Pacific: Dengue Outbreak - 2017-2018

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The World Health Organization reported that a dengue serotype-2 outbreak is ongoing in Samoa (WHO, 5 Nov 2017). The Government of Samoa later confirmed that the outbreak was detected in October 2017, estimating a cumulative total of four dengue-related deaths; 1,522 clinical and confirmed cases; and 339 hospital admissions (Gov't of Samoa, 13 Dec 2017). As of 18 March 2018, the cumulative total is 3,255 with a national attack rate of 16.6 per 1,000 population (Gov't of Samoa, 18 Mar 2018). On 6 May, WHO has reported a significant decrease in weekly number of cases (dengue serotype-2) in Samoa (WHO, 6 May 2018).

As of 31 December 2017, 15 cases in French Polynesia (France) were confirmed with three hospitalisations (Gov't of France, 31 Dec 2017). French Polynesia reports an autochthonous case of dengue serotype-2, in Raiatea island. French Polynesia has not had any case of dengue serotype-2 since 2000; hence re-introduction of dengue serotype-2 has the potential to cause a large scale epidemic (WHO, 14 Jun 2018).

In Wallis and Futuna (France), there were 97 confirmed or probable cases by the end of April 2018 (Gov't of France, 30 Apr 2018). As of 3 July there have been 188 cases including 21 hospitalisations since September 2017. (WHO, 1 Jul 2018). On 17 July, the number of confirmed or probable case of dengue has been updated to 203. (Gov't of France, 17 Jul 2018)

In Fiji, at least 424 DLI (dengue-like illness) cases were reported on 11 March 2018(WHO, 11 Mar 2018). The country declared the dengue outbreak over in June. The Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services reported in a decrease in the number of dengue fever cases reported nationally in the last six weeks. The number of cases at present is at the levels usually seen during this time of the year. Source: Media (WHO, 14 Jun 2018).

American Samoa also reports that dengue outbreak has been ongoing since March 2017 (Gov't American Samoa, 14 May 2018). As of 24 June, American Samore continues to see a decline in the ratio of samples that test positive for Dengue Virus infection. A campaign to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis in American Samoa in partnership with PIHOA, CDC, and WHO. Mass Drug Administration trial run is scheduled for 28 June (Gov't American Samoa, 24 Jun 2018)

In Kiribati, as of 4 June, there have been 665 Dengue-Like Illness cases since 21 March 2018. There have been 18 hospitalised cases, and one death in a 9 year old who presented with symptoms of severe dengue. (WHO, 7 Jun 2018) As of 18 June there have been 1118 cases including one death. Dengue serotype-2 is in circulation. There have been ongoing mass radio messages regarding preventive message and community clean ups. As of 22 June there have been 1353 cases including 30 hospitalised cases and one death. (WHO, 1 Jul 2018) dengue serotype-2 outbreak is ongoing. As of 16 July there have been 1435 cases including 32 hospitalisations and two deaths. (WHO, 15 Jul 2018). As of 31 July there have been 1,707 cases since February 2018; including 211 hospitalised cases and two deaths in children. The outbreak appears to be slowing down. (WHO, 29 Jul 2018).

In Tonga, the government reported that there are at least 70 dengue cases. An outbreak was declared in late January (Radio New Zealand International, 15 Mar 2018). On 6 May, WHO has reported a significant decrease in weekly number of cases (dengue serotype-2) in Tonga (WHO, 6 May 2018).

On 27 February, an ongoing dengue situation was reported in Vanuatu with 86 suspected cases. Of these, 25 were confirmed by NS1 or IgM and samples and pending PCR and Serotyping at Institute Pasteur in New Caledonia (IPNC) (WHO, 1 Mar 2018). As of 3 June 2018, a total of 504 suspected dengue cases have been reported of which 493 Rapid Diagnostic Tests have been done and confirmed 70 cases positive with Dengue, 61 from Sanma Province, 4 from Shefa province, 3 from Penama province and 2 from Malampa Province (Gov't of Vanuatu, 3 Jun 2018).

In New Caledonia, as of 1 June, there have been 1,257 confirmed cases since 1 Jan 2018 including 112 hospitalisations. (WHO, 7 Jun 2018).

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