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31 Jul 2001 description

Within a week of the devastating earthquake that hit the western part of Gujarat in January, CCF teams had set up Child Friendly Spaces in Bhachu to provide a safe place for children while adults focused on rebuilding. Since then CCF has established Child Friendly Spaces in a number of areas including Jalaram, Himmatpura, Bhavanipura, Bhatphadia, Gayatri, Nagar and Bhund. The Child Friendly Spaces have provided critical assistance to the needs of children and CCF has been widely recognized by the communities for the aid that has been given.

17 Apr 2001 description

In earthquake shattered India, people are struggling with the painful process of starting over. These families in the State of Gujarat are proud and independent; however, now they need so much assistance.

19 Mar 2001 description

CCF has now established four child friendly spaces in the state of Gujarat, India. Our Child Friendly Spaces are established in the Bhachau area, the epicenter of a devastating earthquake that struck on January 26. In about 300 villages in the Bhachau area, hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless. This, of course, includes the children who are often left to fend for themselves as parents scramble to provide the necessities of life. In the CCF Child Friendly Spaces, children begin to establish a normal daily routine again.

30 Jan 2001 description

CCF is sending emergency response assessment teams to India that will begin rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Included in these efforts will be establishment of family centers to provide immediate emergency food and medical assistance.
CCF works in six affiliated projects within the area affected by the earthquake.