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06 Jul 1999 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING (July 6) XINHUA - China's top legislative body, the National People's Congress (NPC), today examined last year's use of disaster relief funds and equipment.

In 1998, floods, droughts, earthquakes and other natural disasters hit China at a cost of 300.7 billion yuan (36.3 billion U.S. dollars), and resulted in 5,511 deaths, official figures showed.

02 Jun 1998 description

BEIJING, June 2 (Reuters) - Two moderate earthquakes struck northern China on Tuesday, toppling some houses but causing no deaths or injuries, state television said.

The earthquakes measured 4.6 and 4.0 on the Richter scale and struck Dahe village in Hebei province at 9.32 am (0132 GMT) and 10.50 am (0250 GMT), the television said.

The tremors were aftershocks of a stronger quake measuring 6.2 that struck the same area of Hebei in January, television said.

24 Mar 1998 description

appeal no. 3/98
situation report no. 3
period covered: February - mid-March 1998

05 Feb 1998 description
report Voice of America


03 Feb 1998 description

Despite harsh winter weather that is slowing down operations, initial relief distributions by the government and the National Red Cross Society have met the most immediate needs of victims. The National Society, backed by a successful domestic fundraising campaign as well as Federation support, is preparing the next phases of relief assistance.

Appeal No. 3/98
Situation Report No. 2
period covered: 20 - 31 January 1998

3 February 1998


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26 Jan 1998 description


Following a devastating earthquake in its Hebei Province on 10 January, China will be receiving temporary housing and emergency supplies in a relief effort being coordinated by the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

The earthquake, which registered 6.2 on the Richter scale, killed 49 people and left 44,000 homeless. Since 10 January, extreme cold has been exacerbating the suffering of the victims.
23 Jan 1998 description

Dateline ACT - China No 2/98

The first batch of ACT-Amity's emergency assistance was delivered to the Hebei earthquake victims on January 17. This included 40 cotton and felt lined tents, 9 tons of dried noodles, 28 tons of wheat flour and 60 cartons of bread containing 10,000 rolls. ACT-Amity's 40 tents were distributed in the Haliutu township, one of the hardest hit areas. Community leaders of the 5 villages had come with horse-carts to take back the tents. The tents were for 78 families of more than 230 people. Each tent is shared by 2 or 3 families.

22 Jan 1998 description

Weekly News

Rapid response from the Red Cross Society of China and the Chinese authorities has saved many lives in the
earthquake-stricken area of Hebei province in northwest China. The quake struck last Saturday, killing at least 50 people,

21 Jan 1998 description

Ref: DHAGVA - 98/0143

Situation and national response

1. Following the 6.2 earthquake which hit Zhangjiakou Prefecture of the northern Hebei Province on 10 January 1998, the Government of China indicated that it would welcome international assistance to the disaster area.
21 Jan 1998 description
report Oxfam

(Oxfam Hong Kong=92s reference code - 980121a) source: Oxfam Hong Kong staff in Zhangbei and Shangyi counties, Hebei province

Oxfam Hong Kong's relief programme for earthquake victims in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, is proceeding as scheduled. With support from Chinese Civil Affairs officials and Oxfam Hong Kong's project officesr, distribution of coal started in Dahe Township of Zhangbei County and Kangleng Township of Shangyi County on Monday (Jan 19). Victims have identified the coal is most urgently needed as they lack fuel for keeping warm and cooking.

20 Jan 1998 description


Appeal No: 03/98
20 January 1998


20 Jan 1998 description

"My house collapsed and we had to sleep outside in hay-stocks the first night, but now we have been sheltered in a tent and we have got warm clothes and blankets from the Red Cross", says Feng Yuman, a father of two small children and among the thousands of victims of the earthquake in China's Hebei province.

Within hours of the disaster striking on 10 January, blankets, quilts warm coats and tents have been pouring into the area.

19 Jan 1998 description

BEIJING, Jan 19 (Reuters) - U.S. military donations for Chinese earthquake victims became a symbol of warmer Sino-U.S. ties on Monday as U.S. Defence Secretary William Cohen began talks with China's top military officials. Chinese Defence Minister Chi Haotian and senior People's Liberation Army (PLA) military brass thanked Cohen for a planeload of medicine, blankets and warm clothing drawn from U.S. military stocks and delivered to victims of the January 10 earthquake in northern Hebei province.

16 Jan 1998 description
report World Vision

"Even as Chinese around the world prepare for their most important Lunar New Year festival, over half a million people in the earthquake-devastated area of Hebei face bitter freezing temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius," said Dr. Thomas Chan, Chief Executive for WV China and WV Hong Kong. While making a commitment of US$80,000 on behalf of WV Hong Kong to the Hebei earthquake fund, Dr. Chan appealed to the Partnership for another US$1.2 million toward the purchase of tents, shelter material, blankets, coal stoves and medicines. On 18 January Dr.

16 Jan 1998 description

Severe winter weather is hampering relief efforts in Northern Hebei. Makeshift shelters are being improvised from rubble to counteract temperatures of minus 27=B0C. Cash contributions are urgently needed to allow the Chinese Red Cross/Federation, which have exceptional access to the disaster site, continue their vital work.

Appeal no. 3/98

period covered: 13 - 16 January 1998

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