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11 Aug 2018 description
report British Red Cross

“Here our job is human. I can’t leave it, I can’t stop.”

Dr Anisa, a doctor with British Red Cross partner the Yemen Red Crescent, speaks from a battered clinic in Sana’a, Yemen.

Once, she was a hospital specialist. The clinic was a thriving health centre for mothers and babies.

But now, Yemen is caught up in deadly conflict. Dr Anisa is now a GP working in one of the only clinics where people can get free healthcare. Patients travel for hours to see her every day.

Like many doctors in Yemen, she hasn’t been paid in two years.

10 Aug 2018 description
report Save the Children

A country at war

Despite so much natural beauty in Yemen there are always reminders that this is a country at war – a war which has been so devastating to 22 million people. There are regular reminders of the conflict at different points in the journey and, while our minds are focused very much on Hodeidah and a potential impending ground attack, it is also with the millions of children directly and indirectly affected by the horrendous conflict across Yemen.

08 Aug 2018 description

Current major event

Emergency risk communication in outbreaks

To provide WHO Member States, partners and stakeholders involved in emergency preparedness and response with the most up-to-date best practices on Emergency Risk Communication, this year WHO published “Communicating risk in public health emergencies - A WHO guideline for emergency risk communication (ERC) policy and practice”.

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29 Jul 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
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• In June, the security situation in Al Hudaydah deteriorated as clashes erupted, leading to the displacement of more than 121,000 people. UNICEF continues to express its concern around child protection and the safety of civilians.

22 Jul 2018 description

Acute diarrhoea in Deir-ez-Zor, Syria

An increase in number of cases of acute diarrhoea cases was reported from Deir- ez-Zor governorate in Syria since March 2018. As of 24th June 2018, a total of 578 cases including 12 related deaths (case fatality rate—CFR: 2.07%) were reported to WHO.

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16 Jul 2018 description


  • Daily Nutritional Services in Fara AlUdayn District.

  • Daily Nutritional Services in Mudhiakhera District.

  • CHVs Basic Training in Mudhiakhera District.

  • Daily Health Services in Fara AlUdayn District.

  • Daily Health Services in Mudhiakhera District.

  • UNOCHA & WFP Observation.

  • Emergency Water Supply.

  • Study on the Rehabilitation of Al-Hasha Well.

  • Hygiene Awareness – Raising.

12 Jul 2018 description

Situation update:

Conflict and port status: Military operations in Al Hudaydah have lessened recently, while sporadic shelling and airstrikes hit some districts, including Zabid and Bait Al Faqih. Clashes are raging in AlTohaita District. Several main roads in the city remain blocked, whereas the port is still operational.

10 Jul 2018 description



Tarik Jašarevic, for the World Health Organization (WHO), said that conditions in Hudaydah, even before the escalation of the conflict, had been some of the direst in Yemen. Hudaydah had registered the highest incidences of suspected cholera cases (around 14 per cent of reported cases countrywide since the start of the epidemic in April 2017) and diphtheria (209 suspected cases). In addition, there had been 252 suspected cases of measles.

10 Jul 2018 description


• Eleven people were killed by an airstrike in Sa’ada, including nine children, as violence continues in several governorates.

• The UN verified 842 cases of the recruitment and use of boys as young as 11 years old in 2017. Also verified was the killing and maiming of 1,316 children.

• Commodity imports improved in May, leading to better supply and availability in most local markets but prices remained high.

• The Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) has completed a reserve allocation for US$90m.

08 Jul 2018 description

Current major event

Upsurge of CCHF cases in Afghanistan

An upsurge in the number of the reported cases of Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) from Afghanistan has been reported during 2018. The increase is mainly in Herat province in the western part of the country. As of week 25-2018, a total of 125 cases including 18 deaths (CFR=14.4%) have been reported countrywide.

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01 Jul 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
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  • The security situation in Yemen continued to deteriorate in May, especially along the West coast and around the city of Al Hudaydah. UNICEF is concerned around child protection and safety of civilians and civilian infrastructure.

13 Jun 2018 description


• Humanitarian agencies are increasingly worried by the likely impact of a possible military assault on Al Hudaydah City which will impact hundreds of thousands of civilians.

• Prepositioning of aid supplies continues throughout the Governorate as aid organisations plan to stay and deliver • Forty-six migrants drown off the coast of Yemen


10 Jun 2018 description


  • Protection Needs Assessment for 222 HHs.

  • Nutritional Services in 7 health facilities in Ibb governorate.

  • CMAM Trainings for health workers and community health volunteers.

  • Medical Health Services in 7 health facilities in Ibb governorate.

  • Outreach (door-to-door) activities.

  • Water Tanks Installation.

  • Feasibility Study on Water Resources.

  • 1000 Hygiene Kits & 2000 Jerry Water Cans for Fara Al-Udayn district.

08 Jun 2018 description


  • Conflict intensifies in Al Hudaydah Governorate; humanitarian actors prepare for additional displacement

  • First containerized vessel delivers supplies to Al Hudaydah Port since November 2017 port closures

  • Health actors launch cholera and diphtheria vaccination campaigns in high-risk areas


08 Jun 2018 description


329 Meeting of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on immunization, April 2018 – conclusions and recommendations


329 Réunion du Groupe stratégique consultatif d’experts sur la vaccination, avril 2018 – conclusions et recommandations

03 Jun 2018 description


  • Health Cluster partners continue to provide health services by supporting 1,753 Health Facilities (16 Governorate Hospitals, 95 District Hospitals, 50 General Hospitals, 19 Specialized Hospitals, 456 Health Centers and 1,117 Health Units). The Health Cluster partners also support the GHO and DHO through paying incentives to health staff as well as administration / logistics support to local health authorities.