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08 Dec 2017 description

Diphtheria is making an alarming comeback in Yemen, with 318 clinically-diagnosed cases and 21 deaths reported in 15 governorates in the last three months (3 December). Ibb remains the most affected governorate (67% of reported cases). A vaccination campaign started in the two worst-affected sub-districts, targeting 8500 children.

07 Dec 2017 description

On 7th December the European Commission announced new humanitarian aid of €25 million to support civilians in desperate need in Yemen. This brings the total EU funding to €196.7 million since the start of the conflict in 2015.

The current measures restricting humanitarian and commercial access together with the intense armed clashes and air strikes reported from Sana'a over recent days threaten to further deprive people from food, water and basic services.

07 Dec 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

UN Should Sanction Senior Saudi Leaders

(Beirut) – The Saudi-led coalition’s broad restrictions on aid and essential goods to Yemen’s civilian population are worsening the country’s humanitarian catastrophe, Human Rights Watch said today. Unless the coalition immediately stops blocking aid and commercial goods from reaching civilians in Houthi-controlled territory, the United Nations Security Council should impose travel bans and asset freezes on senior coalition leaders, including the Saudi crown prince and defense minister, Mohammed bin Salman.

01 Dec 2017 description
  • Diphtheria is making an alarming comeback in Yemen, with 189 clinically-diagnosed cases and 20 deaths reported in 13 governorates in the last three months, as of 27 November. Ibb governorate is the most affected with an estimated 72% of reported cases. A vaccination campaign targeting 300 000 children started and further vaccination rounds are scheduled to target three million people in December. Diphtheria is a vaccine-preventable disease which can cause devastating epidemics, mainly affecting children. Its resurgence is a direct symptom of the collapsed health system.

28 Nov 2017 description
report UN News Service

28 November 2017 – The United Nations food relief agency said Tuesday that humanitarian air service into Yemen has resumed, and a ship waiting in international waters for three weeks has now docked in Saleef, stressing that unhindered access to all airports and ports is vital to end the dire situation in the conflict-ravaged southern Arabian country.

27 Nov 2017 description

27 November 2017 | Sana'a - WHO has delivered medicines to tackle an outbreak of diphtheria in Yemen, warning that sustained humanitarian access is critical to stopping its spread.

The shipment of 1,000 vials of life-saving anti-toxins and 17 tonnes of medical supplies arrived in Sanaa on Monday (November 27) after being stalled by the three-week closure of sea and air ports.

27 Nov 2017 description

More than 5,000 civilians have been killed and 9,000 injured in the conflict in Yemen over the last three years. More than 70% of the population–21 million Yemenis–need emergency aid and to make matters worse, on November 6, a blockade was imposed, preventing the entry of food, medical supplies, and humanitarian aid into the country. Yemeni ports of entry are beginning to see some desperately needed shipments of food and aid, but 7 million people in the country continue to be on the brink of famine. Arnaud Pont, Yemen emergency desk officer at HI explains the gravity of the situation:

26 Nov 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

This is a summary of what was said by Geert Cappalaere, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at in Amman, Jordan.

AMMAN, 26 November 2017 - Today’s briefing has been triggered by our successful delivery yesterday of 1.9 million doses of vaccines to Sana’a airport.

26 Nov 2017 description

Current major event

Diphtheria in Yemen

A significant increase in suspected diphtheria cases has recently been reported in Yemen between epidemiological week no 33 and 44. A total number of 118 suspected cases including 10 deaths (CFR: ing 9 associated deaths (CFR: 8.7%). 8.5%), were reported in 10 governorates of the country. Majority of these cases– about 103 were reported from Ibb governorate, including 9 associated deaths (CFR: 8.7%).

Editorial note

25 Nov 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

SANA’A/AMMAN/NEW YORK, 25 November 2017 - A UNICEF-chartered aircraft carrying lifesaving vaccines has landed in Sana’a airport earlier today.

The aircraft carried 1.9 million doses of vaccines. The vaccines will reach 600,000 children in a nation-wide vaccination campaign all over Yemen. The campaign aims at immunizing children against diseases including diphtheria, whooping cough, tuberculosis, pneumonia and meningitis.

25 Nov 2017 description
report Oxfam

Danger of Cholera comeback as four in five people will be without steady water supply

Eight million people in Yemen will be without running water within days as fuel runs out due to the Saudi-led coalition blockade of the country's northern ports, Oxfam warned today.

They will join the almost 16 million people in Yemen who already cannot get clean piped water, leaving more than four in five people without a steady supply of clean water.

24 Nov 2017 description

Situation Overview

Following the announcement on 22 November by the Saudi-led coalition (SLC) that Sana’a airport and Al Hudaydah seaport will be reopened for humanitarian and relief efforts, the United Nations has submitted a deconfliction notification to SLC to resume the transport of aid personnel and humanitarian cargo to northern parts of Yemen and is awaiting confirmation.

19 Nov 2017 description

12 days since land, air and seaports in Yemen were closed, Oxfam and 13 other aid agencies are appalled by the complacency and indifference of the international community regarding the historic humanitarian disaster now unfolding.

19 Nov 2017 description
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Cholera Update:

• In week 46, there were 14,955 suspected cholera cases and 6 associated deaths. No governorate reported a CFR higher than 1%.

• Cumulative (27 April to 19 November 2017) total of 945,362 suspected cholera cases, 2,211 associated deaths, and CFR of 0.23 %.

• Children under 5 years old represent 27.8 % of total suspected cases.

• Country level trend over the past 3 weeks is considered decreased.

• Trend between weeks 43 and 45 was stable or decreased among all governorates.

17 Nov 2017 description
report UN News Service

17 November 2017 – The United Nations relief wing on Friday, warned of famine-like conditions unfolding in Yemen, as a blockade on aid and other essential goods by a Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels there enters its 12th day.

Jens Laerke, spokesperson for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), sounded the alarm during the regular bi-weekly news briefing in Geneva.

16 Nov 2017 description

Statement by WFP Executive Director David Beasley, UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake, and WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

ROME / GENEVA / NEW YORK - “While the Saudi-led military coalition has partially lifted the recent blockade of Yemen, closure of much of the country’s air, sea and land ports is making an already catastrophic situation far worse. The space and access we need to deliver humanitarian assistance is being choked off, threatening the lives of millions of vulnerable children and families.

15 Nov 2017 description



Our humanitarian colleagues tell us that, as of 12 November, there are over 925,000 suspected cholera cases in Yemen, with more than 2,200 associated deaths. Aid workers continue to respond to the outbreak, but warn that fuel to run hospital generators and to pump clean water will run out in less than three weeks. Vaccines needed to treat diphtheria will also run out in two weeks. Ships and planes carrying humanitarian supplies have been unable to reach Yemen since the start of the blockade.