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14 Nov 2016 description

The Ministry of Public Health and Population has published updated figures for cholera cases in the country.

A total of 2733 suspected cases and 51 associated deaths have been reported in Ta’iz, Aden, Lahij, Al Hudaydah, Hajjah, Sana'a, Al Bayda, Dhamar and Ibb. 75 cholera cases have been laboratory-confirmed so far.

09 Nov 2016 description
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UNHCR’s population of concern in Yemen

  • 269,255 Registered refugees
  • 9,087 Registered asylum seekers
  • 2.18 million Internally Displaced People
  • 1 million IDP Returnees


08 Nov 2016 description
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  • 71 confirmed cases of cholera in 11 governorates

  • Food insecurity worsens

  • Salaries of 1.25M public servants remain unpaid

  • Airstrike in Sana’a kills over 140 and injures over 600

Total population 26 m

# of people targeted by assistance 12.6 m

# of people targeted by health care assistance 10.7 m

# of people targeted by food assistance 8.0 m

P# of people displaced (IDPs & returnees) 3.1 m*

08 Nov 2016 description
  • On 5 November, hundreds of supporters of Houthis protested in Sana'a against the UN peace roadmap put forward by the UN Special Envoy Cheikh Ahmed, who arrived in Sana'a on 3 November. The Yemeni President in exile last week rejected the UN proposal while the Houthis said it was a basis for discussion.

07 Nov 2016 description

The Ministry of Public Health and Population in Yemen has released new figures on the number of cholera and cholera-related deaths in the country.

As of 30 October 2016, a total of 1410 suspected cases of cholera, including 45 associated deaths have been reported. Laboratory-confirmed cases of cholera have been reported from Taiz, Aden, Lahj, Al-Hudaydah, Hajjah, Sana'a, Al-Baida and and Ibb governorates. Of the 116 stools samples tested so far, 55 were positive for Vibrio cholerae 01 Ogawa at the Central Public Health Laboratory of Sana’a.

07 Nov 2016 description

ADEN, 7th November, 2016 (WAM) -- Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, is continuing its anti-Cholera awareness campaign in schools and health centres in the Aden Governorate of Yemen.

The campaign, supported by ERC and in co-ordination with the Health Office in Aden, aims at briefing students, teachers and parents about means of preventing Cholera, especially personal hygiene and public health. The campaign began last October in one of Aden's schools and will continue to reach out to every school in the area.

07 Nov 2016 description

Sana'a, 6 November 2016 — More than half of all health facilities in Yemen are closed or partially functioning, and there are critical shortages in medical doctors in more than 40% of all districts, according to a new WHO health system survey.

03 Nov 2016 description
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This report is produced by OCHA Yemen in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It covers the period from 13 October – 1 November 2016. The next report will be issued as additional information becomes available.


  • Cholera is spreading throughout Yemen. 71 cases have been confirmed in 11 governorates; eight people have already died in three governorates; and there are over 2,000 suspected cases across the country.

02 Nov 2016 description

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is getting ever worse. More than 21 million people in the country are in urgent need of assistance. The Federal Foreign Office has provided €28 million this year to pay for humanitarian aid for those affected.

One of the biggest humanitarian crises worldwide

01 Nov 2016 description

27 October 2016 – The World Health Organization (WHO) has released approximately US$ 1 million from its internal emergency funds to support the ongoing response to the cholera outbreak in Yemen. Since the outbreak was announced by the Ministry of Public Health and Population on 6 October, a total of 1184 suspected cases of cholera, including 6 deaths, have been reported. 47 cases have tested positive for Vibrio cholerae. However, a chronic lack of funding for Yemen is impeding action by WHO and health partners to effectively control and respond to the current outbreak.

31 Oct 2016 description
report UN Security Council


Security Council
7797th Meeting (AM)

The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen told the Security Council today that he had presented the parties with a comprehensive road map to end the conflict, consistent with Security Council resolution 2216 (2015), the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism, and the Outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference.

31 Oct 2016 description
report Save the Children

Health system ravaged by war has collapsed, unable to cope with contagious diseases

Millions of Yemeni children are at risk from a triple threat of malnutrition which has left their immune systems low, a spiralling cholera epidemic, and a new outbreak of the highly infectious measles virus.

The warning comes as fighting between the Saudi Arabia-led coalition and Houthi opposition group has raged all week, since a 72-hour ceasefire ended and failed to secure lasting peace.

31 Oct 2016 description

Yemen - Conflict (WHO, Health cluster, IOM, Media)

  • The cholera outbreak is spreading rapidly. On 27 October, WHO reported 51 confirmed cases of cholera from nine governorates with more than 1 180 suspected cases. The humanitarian response continues to provide people with medical treatment and water supply in the affected areas.

31 Oct 2016 description

Mr. President,

There can be no humanitarian solution to the conflict in Yemen. There needs to be a political solution, beginning with an immediate cessation of hostilities. I echo the Special Envoy’s call. All parties and all with influence over them must work towards peace. Each day that this war continues, it is civilians who suffer. Each day that the conflict drags on, we inexorably are propelled ever closer to an entire generation of Yemenis whose formative years are spent in the chaos of combat.

31 Oct 2016 description

Key Figures

21.2 million People in need

15.2 million People lack access to basic health services

12.6 million People targeted for life-saving interventions

3.1 million People displaced by conflict

3.15 million Women of girls of reproductive age

504,000 Pregnant women

61,000 Women of reproductive age at risk of sexual violence, including rape

Situation Overview