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06 Feb 2019 description

CIUDAD DE PANAMÁ, Panamá, 4 de Febrero de 2019 – En el marco de la conmemoración de los veinte años del terremoto del Eje Cafetero el pasado 25 de enero en la ciudad de Armenia, Colombia, la Unidad Nacional para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres (UNGRD) presentó la implementación del plan piloto de la Estrategia Nacional para la Resiliencia frente a Desastres, la cual fortalece la Estrategia Nacional de Reducción del Riesgo Sísmico.

25 Jan 2008 description

- Este viernes se cumplen nueve años del terremoto en la zona cafetera

- ACCIÓN SOCIAL, encargada de la liquidación del FOREC, hace balance de obras terminadas.

- Además de estos recursos, se construyeron más proyectos con el diferencial cambiario.

Bogotá, 25 de enero de 2008.

29 Mar 2005 description

The ruinous track of Hurricane Georges, September 20-26, and the even more devastating path of Hurricane Mitch, October 23 - November 3, 1998. A category 3 hurricane when it hit the Dominican Republic, Georges caused extensive damage as it moved slowly over some of the most populated and productive regions of the country. When Mitch struck Honduras the following month, it was a category 5 (the most intense on the hurricane scale). Though Mitch lost strength inland, its heavy rains caused catastrophic flooding and mudslides while it was stalled over Central America.

12 Sep 2002 description

How to turn a calamity into an opportunity to put development on the fast track? People in Colombia's "coffee axis" - the country's main coffee growing region - appear to have found the answer. Only three and a half years after a devastating earthquake, they have rebuilt 90 per cent of the homes and other buildings destroyed or damaged.

23 Jan 2002 description

Armenia, 23 de enero de 2002 (ANCOL).- El presidente Andrés Pastrana visitará desde mañana varios municipios del Quindío, para entregar obras ejecutadas por el Fondo para la Reconstrucción y Desarrollo Social del Eje Cafetero (Forec).

30 Dec 2000 description
report Christian Aid

Colombia has suffered an internal conflict for the past four decades: left-wing guerrillas against the state; right-wing paramilitaries against the guerrillas; innocent, unarmed civilians caught in the middle. The Christian Aid programme focuses on organisations protecting the human rights of civilian populations as well as providing support to internally displaced populations. Christian Aid supports 13 partners in Colombia.

19 Jul 2000 description

New York, July 19, 2000 - Countries can limit the extent to which natural hazards lead to disasters, as well as the impact of the disaster itself, according to disaster experts at the opening of an exhibit linked to the humanitarian affairs session at the United Nations' Economic and Social Council meeting here today.

20 Jan 2000 description

Catholic Relief Services' private contributions for the Colombia Earthquake Relief now total over $1.5 million. These donations are being utilized in support of housing repair and reconstruction efforts in coordination with the National Social Ministry/Caritas Colombia and are taking place in the regions most affected by the earthquake.

30 Dec 1999 description

ROME - A dangerous shift in the way wars are being fought has triggered huge new demands for food aid, but it is uncertain that donors will be able to meet these demands in the new century, Catherine Bertini, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme said today.

14 Jul 1999 description
report United Nations

Debate Continues on Means of Strengthening United Nations Economic, Humanitarian and Disaster Assistance

20 May 1999 description

Contact: Laura Gross or Jessamyn Sarmiento

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congress approved an additional $621 Million for USAID reconstruction projects in Central America, the Caribbean, and Colombia. All supplemental funds are to be expended within two years from today for the general purposes and sectors that are illustrated below.

*All numbers are in millions

Nicaragua: $94.1

Public Health: $25.1

11 May 1999 description

(Legislation would aid hurricane, earthquake victims) (690) By Eric Green

07 May 1999 description

appeal no. 04/99
situation report no. 03
period covered: 8th February - 25th April, 1999

29 Apr 1999 description

Economic losses caused by the earthquake which hit Colombia's coffee-growing region on 25 January this year amounted to 17% of the value of the country's exports in 1998, says an ECLAC carried out at the request of the country's government. Given the nature and extent of the damage, it will take between four to five years to recover these losses, while indirect effects will last for several years.