It investigates both the process of implementing MHPSS programmes and their receipt by affected populations, as well as assessing their intended and unintended effects.

15 Feb 2013 description

Natural Disasters in Asia

Analyses of EM-DAT disaster statistics for the last decades provide us with insights on the trends and patterns of disaster occurrence and impact, both globally and in individual continents, regions and countries. From 2002 to 2011 worldwide, a total of 3,800 disasters killed over 1 million people, affected 2.5 billion others and caused US$ 1,453 billion of economic damages.

27 Apr 2011 description

sted in Issue 115 - April 2011 News from PAHO/WHO

In December 2010, 26 experts from the international humanitarian community met in Cuba to discuss the use of field hospitals and foreign medical teams during emergency situations. The meeting was organized by PAHO/WHO and included representatives from international organizations, NGOs, and other interested parties coming from the Americas, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and other regions.

06 May 2009 description
report Caritas

A primary school built by Caritas Italiana as part of a development project following the Bam earthquake in Iran has recently opened its doors in the village of Abad Chehel Tan.

During an inauguration ceremony for the school at the end of the April, the heads of Caritas in Iran, Laurence Banapour and Christine Vishnesky, were given honorary citizenships to the town of Bam.

Over 25,000 people died and many more were injured when an earthquake hit Bam on 26th December 2003.

"The local authorities said there was an urgent need for health centres and schools following the …

22 Dec 2008 description

The psychological scars still linger from the devastating earthquake that destroyed almost the entire city of Bam in December 2003. The massive quake killed some 26,000 people and left 30,000 with life long injuries. Five years on people still struggle to cope while around them reconstruction continues.

22 Dec 2008 description

By Till Mayer in Bam, Iran

Two days ago, Abbas Sedri saved another life - up in the snow-capped mountain peaks which can be glimpsed through the date palms in his garden. He fought his way along the cliffs in the biting cold, through snow and ice.

22 Dec 2008 description

By Till Mayer in Bam, Iran

April 2004 ... Zarah Tahemasebzadeh sings the last stanza with a clear, high voice. Now the song is over but the children stay quiet. The only sound is a low hum from the engine of the bus taking them to their destination. A loose metal plate rattles as the bus bumps over the asphalt. Tac, tac, tac. When Zarah looks up, there are tears in her eyes. Everyone knows what the 12-year-old is feeling. Sadness casts a pall over the group.

Many long seconds later, the bus shudders to a halt.

12 Jun 2008 description

Period covered by this Final Report: 26 December 2003 to 31 May, 2008

Appeal target (current): CHF 53,288,000 (USD 45,231,315 or EUR 34,324,335)

Final Appeal coverage: 98%

Appeal history:

- Preliminary Emergency Appeal was launched on 26 December 2003 for CHF 15,409,300 (USD 12,290,337 or EUR 9,886,505) for 6 months for 200,000 beneficiaries.

- Revised Emergency Appeal was launched on 8 January 2004 for CHF 51,913,000 (USD 42,006,534 or EUR 33,119,207) for 6 - 8 months for 210,000 beneficiaries.

- Plan of Action for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction phase was presented …

16 May 2008 description

UN/ISDR 2008/07

As seen in Pakistan in October 2005, in Iran in December 2003 and earlier this week in China, collapsed buildings are the main killers when earthquake strikes. Hundreds of thousands of buildings, among them many schools, collapsed after a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck China last Monday.

03 Apr 2008 description

This report covers the period of 01/01/06 to 31/12/07 of a two-year planning and appeal process.

In brief

Programme summary: Throughout 2006-2007, the geopolitical environment in Middle East region continued to be complex and unstable, due to the protracted conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the Lebanon crisis, and the Iraq crisis; all which deteriorated the humanitarian conditions and increased vulnerability. Under such an environment, the International Federation's Middle East regional programmes continued focusing on strengthening the capacities of the …

04 Mar 2008 description

Taiwan Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation has delivered aids and provides emergency assistance for the poor, and to the people who affected by calamities around the world. In 2007, many victims benefited by Tzu Chi charity distribution. Some long term projects were completed to help more residents in that area. For example, more than 20 million people benefited by its rice distribution in Indonesia up to 2007. Tzu Chi also gave free clinical services for the poor or remote area with little source to medical service.

04 Dec 2007 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Maziar Taleshi

On 20 November 2007, a UN inter-agency task force released new mental health guidelines for aid workers providing psychosocial support in emergencies.

17 Aug 2007 description

This report covers the period of 01/01/2007 to 30/06/2007.

In a world of global challenges, continued poverty, inequity, and increasing vulnerability to disasters and disease, the International Federation with its global network, works to accomplish its Global Agenda, partnering with local community and civil society to prevent and alleviate human suffering from disasters, diseases and public health emergencies.

In brief

Programme Summary: Regional programmes worked on strengthening the regional thematic networks to promote knowledge sharing, coordination and cooperation among the …

05 Apr 2007 description

The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity.

03 Apr 2007 description
report Muslim Aid

Sick patients in Bam will soon benefit from a new Health Clinic opening in the poor, heavily-populated north-eastern city of Iran.

The newly-built Muslim Aid clinic was officially handed over to the city's health services on the 8th March. The clinic is expected to begin treating patients by the end of April 2007, following an inauguration ceremony to be held in May.

"This new clinic is a lasting contribution to the people of Bam," said Muslim Aid Trustee Tanzeem Wasti, who represented Muslim Aid at the official ceremony.

11 Mar 2007 description

As of 4 March 2007, the entire three-year relief project of Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation (Tzu Chi) in Bam, Iran came to completion, when five of the schools, Najmieh, Adab, Motahari, Parvin Etesami and Fatemieh were completed and were handed over to government on 4 March 2007. Present at the handing over ceremony were school teachers, local government officials and a delegation of Tzu Chi representatives from Taiwan, the Philippines and Jordan. In total, the five schools can accommodate 2 000 students, who represent 2 000 expressions of new hope for the city of Bam.

26 Jan 2007 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Bahareh Yeganehfar

BAM, Iran, 26 January 2007 - Three years after a devastating earthquake struck the ancient Iranian city of Bam, development and reconstruction continue apace and UNICEF has closed its emergency office.

More than 30,000 people were killed by the quake on 23 December 2003 and thousands more were left homeless.